Maxims, continued…

An earlier anthology.

(The following list is from a comment on Chateau Heartiste)


Maxim #1a: Women desire men of better quality than themselves.

Maxim #2: Women are turned on by displays of male power.

Maxim #3: Whenever an attractive girl tells you she hates assholes, or describes her experience in the past dating assholes and claims to avoid them now, or recites a laundry list of asshole-y things guys do that she disapproves of, you can bet your weight in gold bricks that she wants you to be an asshole to her.

Maxim #4: Never trust a woman who is missing a sense of humor.

Maxim #6: Never. Make. It. Easy. For. A. Woman.

Maxim #7: Your girl will thank you for your steadfast devotion to your belief in yourself.

Maxim #8: Always assume she is a slut. It helps kick the legs out from under the pedestal you will be tempted to put her on, and it is more often than not true.

Maxim #9: The greater the age difference between the older man and the younger woman, the tighter his game will need to be, barring compensatory attributes (money).

Maxim #10: Marriage is a social mechanism designed to exchange sex for indentured servitude.

Maxim #11: Calling a girl out on her lie accomplishes nothing.

Maxim #12: When the love is gone, women can be as cold as if they had never known you.

Maxim #13: When in doubt, game.

Maxim #14: Female cultural equality = male dating inequality. Female cultural inequality = male dating equality. Human nature says that you can‘t have it both ways.

Maxim #15: Be narcissistic. There is no greater divergence than that between a woman’s stated disapproval of male narcissism and the rapidity with which she jumps into bed with a male narcissist.

Maxim #16: The two fundamental propositions are male choosiness and female abundance. All alpha males have these two mindsets in common. Corollary: Male choosiness and female abundance do not necessarily have to be true for the strategy of behaving as if they are true to be effective at seduction.

Maxim #17: The alpha male thinks and acts more like a woman than a man in matters of seduction. He understands his adversary’s psychology, and uses it to allay her defenses.

Maxim #18: Never talk about getting into a relationship even if she says that’s what she’s looking for.

Maxim #19: Withholding sex is the tactic of a woman who has already lost. It is mutually assured destruction.

Maxim #20: If a woman says the word “sex” in conversation with you or about you, no matter the context, it means she’s thinking about having sex with you.

Maxim #21: Women are more pliable in the company of competing women.

Maxim #22: You have to make marriage an attractive alternative for MEN — not women — if you want the institution to thrive.

Maxim #23: The vagina tingle is the principal moral code to which women subscribe. All other moral considerations are secondary.

Maxim #24: When in doubt, ask yourself “WWJD?” What Would a Jerk Do? Then do that.

Maxim #25: NO girl wants to be thought she isn’t a special little snowflake.

Maxim #26: Never tell a girl how much you make, even if you’re loaded. In case of marriage, keep separate accounts.

Maxim #27: If you want a wife, stay clear of investing much in girls who constantly remind you they like to have “fun, fun, fun” and “get bored easily”.

Maxim #28: The more experience you have with women, the more you’ll know which women have experience with men: It is the inexperienced beta male who is most often in the dark about a woman’s sexual history and liable to be victimized by it.

Maxim #29: Xenophobia is good for diversity.

Maxim #30: Women will not hold it against you for trying to get into their panties on the first night. In fact, they will respect you more for your boldness and willingness to follow your manly desires.

Maxim #31: If you plan on cheating and subsequently get caught, act like a total dick who did nothing wrong. Your girlfriend will then wonder if it’s something she did.

Maxim #32: Commanding women to do your bidding will give you a bigger beta margin of error when needed.

Maxim #33: Women need to test men for their grace under pressure.

Maxim #34: If she’s hot, why would she bother with online dating?

Maxim #35: Never trust a woman’s advice on how to please women. Her advice is designed for alpha men she already finds attractive and from whom she seeks signals of attainability and commitment.

Maxim #36: A woman’s sex and relationship advice isn’t meant to help men; it’s meant to distract men from what really works to attract women.

