Women See Men As Human ATMs, Nothing More

I feel sorry for a man who display neediness. A man who is always extra nice to a girl, buys her gifts, runs her errands, and even ignores his friends for her. Perhaps he should be asked, “why doesn’t she do all this for you?”

These needy men still have not understood that a woman ONLY wants a man’s money. Lose your money and see how quickly she will disappear, or run away to be with some other man. At the time of marriage, she how women and their parents question men about their salary, job, bank account, what car they drive, whether their house/apartment is their own, what vacation they can afford, etc. See how matrimonials are splattered with ads asking for ‘well-settled’ men. Men are nothing more than walking, talking wallets and cash machines for women. 100% women are gold-diggers.

A man who cannot figure out a woman’s trickery, deception, and lies is a fool.

Sexism Against Men Is Real Sexism

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Gynocentricism is the scientifically proven fact that almost every man, woman and child has been raised and instilled with a woman’s point of view. Men are taught to give women special treatment from birth and women are taught to expect preferential treatment from from men.

Gynocentricism is by definition sexist however it has become the default social model for most of the planet. Men are trained to suppress emotions and always be considerate of a woman’s feelings, men are trained to sacrifice, work and die to provide for women’s happiness.

Men and women are trained to always take the woman’s side over a man. Women are taught to support each other and view men’s pain and suffering as less important. Men are taught that fighting, dying and sacrificing themselves is noble but women experiencing any emotional distress is terrible.

This sexist attitude and maternal brainwashing has seen men literally dying to protect women who quite often take the sacrifices men make completely for granted. This is real sexism and it is taught at a very early age and reinforced in our society through society, the media, education and legal system.

Government Sponsored Sexism

1) Real sexism is almost no shelters for male victims of domestic violence.

2) Real sexism is men getting harsher punishments for the same crime.

3) Real sexism is countries with compulsorily military service for men.

4) Real sexism, courts that takes children from fathers based on gender.

5) Men cannot even vote or get citizenship without enrolling for the draft.

6) Real sexism is numerous government departments dealing with women’s issues but none dealing with men’s issues.

7) Male infant circumcision/genital mutilation is legal and performed widely and even completely socially accepted but female genital mutilation is not.

8) A young boy raped by a woman can be forced to pay child support to his rapist if she gets pregnant, that’s real sexism.

9) Many countries do not even recognize female on male rape. It can maximally only amount to “sexual assault” that’s real sexism.

10) Real sexism is having no special laws like VAWA to protect men, even though men are the majority of victims of violent crime.

11) There are drives to fill quotas for women for the high paid roles but not in the dangerous jobs dominated by men, thats real sexism.

12) In the army, police, fire service or any other position women have to meet much lower physical standards than men.

13) Real sexism is services for men only given a fraction of the funds that services for women are given at a government and a social level.

14) For the same crime, irrespective of the gender of the offender, the perpetrator gets more punishment if the victim is female rather than male.

15) Most divorce laws are skewed against men, men can lose half his properly, money and children to a woman who decides to leave him.

He is expected to pay for this betrayal, especially if he has already provided for and supported her, this is real sexism.

Social Sexism Against Men

16) Real sexism is being mocked when raped because you’re a man.

17) Men are expected to not show emotion and remain stoic at all times.

18) Victim blaming is acceptable ONLY when men are the victims and women the perpetrator. This is real sexism.

19) Real sexism is having your gender stereotyped by society as being violent, abusers, etc.

20) Men’s lives are given less value in any emergency situation.

21) Male children are often given harsher punishments by teachers for the same level of mischief as girls.

22) Young boys are given less care and attention by parents than girls and beaten over twice as often as girls by parents.

23) Violence against men by women is much more socially acceptable.

24) Affirmative action for women only in jobs, education, grants, etc.

25) Men enrolled in are often given tougher, more dangerous tasks to perform than women in the same post (in a job) This is real sexism.

