Women Politicians of India

Women politicians of India rail against the “male-dominated society” but refuse to admit that almost all of them are beneficiaries of a male politician in their family or in their circle.  They had no hesitation in taking advantage of their male relative’s hard work and political power. These days they can be found mouthing platitudes about “woman empowerment” and condemning the so-called “patriarchy”

Indira Gandhi: Daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru.

Sonia Gandhi: Wife of Rajiv Gandhi, and daughter-in-law of Indira Gandhi.

Maneka Gandhi: Second daughter-in-law of Indira Gandhi.

Jayalalitha: Sponsored by ex-CM of Tamil Nadu Ramachandran because of her looks and “English speaking skills”.

Mayawati: Concubine of late Kanshi Ram.

Sushma Swaraj: Got a head-start in politics due to her father (an RSS functionary), and her husband who was closely associated with George Fernandes.

Jaya Jaitly: Concubine of late George Fernandes.

Sheila Dikshit: Daughter-in-law of former West Bengal governor, Uma Shankar Dikshit.

Rabri Devi: Wife of Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Ambika Soni: Daughter of a politician in undivided India.

Vasundhra Raje Scindia: Daughter of ex-Maharaja of Gwalior.

A notable exception, and nothing to be proud of, is the infamous Mamata Banerjee.  She is perhaps the only mainstream female Indian politician who has risen from the ranks.  She deserves kudos for that, even though she is like almost all Indian politicians, a crass and dictatorial person.



Marriage 2.0, is it for you?

Marriage 1.0, the traditional marriage before the time when women started working, had clear gender roles and was aimed at creating and sustaining stable families.

Marriage 2.0, the new normal in the age of woman “empowerment”, is about equality and “partnership”, fluid gender roles, emotional satisfaction, attention seeking, constant demands for validation and expressions of “love”, “fun”, social media projection, etc.

But Marriage 2.0 is a fiction peddled by modern mass media.  It doesn’t work, and is not designed to work.  It is a constant stream of stress, negotiation, arguments, fights and subsequent make-ups.

Men in India, who were born in the 70s, 80s and 90s, saw their parents having marriage 1.0, while they themselves are now expected to behave as husbands in marriage 2.0.  Even if both the parents of these men were working, the gender roles still mostly persisted.  In fact, it is quite possible that seeing their mothers work outside the home as well as within the home, men of this generation developed sympathies for their mothers and resolved to be more egalitarian in their own relationship with their wives.  They perhaps thought that if only they were more sensitive to their wives, their wives would love them far more than what how saw their mothers loving and serving their fathers.

Talk about shock and disillusionment.

Modern working women have been taught and brainwashed not to serve and love their husbands.  No matter what you do, a modern earning woman will lose her attraction to you after you marry her.  It is a lie that you can continue to have her love you.  As soon as you commit, now she’s in charge and she wants to use you to have her fun in which you are mostly an appendage and attention provider.  She is not at all interested in making you happy.  The modern wife marries to make herself happy, not her husband.

And once you have children, you are merely the laborer of the family.  Now not only do you have to take care of providing for your family, you have to be mindful of your wife’s feelings and of your kids’ emotional needs.  These days, it is a rare mother who is appreciative of her husband working  all day so that when he comes home, she does not burden him or annoy him with new problems, but soothes him and provides him comfort and support.  Most modern women lose all interest in taking care of their husbands once their kids are born, and all their focus is on their kids.

And if you make any demand on them, they will scream back at you: “How dare you?  Don’t you see I do all the babysitting all day while you are having fun at work?”  If you expect them to look presentable, they will holler: “Yeah, why don’t YOU take care of the kitchen and the kids while I put some make-up on.”

All these problems are now common because women no longer accept their gender role and are in rebellion, and the entire mass media, their parents and friends, are egging them on in this rebellion against their own husbands.

What is in it for the husbands?  We wonder.


Some Red Pill Titans

It is not easy these days to find well-known people who are not interested in political correctness and are instead unapologetic truth tellers.  Those who are not interested in winning over the media, the brainwashed masses, and are willing to risk controversy and notoriety.

For the benefit of our readers, here are a few well-known men who we believe are either overtly or covertly red-pill:

Scott Adams: The famous creator of the Dilbert cartoon strip, and an acclaimed writer.  We highly recommend his blog, and his book How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big.

Donald J Trump: A real-estate businessman currently in the race to become the next President of the United States.  His book, The Art of the Deal, is a classic.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb: A philosopher and an economist.  He writes, and he dead-lifts.  He has written many books, but an anthology of his parables is highly recommended: The Bed of Procrustes.

Bill Burr: A famous stand-up comedian and media personality.

In India, well-known redpillers are very rare, because of lack of freedom of speech and repressive laws.  And because most public personalities in India have now sold out to the market.  But these men and women from India come close to being recommended by us:

Madhu Kishwar: A realist and an ex-feminist who disagrees with her radical feminist colleagues.

V S Naipaul: He writes about India without eulogizing its supposed heroes.  He has Indian ancestry, though he is from Trinidad and Tobago.

Justice Shiv Narain Dhingra: A famous judge of the Delhi High Court who was well-known to have taken on corrupt woman advocates, and who criticized the biased misandrist laws.  Though he has also been known to give many anti-male judgments.

Do let us know if you know of any other well-known redpillers, either in India or in the West.

Feminism =Theft

Feminism is the theft of privilege.

Feminists want women to enjoy the privileges of being a man and of being a woman, without paying the costs.  Feminism wants women to have both feminine privilege (without paying the cost), and masculine privilege (without paying that cost either).

What are the feminine privileges and their corresponding costs?

Here are a few which still exist in most societies:

A woman is protected by men, and the cost is that she exercises restraint in her behavior.

A woman is treated with chivalry, and the cost is that she acts like a lady.

A woman’s life is considered more important than that of a man, and the cost is that she considers motherhood to be her primary role.

A woman is promised lifelong maintenance by her husband, and the cost is that she honors her vows and brings happiness to him.

A woman is never to be physically assaulted, and the cost is that she is to be non-aggressive and non-insulting.

What are the masculine privileges and their corresponding costs?

Here are some which are already almost, or completely, extinct:

A man is considered a leader of society, and the cost is that men are asked to lay down their lives defending their community.

A man is considered the head of the household, and the cost is that he is responsible for his family’s survival and well-being.

A man is not shamed for being promiscuous, and the cost is that he has to win over a woman’s affections.

A man is given full custody of his children if his wife ends the marriage for no fault of his, and the cost is that he has to bring them up without any assistance from her.

A man is celebrated for heroism, courage and honor, and the cost is that he is expected to put himself in danger if the situation or job demands it.

Feminism is ill-at-ease with the costs of being a woman, and with the privileges of being a man.  It seeks, for women, the abolition of all costs, and the privileges of both genders.

Feminism is theft.  A modern feminist is implicitly an implicit defaulter of cost and a robber of privilege.

Men have been patient with feminist rhetoric for almost a century now, but the tide of anger is now rising.  We predict that within a decade, the revolt against feminism will reach mass proportions.

We are proud to be spearheads of that eventual reckoning.