Maxim #37: High IQ is no inoculation against beta delusion. If anything, high IQ obstructs clear thinking about women’s nature.

Maxim #38: The longer you are away from seducing new women, the harder it will be to seduce one when you want.

Maxim #39: The worst thing to happen to women in America was women’s suffrage.

Maxim #40: Men are becoming ever bigger betas in their dealings with women. Men are losing the leverage to shape and push women’s child-like and selfishly amoral political opinions in logical, just and long-term oriented directions.

Maxim #41: The definition of Inner Game: Hit on every woman who excites you. Make life uncomfortable for them, not yourself.

Maxim # 42: When a girl signals that she doesn’t enjoy blowjobs or sex, do not spend one second more with her. Your libido is too important to gamble on such a girl.

Maxim #43: In their sexual primes women’s attraction for assholes is at its strongest. You can catch a lot of hungry flies with honey, but shit attracts the most well-fed flies.

Maxim #44: If you get sexually rejected, don’t admit it to yourself, and especially don’t admit it to the girl.

Maxim #45: Women will screech louder the closer your words get to damaging or exposing vulnerabilities in their sexual market value.

Maxim #46: Whenever you hear or read the words “gender”, “gendered”, “gendered norm”, “subtle gender bias”, or “increasingly egalitarian, yet there remains…” know that you are dealing with a leftwing moonbat, blank-slate believing fruitcake who cannot deal with the fact that men and women are biologically different from birth.

Maxim #47: Awareness of a woman’s games is a precision-guided weapon in a man’s arsenal of seduction.

Maxim #48: Respect the momentum.

Maxim #49: The rare older woman-younger man pairing is like a lab experiment gone wrong. It violates the natural order of things, and leaves its practitioners emotionally twisted and in a constant mental race to hyper-rationalize their sub-par mate choice.

Maxim #50: Marriage is no escape from the sexual market and the possibility that you may be outbid by a competitor with higher value.

Maxim #51: For most women, five minutes of alpha is worth five years of beta.

Maxim #52: Underneath the veneer of civilized discourse we act in ways that are brazenly self-interested in the short term.

Maxim #53: All kneel before the god of biomechanics, by sword or by surrender.

Maxim #54: When a woman has incentive to lie, she will choose lying over honesty EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Maxim #55: Run for your Life Shit Tests:
BEWARE the classic gun-to-the-head marriage pressure administered by your typical non-descript, rudderless late 20’s/early 30’s woman.
When a woman pressures you mercilessly to marry her, bullying to the point of threatening a break up – this is the shit test of ALL shit tests. Treat it as such – If you fail this shit test, you are RUINED. FOR. LIFE.

Maxim #60: Waving a roll of benjamins at a woman will not give her tingles. In fact, it will often do the opposite.

Maxim #73: When a girl emphatically insists she is so over you, she’s never been more into you.

Maxim #21: Betas pay, alphas split, super alphas profit.

Maxim #39: A woman’s standards are like a house of cards: kick out one from the bottom and the whole edifice crashes down.

Maxim #85: As women’s bodies age and weaken, their rationalization hamsters grow bigger and stronger. Eventually, the hamster is powerful enough to take control of all higher order consciousness.

Maxim #87: The more expensive or thoughtful the gift you give a girl, the greater the risk that she will subconsciously begin to think she is too good for you.

Corollary to Maxim #87: If you are dating out of your league, or you are dating a young hot babe in her prime, you should do the exact opposite of what everyone will tell you to do — *don’t* buy her expensive gifts. Be particularly wary of advice from women. No woman in the world is capable of thinking clearly or impartially on the matter of “acceptable” levels of male provisioning. Even old, fat hausfrau hogs will expect mountains of jewels in offerings from men.

Maxim #105: Where there’s incentive, there are lies.

Maxim #109: Consensual polyamory is a contrived hookup service for undesirable sexual market rejects.

Maxim #198: Use of the word “disenfranchised” or other similar nomenclature of deconstructivist post-modern pablum automatically discredits an argument for serious consideration.

Maxim #200: Chicks dig guys willing to risk an early, gruesome death. Expendability is a DHV.