27) Males who complain about being objectified are shamed as being “mentally fragile” or their sexuality is questioned. This is real sexism.

28) Men do not have the privilege of showing affection to each other in public as women without people questioning their sexuality.

29) Men are expected to ask women out, pay for dates, decide on the venue – if she rejects him he is often labelled creepy or needy.

30) If a man slaps a woman, he is an abuser and a monster, If a woman slaps a man, “he must have done something to annoy her”

31) When a man breaks up with a woman, he is called a “jerk”. When a woman dumps a man, “he must have failed her somehow”

32) Men are excluded from many positions such as babysitters, etc.

33) Young men having to pay higher car insurance is acceptable but the idea of women having to pay more for health insurance is not.

34) Despite the fact that the real victims of sexual discrimination are men the term sexual discrimination usually excludes men and the vast majority of surveys and news stories about sexual discrimination dont include men.

35) Our culture and media makes the assumption of men as guilty, violent offenders where as women are given special treatment at every turn.

36) In modern movies and TV violence against men is glorified but violence against women is regarded as especially horrific.

37) Many news reports will read the number of people killed and then highlight women and children as more tragic than male death.

EG: “37 people were killed in a bus crash including 17 women”

38) Men are expected to carry heavy things for women, give up their seats for women, shovel snow, mow gardens and do any other job involving manual labour, that women do not wish to perform.

39) Real sexism is a society where men are taught that a man’s role is to work, provide, pay and die in order to ensure a woman’s happiness.

40) Real sexism is the fact that men working longer hours in harder more dangerous jobs to earn more money to pay for women’s choices is being turned into a weapon against men.

The greatest lie that has ever been told is that the men who gave blood, sweat and tears to build civilization were privileged. They fought, died and gave everything they had for a society that takes them for granted. Men have built the very ground you walk on, and have died in the millions to create everything you touch.

Source: Real Sexism

Fed Up Of Torture By Wife And In-Laws, Dr. Vimal Ended His Life


Below Is His Suicide Note:

My wife started behaving strangely from the beginning of the marriage itself. She used to get angry and leave home anytime, sometimes in the nights also. I used to go and beg her to come back inside home. She used to tell me that she was engrossed in meditation of her Guruji and did not want to get married. Her parents married her as asked by her Guruji. I used to tell about her behaviour to her parents and her sister also but they never listened to me.

After few months of our marriage she got pregnant and I thought everything may become okay once the kid comes. But nothing changed even after that. Within few days of the child being born she became even more abusive towards me. She beat me up couple of times during our fights. Once when we went to her place and her sister tried to advice her, she picked up a knife and tried to slit her hand. She abused my parents all the time. They used to come earlier to see their grandchild sometimes, but after seeing her behaviour, they also stopped coming at my home. She used to accuse my parents of doing wrong things with their own grandchild. I wonder who someone can accuse grandparents of a small child like that.

Her superstitions, her insecurity became a threat for my family. She is deeply involved in superstitious activities and wants to involve our daughter also into that. She revers some guru who is no more alive. But she still keeps on chanting about him all the time. She says that the Guru talks to her. I don’t know how can a dead man talk to a person? What kind of thought process is that? She keeps threatening me that she will get me and my parents behind bars. Who threatens like that? I felt worse when she said that the baby is not mine but Guruji’s. That it is the Guruji who has given the child. If it is Guruji who has given the child, then why wasn’t the child born before marriage?

Her family members knew about this condition of hers. Still they married her with me and destroyed me and my family. She has traumatized me mentally to a point where I just cannot take it anymore.  I fear for my daughter. No one can live with a person with such psychic behaviour ever. I am afraid she will turn by daughter also as same. There is so much mental pressure every day. Her parents have played foul with me. They knew she is like this. They thought they would marry her anyways, whether it works or not will be the in-laws tension then. Only I know how I have lived this mental trauma since my marriage. I am tired of listening to her taunts and hence decided to end my life to find some peace. Every day I have to attend so many patients in the OPD. When I come back home in the evening, she creates hell for me. She had made my life hell. She says I use my daughter. How can a mother talk like that?

