Revealing Attire is Sexual Provocation and Sexual Harassment

(Guest Post by James Bond)

Everywhere we see men being harassed by calculating and predatory women. Women using their sexuality to harm men, distracting men at work, occupying boys’ seats in schools and colleges, wearing clothing that is both sinful and criminal. A woman who reveals her body is guilty of sexual harassment.

Clothes are a form of communication. Policemen, preachers, punks, firemen, businessmen, and prostitutes; all dress a certain way to reveal who they are. Similarly, a girl who dresses in revealing attire is telling the world who she is. In the past, even prostitutes used to dress decently, but today girls’ sinful clothing is being promoted in the name of freedom and liberation. This is oppression in its true sense.

In this day and age, girls revealing their bodies has become the norm. Feminists are fighting for girls ‘rights’ to wear short, transparent, and skin-tight clothes. Girls with plunging necklines are also fighting for their rights, unaware that whenever they bend, they show everyone their ‘rights’.

Miniskirts, skimpy tops and revealing dresses are not a choice. They are advertised in movies, music videos, magazines, billboards, advertisements, etc. to the point where girls feel it is normal to dress in revealing attire. And they often do so to fit in. This is systematic brainwashing. Now, it has gone a step further. Nudity is being promoted with frenzy. In feminist rallies, women go nude, models are nude in fashion shows, PETA has nude protests, women are nude in magazines, nudity can be seen in art, movies, music videos, etc.

Body image issues are creeping up, where every girl has to have the perfect body because they have been told to wear revealing attire through constant advertising, and of course, you cannot wear skimpy clothes without a toned body. Tags of ’emancipation’ and ‘liberation’ are attached to it. The truth is, being semi-nude in public is not being progressive. It is being retarded. Only animals don’t wear clothes. That is because animals don’t have brains like humans do.

Teenage girls are even lining up for plastic surgery to redo themselves, and millions of dollars are being spent on it. This is the result of constant brainwashing. This is what a materialistic and hedonistic way of life has done to women.

Our schools, colleges, and offices are not spared from women’s lewdness either. Miniskirts are the norm in educational institutes, whereas transparent shirts and skirts are a part of office attire. Everywhere, men are being distracted by open displays of obscenity. A woman at the workplace is a distraction, in whose presence a man cannot do his best work. She is also responsible for increasing affairs in offices, and the breaking of homes due to illicit relationships. She is answerable to God on the day of judgement.

A girl is guilty of a heinous sin if she reveals any part of her body. She is an adulterer and a temptress, who lures man into sin. It is not a trivial matter for women to dress provocatively and ignite lust in men.


4 thoughts on “Revealing Attire is Sexual Provocation and Sexual Harassment

  1. Constantly sexualy provoking a male is just the same as man attempting to rape a are aroused differently then women If a girl wares a g string under a mini skirt it is irresis tible to him .Why should a man exercise self control if she does not have to control her self???. It is just a sport to some women .


  2. Society has allowed this low key demonic thinking to enter society without any sort of consequence. Women can easily destroy a man’s life by accusing him of all sorts of sexual allegations but very rarely is the woman’s dress called into question. In fact, it never is in this day and age.

    Personally I think women should be sued for sexual provocation. They use it for all sorts of unjustified gain. It is a distraction for good moral married men. They claim men should control themselves while they walk around freely exposing themselves as they please. Control is not the problem here,…it is the PROVOCATION that is the root of the problem Women want their cake and eat it too. They want to walk around unaccounted for provoking men wherever they go for all sorts of freebies and lustful admiration from men. They want you to lust after them. Today’s woman are nothing more than Jezebels.


  3. Yes it is true.Women are sexually harassing men all the times just to tease or gain something from men.It is a real sexual harassment to provoke men’s natural instincts and then say men should control them selfs.It is a gross injustice for men.


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