Women Are A Waste Of Time

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Yes, I said it. Women are a complete and utter waste of time.

Chasing women is a complete waste of time.

Dating women is a total waste of your time.

Having female friends is an absolute waste of your time.

Women are only good for ONE thing… and outside of SEX and companionship, what could any ONE particular woman give you that you cannot get from someplace else?

A friendship? Ha Ha don’t make me laugh.

Most guys are not friends with girls because they truly VALUE that friendship. Most guys are friends with girls because they want to sleep with them. Plain and simple.

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I repeat: 99% of men are friends with girls because those men want to sneak into those girls pants if given the opportunity. That is the harsh cold truth and reality.

So really think about it…

Besides sex, what could any ONE particular girl actually give you that you can’t get from someplace else?

Business or financial advice? Again, do not make me cry.

Martial art tips or fighting advice? Again, ha ha…

What about weightlifting and fitness advice? Please…

Outside of SEX and companionship, a girl can offer you NOTHING…

So why do men continue to waste SO much time chasing them?

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Women Are A Waste of Time

Chase a girl and she will be forced to retreat further and further away from you.

Don’t give a girl too much attention, and watch her try to get YOUR attention.

The point of this article is to stress the fact that making your ENTIRE life revolve around women or “girls” is a waste of your time… and one and ONLY life.

If you are a man who has spent a considerable amount of time chasing women, chasing sex, doing nothing BUT chasing, chasing, chasing, then you my friend are wasting your time and your LIFE.

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Seriously, start some type of business.

Travel the world.

Begin to make some new friends (NOT female friends who you only want to sleep with but REAL, genuine friends you can actually learn something from).

Just STOP chasing women and START living life.

Women are a waste of time.

Source: Man Thesis

6 Reasons To Never Be Friends With Girls

1. You don’t have your motives straightened out

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Being “friends” with girls is a pathetic tactic losers use to lure a chick they have a crush on. The idea is that by being around her for a long enough time and being the “nice guy” who is there for her, she will eventually come to see what a great person he is and reward him with love. This is an extremely ineffective method of attracting a woman that almost always end up with a major heartbreak.

Speaking of which, you need to be clear about your intentions. The sad truth is that most men who befriend women are unaware of their own attraction towards their female friend, and even when they are aware of it, they mistakenly believe that their counterparts feel the same way about them (which they don’t).

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So, ask yourself: are you trying to have sex with her or be her pal? The losers may believe that the first step towards forming a romantic relationship with a girl is to be friends with her, but it’s actually sex first. If your female “friend” isn’t about to have sex with you after having known you for a month or more (many men would give even less time), the chances are, she never will and she’s not interested in you.

But maybe I’m being too pessimistic. I’m sure there is still a small chance that your dream girl will eventually fall for you when she turns 34 after being penetrated with mouthful of penises, and is riddled with wrinkles and cellulite—plus sagging breasts to top it all. Maybe then she will be ready to fall in love with how good of a toady provider you are.

2. You’re practicing being friendzoned

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Even if you genuinely don’t have any romantic or sexual interest in your female friend, all you’re doing is practicing going in the friendzone for another girl you might be interested in. By being friends with multiple girls for a long enough time, the way you interact with females in general will gradually transform. You will start to act like one of the girls and become infected with supplicating and boyish behaviour that will ruin your masculine frame. It doesn’t always happen and you might be the exception, but it certainly is true for the majority of today’s hapless males who have no idea what they’re doing to themselves.

3. They’re unreliable

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Women have never failed to disappoint me with their unreliability. If you think lying, flaking, and broken promises are limited to dating, you are horribly mistaken. You have to understand that honor is a foreign concept to women (I’ve actually had two women on two different occasions express disgust when I used that word).

I can’t count how many times I’ve been lied to and stabbed in the back for placing my trust on a female who twisted her words and smiled at me to manipulate me. And like a sucker, I kept believing that not all women were like that and went on to trust the next one who would dupe me the same way. Rinse and repeat.