This lady and her family members have tortured me so much that I see no other option but to end my life. I just don’t know what I will do to myself. Her behavior, superstitious beliefs, quarreling nature and mental torture she inflicts on me has made it impossible for me to live with this woman. Please listen to the recordings I have done to understand what I was going through. Please save my daughter from this torture. No normal person can bear this kind of mental torture. Please save my daughter. Please save my daughter. I request my colleagues, media and society to help my family and save my child. I hope the law punishes this woman and her family so that no other person has to commit suicide like this.


Men: The Forgotten Gender

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In the TEDx talk, Deepika Bhardwaj talks about how false cases of dowry, rape, and domestic violence have destroyed men and their families. Even minors have not been spared. It has also affected women, as mothers, sisters, and daughters of the falsely accused have suffered. Many female relatives have also been imprisoned. I wonder where feminism is for these women.

  • Between 1998 and 2015 more than 2.7 million people have been arrested under 498A alone, higher than any other crime under IPC except theft, hurt and riots.
  • 650,000 women who were arrested were sisters, mothers and relatives of the man many of whom had never stayed with the couple sharing a domestic relationship.
  • Most of these people were arrested on mere allegations without investigations.
  • 7,700 minors were also arrested in 498A cases.
  • Convictions rate under 498A dropped down to 13.7% in 2014, making it one amongst few sections under IPC that have a poor conviction record.
  • Several families have been destroyed because of incarceration due to a false case or running around courts for years and years.
  • Most people choose to quietly give in to legal extortion under these cases to escape decades of trial and harassment for no fault of theirs. (Source: A Times)


Men: The Real Victims Of Domestic Violence

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More than half of the victims of domestic violence are men, especially because violence is not just limited to physical violence. Psychological abuse is just as bad, if not worse. Studies show that women are more violent than men, but the media never covers men’s issues and problems. Men themselves are hesitant to talk about being battered by their wives, since men feel it is embarrassing for a man to be beaten by a woman. Even the police is uncooperative and laugh at male victims.

DNA India reports:

A new survey has found that no less than 98% of Indian urban husbands say they have faced domestic violence in one form or the other during married life.

Nagging, grumbling, taunting, name calling, refusing food, denying sexual intercourse, abusing parents and family members, snatching salary, throwing objects, scratching with nails and biting, threats of suicide and even eviction from the house were some of the common forms of abuse mentioned. But perhaps the most serious was framing of false charges under the Indian Penal Code.

The term ‘domestic violence’ itself is used to automatically mean ‘domestic violence against women’ whereas this could not be further from the truth. Men are not only victimized more, but also ignored. 100% of domestic violence shelters are for women. None for men! This is the height of misandry and discrimination against men.

If you take a stance against domestic violence against men, you can become a victim of death threats, as was the case with activist Erin Pizzey:

Pizzey has been the subject of death threats and boycotts because of her research into the claim that most domestic violence is reciprocal, and that women are equally capable of violence as men.

The double standards of domestic violence are also sickening. It is acceptable and even amusing when a woman hits a man, but suddenly it becomes wrong if a man hits a woman, even if it to defend himself. If a woman attacks a man with a knife and he pushes her in self-defense and she falls down, hurts herself and calls the police, it is not difficult to guess who the police will arrest. It will be the man. There have been countless cases of such a nature.

One must ask, where are the images of battered men? Why is the media silent on violence against men? Why are women who file false cases of domestic violence not punished by the law? Why are there no domestic violence shelters for men? Why the double standards regarding domestic violence? Why the injustice towards men?

Domestic violence does not have a gender. Violence is violence.