Simply put, women are worse than worthless as friends; they will actually harm you through their lies and betrayal.

4. You’re being a friend-slut

Would you respect a woman who spreads her legs open for any and every man she meets? No, of course not. You might take advantage of the sex she gives out, but you would never consider her a worthwhile companion for the simple fact that she is a slut. As obvious as it may seem, many female-befriending simps can’t seem to grasp the same concept when applied to themselves. If you readily befriend every women you meet and offer services to them without getting anything in return, you’re being a friend-slut.

And as it was with the example of the female slut who offers sex to everyone, women will simply take advantage of all the thankless services the loser friend-slut has to offer without giving anything in return. They might respond with their typical “Awww thanks! :)” to keep you attached, but deep inside, they will have zero respect you. In fact, they’re crossing their fingers in hopes that you don’t have a crush on them.

5. You’re being used as an object

It’s no secret that women view men as mere objects to be exploited for their own benefit. By being a friend to a woman, you’re simply making it easier for her to take advantage of you. And as a utility, you are to remain loyal and dependable to serve her fickle needs while she goes out at night to have sex with undependable and disloyal bad boys.

As a good boy, you must make sure she’s physically comfortable at all times, listen to all her petty problems by being her emotional tampon, and allow her to walk all over you like a servant would with his master. And if you fail to provide the value she seeks, she is more than willing to throw you out like a used toilet paper. Years of friendship don’t mean anything to females who simply see you as a tool.

6. You’re feminizing yourself

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Even if you manage to find a unicorn that you’re not sexually or romantically attracted to, is a reliable person, and doesn’t exploit you, why would you bother? What value can a woman possibly bring to you as a friend? Do you actually believe that friendship between men and women should be normalized?

Like a wine that gets mixed with water, the more you spend time mingling with females as their buddies, the more diluted your masculinity becomes. The feminization of men is a true phenomenon and I have no doubt in my mind that inter-sex mingling is both reinforcing and augmenting the problem. I’ve personally witnessed many pathetic men who’ve spent far too much time with girls and have adopted their feminine speech and behaviour. I probably would’ve mistaken them for homosexuals if I didn’t know them any better.

Source: Return Of Kings

Fed Up Of Torture By Wife And In-Laws, Dr. Vimal Ended His Life


Below Is His Suicide Note:

My wife started behaving strangely from the beginning of the marriage itself. She used to get angry and leave home anytime, sometimes in the nights also. I used to go and beg her to come back inside home. She used to tell me that she was engrossed in meditation of her Guruji and did not want to get married. Her parents married her as asked by her Guruji. I used to tell about her behaviour to her parents and her sister also but they never listened to me.

After few months of our marriage she got pregnant and I thought everything may become okay once the kid comes. But nothing changed even after that. Within few days of the child being born she became even more abusive towards me. She beat me up couple of times during our fights. Once when we went to her place and her sister tried to advice her, she picked up a knife and tried to slit her hand. She abused my parents all the time. They used to come earlier to see their grandchild sometimes, but after seeing her behaviour, they also stopped coming at my home. She used to accuse my parents of doing wrong things with their own grandchild. I wonder who someone can accuse grandparents of a small child like that.

Her superstitions, her insecurity became a threat for my family. She is deeply involved in superstitious activities and wants to involve our daughter also into that. She revers some guru who is no more alive. But she still keeps on chanting about him all the time. She says that the Guru talks to her. I don’t know how can a dead man talk to a person? What kind of thought process is that? She keeps threatening me that she will get me and my parents behind bars. Who threatens like that? I felt worse when she said that the baby is not mine but Guruji’s. That it is the Guruji who has given the child. If it is Guruji who has given the child, then why wasn’t the child born before marriage?