The video below is a social experiment. In the first half, the man is abusive towards the woman. The public takes it seriously, intervenes, and even threaten to call the police. In the second half, the woman is shown as being abusive, but onlookers just stand and watch, some even smile, finding the incident amusing.

Working Men are Slaves, Working Women are Independent

When women say that they want to work to be independent, therein lies a difference between men’s and women’s positions in the modern society. Historically, men have been working because the society has been using them as providers and protectors, not because they wanted to be independent. The thought of being independent is fundamentally detrimental to the society’s interests.

Men work to provide for their dependents, which adds value to the society. Women want to work to be independent, which effectively negates the value. Unlike men, women want to work for themselves. After all, that’s what independence means. Most of the working and “independent” women declare shopping as their favorite hobby. That explains where their income goes. Men never said they were independent, because they never were. Nor have they cried for independence.

Most men hate their work, but do they have a choice? Who will run the society if they stopped working? One might ask oneself, who will provide for their family if men decided to be independent? If one’s answer is women, one could not be more wrong. A women would not even marry and form a family with a man who did not work to begin with. We don’t even need studies to prove this, just common sense and looking around. Thus, men don’t work because they want to be independent, they work because they have no choice.

A woman who is not interested in making a home, taking care of children, and maintaining communal ties is as useless to the society as a man who does not want to work.

How gender roles are formed

There are two important systems that shoulder every society. Economy and family. If either of the two is inexistent or fails, the society would not develop to begin with or collapse. In most basic terms, economy takes care of feeding people, and family system is necessary to increase/maintain the population. For a society to thrive the two systems must work in tandem. If economy collapses people would go hungry. In modern times it translates into difficulty in fulfilling the basic needs. If family system collapses it means reduction in marriage and birthrate and decline in population, along with loss of meaning in life and ennui in modern times.

It was not tyranny of men who chose women for the role of homemaker while choosing more “independent” life for themselves. It was so arranged because that’s what both men and women are naturally suited for. In the primitive stages of society when there were no desk jobs available and the environment was fraught with dangers, women could not afford to take on the role of provider and protector. They were best suited for domestic tasks while men worked with dangers of the environment to feed and protect their women and children. Men brought food, women prepared and served it to the family. Men built houses, women kept them in order and made them homes. Men fought wars to protect their community, women oiled communal ties. Men carried out the large scale tasks because they are endowed with the required fortitude and more strength than women. Women carried out the relatively smaller scale tasks, because that’s what they are best endowed for.

Men built and ran economies,  and women built and ran families. None of the genders chose their respective tasks, it just happened with nature’s arrangement based on respective strengths of the two sexes. Societies with any other arrangement would have perished, because as mentioned above for any society to thrive the economy and family system must work in tandem, and this was the only arrangement conducive to that end.

Once the wheels of the society are set in motion in direction of growth with a given arrangement, any deviation generates negative payoffs (in the form of problems) that create pressures for the deviating agents to re-align their paths to the mutual interests of the society. That’s why we say that the society pressurized women to stick to their original role to participate in the family system, and still pressurizes men to work to participate in the economy.

The title of this article says working men are slaves. Similarly, women in their traditional role must also feel the same way, that they are domestic slaves. Let me be clear, I used this terminology only to make women understand that if they feel like slaves confined to domestic tasks, the world is not bed of roses for men either.

This so called slavery for men and women is not bad. It is what makes the society and all the comforts that we enjoy possible. Real independence is not what it seems like. In jungle is one really independent, in the society one has to fit into the designed roles. The protagonist of the film Into the Wild (based on a true story) breaks free from the society to live independently into the wild. He is barely able to feed himself and is killed by the vagaries of nature. That is what real independence is like.

Women who abandon their traditional role in the society are narcissists in the same way men who want to loaf without working are. Both are a cost to the society.

The equality movement has done great disservice to the society by making women think that they were being oppressed and made slaves of by men who enjoyed all independence. It has made women dissatisfied with their role which is essential for the society to sustain itself.

Men and women in their traditional roles are like right and left wheels of the cart. The society can not run with two right wheels or two left wheels alone. We did not need women to take over men’s roles while abandoning their own.

As more women are “liberated”, families are disappearing. White Western women are among the most liberated in the world, and white population in the West is on decline. This heralds the collapse of human civilization.

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Most men will never experience being loved

The attention and attraction that a woman, even an ugly one, can command in her youth and till her late 30s is orders of magnitude more than what is the fate of most men at any age.

Most men will never experience being wooed and seduced by a woman.

Most men will never experience a woman buying them meals and gifts.

Most men will never experience a woman pining for them and wanting to take risks for them.

Most men will never experience a woman trying to make them happy and trying to make them laugh.

Most men will never experience being loved by a woman.

Women are desired by men by virtue of their being women.  Men, though, need to have extreme good looks or attain power, status and wealth, or be greatly skilled at seduction, to be desired by women.

Sexual desire of men is much higher than that of women.  Men want a woman more urgently than women seek a man.  This imbalance of desire is the fundamental basis of the economics of seduction in which a man spends time, money and effort, and the woman is the beneficiary.  The man is seeking sexual union with the woman, and since the woman’s sexual desire is weaker, she can continue to string him along by dangling the carrot of eventual gratification.

A woman might eventually settle for an average or below-average man, but she will fall in love only with a man who gives her the “tingles”:  a man usually in the top 30%.  As an illustration, in a group of ten men and ten women, nine of these men will feel some desire for every  woman out of the ten.  But only 2 or 3 men will be the object of desire of at least one woman.  Seven out of those ten men will not be found lovable by even a single woman.

As a general principle, women are hypergamous and they seek a man high in status.  Higher in status to them, and higher in status to the other men in the arena.

In the sexual marketplace, men are the marketers, and women are the buyers.

Whenever a man tries to woo a woman, remember that she is comparing him to:

  1. Her past lovers
  2. The men currently in her field of vision and in her mental space
  3. Her boss, her doctor, and her higher-earning co-workers
  4. The characters she remembers from TV and the movies
  5. The men her friends are engaged with
  6. The man that she thinks she “deserves”

Most men will therefore just be ignored by a woman.  They stand almost no chance because most men will come up short, one way or the other, when compared to all these categories of men that she is comparing him with.

That is one reason why women constantly complain: “Where have all the good men gone?”  The problem is the unrealistic expectations these women have.  Normal, sane, moderately attractive, moderately accomplished men are all around these women.  But these men are invisible to them since the women are seeking someone better than what’s available.  They are all seeking a man in the top 20 or 30%.

A man has to steel himself against the constant rejection, indifference, contempt and friend-zoning by women.  While the society constantly bolsters women’s egos, it beats down men.  That is why a man needs to learn game.

Game is the theory and practice of seduction.  Yes, the man must continue to better himself and ultimately try and become part of the 20%, but he must also learn the skills and psychological tools to deal with women and their expectations and mentality.  There are many men who are wealthy, educated, tall and whatnot, but they still face constant rejection from women.  It is because they are bad at game.

To understand what we are trying to say about hypergamy and the 70%-30% split, and its effects on marriage and dating, we recommend this video:

Women complain about unwanted male attention but what they are saying is that they only want the attention of men that they find attractive.  Their complaining is valid, but it is like complaining against too much marketing directed at oneself.  One must acknowledge that all this attention indicates that one is a desirable and attractive prospect for all the marketers.  And as a human being, one must acknowledge that these pleading men are in a less privileged place than the picky woman.

Men, on the other hand, validly complain about rejection and the huge efforts they have to spend to woo a woman.  Most men don’t even try because they know, or are scared, they will fail.  Desperate men might act awkwardly and spoil their chances even more.  Extremely frustrated men will veer into antisocial or criminal behavior.

Men experience love and life in a way that is vastly different than women.