Her family members knew about this condition of hers. Still they married her with me and destroyed me and my family. She has traumatized me mentally to a point where I just cannot take it anymore.  I fear for my daughter. No one can live with a person with such psychic behaviour ever. I am afraid she will turn by daughter also as same. There is so much mental pressure every day. Her parents have played foul with me. They knew she is like this. They thought they would marry her anyways, whether it works or not will be the in-laws tension then. Only I know how I have lived this mental trauma since my marriage. I am tired of listening to her taunts and hence decided to end my life to find some peace. Every day I have to attend so many patients in the OPD. When I come back home in the evening, she creates hell for me. She had made my life hell. She says I use my daughter. How can a mother talk like that?

This lady and her family members have tortured me so much that I see no other option but to end my life. I just don’t know what I will do to myself. Her behavior, superstitious beliefs, quarreling nature and mental torture she inflicts on me has made it impossible for me to live with this woman. Please listen to the recordings I have done to understand what I was going through. Please save my daughter from this torture. No normal person can bear this kind of mental torture. Please save my daughter. Please save my daughter. I request my colleagues, media and society to help my family and save my child. I hope the law punishes this woman and her family so that no other person has to commit suicide like this.


Why Beta Males Are Unsuccessful With Girls

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Beta males think that the way to a woman’s heart is by treating her nicely i.e. licking her sandals. Few men understand that if they treat a woman like treasure, she will look for someone better. All the beta males out there do not and will not get it, until either their wife cheats on them, they are divorced, their children are taken away from them, they are scammed in the name of alimony, ripped off on the pretext of child support, or falsely accused of dowry, domestic violence, or rape.

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Beta males have it backwards from reality. My advice is, do not be a soulless SIMP who worships a woman and fulfills all her monetary demands, putting himself under immense financial strain. She will not respect you. No one respects a person who licks a woman’s sandals. Women are shallow and materialistic, which is why they constantly need to buy things to fill their emptiness. You will never be able to fulfill her craving for more.

Feminism has made women believe that men are on earth to serve them, and become their ATMs. Men should not put up with women’s tantrums courtesy of this lie, because women are like little children, spoiled brats to be precise. The more you give a brat, the more she wants.

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The worst thing a man can do is put a woman on a pedestal. That is being desperate and needy, which is the biggest turn-off for a woman. Once a woman is past her prime, which is her early twenties, she is useless. While men age like wine, women age like milk. Their is no reason to worship a useless parasite. Have some self-respect.

While a man’s “I love you” means “what can I do for you?”, a woman’s “I love you” means “what can you do for me?” Women are only interested in what they can get from a man. While a man’s best friend will be willing to take a bullet for him, a woman will make a dozen excuses and come up with as many lies if a man asks her to do something for him, even though he may have spent tons of money on her, and run countless errands for her.

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A woman will date a man not for who he is, but what he has. It doesn’t need to be reiterated that all women are gold diggers. And for beta males who keep spending on women in the hope of getting laid need to understand that she knows that if she gives him what he is looking for, she risks that his favors will come to a halt. It is similar to lawyers not wanting to settle cases because their legal fees will stop.

I’m increasingly frustrated looking at the way men spend on women, even in the workplace, buying them food and beverages. All I can do is shake my head in utter disbelief and disgust. Doesn’t it ever occur to them that they are being used. Haven’t they questioned themselves as to why women don’t spend on them?

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By constantly being desperate, needy, extra nice, and spending on women, beta males give a loud and clear message that they value the girl more than themselves, and personally do not have any value. This is a huge turn-off and very repulsive to women, and hence beta males never get the girl they want.

Women See Men As Human ATMs, Nothing More

I feel sorry for a man who display neediness. A man who is always extra nice to a girl, buys her gifts, runs her errands, and even ignores his friends for her. Perhaps he should be asked, “why doesn’t she do all this for you?”

These needy men still have not understood that a woman ONLY wants a man’s money. Lose your money and see how quickly she will disappear, or run away to be with some other man. At the time of marriage, she how women and their parents question men about their salary, job, bank account, what car they drive, whether their house/apartment is their own, what vacation they can afford, etc. See how matrimonials are splattered with ads asking for ‘well-settled’ men. Men are nothing more than walking, talking wallets and cash machines for women. 100% women are gold-diggers.

A man who cannot figure out a woman’s trickery, deception, and lies is a fool.