Recorder: The New Necessity of Men

Planning to have sex tonight? Don’t forget to record all interaction from foreplay to orgasm, and the after sex talks. Do you work at a place where you have to interact with women? Keep a recorder on always. Do you find yourself frequently disagreeing with women and arguing with them? You must always carry a recorder, man! Your safety is in your hands alone.

Not the public, not the media, not even the law is going to rescue you if, god forbid, a woman decides that you raped, harassed or attacked her and wishes to screw your life. It doesn’t matter what you did or said. She just has to wish that and all the mechanisms in the world are at her disposal. You will be fucked so royally, you wouldn’t have thought in your wildest dreams it was possible. Your safety is in your hands alone.

Recently, on May 12, the media were abuzz with the news of a Delhi traffic cop hitting a woman with brick and getting dismissed and arrested. Every newspaper and TV news channel lashed out at the policeman. He got dismissed from the job, was arrested and faced defamation in the society. We at purushatma covered the story for what it was: A woman jumping red light, then attacking traffic police with brick. And guess what, we were right in our assessment of the incident while the media were wrong. The world was wrong. The woman whose voice was the world, was wrong.

A day after the incident, another news story came out: Before being sent to jail, Delhi traffic cop hands police an audio clip to support his claim. What presence of mind! And the recorder, what a lifesaver!

We have little faith in the system but we hope that constable Satish Chandra has been reinstated to his job and Ramanjeet Kaur has got her due for the bitch she has been. Media as expected never came up with another update on it. No one spoke up, no protests are heard to get the policeman his job back. But we digress.

We are living in the society where even a policeman has to think about saving his ass first before going after a woman who has broken the law, lest she filed wrong charges against him and he had no proof of his innocence. For ordinary men like me and you, saving our ass from the modern-day women is extremely important.

Purushatma earlier advised the following (emboldened by me) to young men looking to marry:

[…] don’t get married for love.  In fact, don’t get married at all.  Do not have a live-in relationship, and keep a record of all your coochie-coo communications.  If you want to have a family, marry a girl by making extensive investigations into her family and ensure her parents and your parents are involved.  An arranged marriage is a far safer bet than a so-called “love marriage”.  Love turns sour much quicker than a marriage based on practicalities. If a woman’s family and parents are involved in the matchmaking, there is no guarantee that she won’t behave badly, but she will have enough people watching her that she will think twice or thrice before becoming the talk of her extended family.

That, and in general, get a recorder. And don’t ever forget: your safety is in your hands alone.

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Katha by Sai Paranjape: The Red Pill in Indian Cinema

One rarely finds red pill themes in Indian cinema. Hence, I was pleasantly surprised to find this film called Katha. It is a gem of a film released in 1983 and directed by a woman named Sai Paranjpe. The fact that it is directed by a woman makes it all the more remarkable. For the film is loaded with red pill observations.

It stars the legendary actor Naseeruddin Shah (Rajaram), Farooq Shaikh (Bashu) and Deepti Naval (Sandhya).

Rajaram is an honest and hardworking man living in a chawl in Bombay. He harbors romantic feelings for the neighbor Sandhya, who is a young and impressionable single woman. She talks to Rajaram but always addresses him as Rajaram-ji despite his disapproval of the suffix. Ji is a suffix used behind a name to express respect for the addressee and is usually used with an elder person’s name. Sandya dismisses his disapproval by saying “kya karoon, aap ki personality mein hi ji hai” (“what can I do, Ji is in your personality”). That is not how Rajaram wishes to be respected by her.

Apart from being honest and hardworking Rajaram has many other good qualities. He is patient, helpful, socially driven. He is too good a man. When he hears on radio that some man is urgently in need of O-negative blood he hires a taxi and runs to donate blood because O-negative blood type is rare. And after donating blood when he is offered coffee and biscuits he smiles and says “iski kya zaroorat thi” (“what was the need for this”) as he hesitantly accepts it from the nurse. Such is his selflessness.

He gets excited when he sees Sandhya. Dropping things and banging on walls kind of excited. On the day he becomes permanent at work he tries to convey his feelings to her but is brushed aside with a change of topic from her.

Then comes Vadudev who is Rajaram’s “friend” from a long time ago. Rajaram has not seen him for four years since Vadudev dropped out of college. Vadudev is handsome and stylish young man brimming with confidence. Soon after he is greeted in by Rajaram he declares his intention to stay there and even congratulates Rajaram because he has chosen to stay with him! Vadudev likes to be called Bashu as it sounds stylish and modern. For a college drop-out he appears too sophisticated. He has quit many a job of short tenure, actually got fired form them, because he doesn’t know a trade other than conning people. However, the way he puts it, he is a creative spirit, a free bird who won’t be caged. Needless to say, he is dishonest, narcissist, psychopath,.. And a sweet talker. Yet, rather therefore, he is a charmer of women as well as men.

Bashu keeps taking advantage of Rajaram, by never paying the rent he promised he will pay for his stay, stealing money from Rajaram’s cupboard, lazying around while Rajaram works his ass off in the office,.. One day he fishes information about Rajaram’s boss who he described as “goodhearted”, thereby triggering Bashu’s predatory con-man instincts. Soon afterward, by exploiting the weakness of Rajaram’s boss he makes his way into the office filling a reputable position in marketing. He then gets his work done by Rajaram while stealing credit for the same.

Bashu is good with women. On one hand he flirts with and captures the heart of Sandhya in the chawl, and on the other hand he seduces the bimbo wife of their boss. At the same time also fools around with the boss’s daughter!

Towards the end Bashu is set to be engaged to Sandhya when his boss finds out about his illicit liaisons with his wife and subsequently fires him. After being fired as he is walking out of the office with Rajaram in carefree fashion he blurts out that he never intended to marry Sandhya, upon which Rajaram loses his cool. Bashu casually offers him a cigarette and the change of scene ensues. On the day of the engagement, he leaves a goodbye note saying “sitaron ke aage jahaan aur bhi hai” (“there are still worlds beyond the stars”) and takes off to the new world of “adventures”.

Sandhya’s father is furious and distressed at the same time, worrying who will accept his daughter now. Guess what, Rajaram says he will. But he wants a chat with Sandhya first to know her mind.

Sandhya complains to Rajaram for not making his feelings known to her earlier and “allowing someone else to steal her”! Rajaram lamely tries to explain how he tried to convey his feelings to her many times. We the red-pillers want him instead to say “My bad, I didn’t express it in the language of asshole that you understand. Bitch.” and walk away. But no. He tells Sandhya it is not too late, and she says it is. She has apparently lost her virginity to Bashu. After learning this devastating truth and swallowing the pain that this knowledge brings upon him, Rajaram says his mind is still not changed. They get married.

Bashu is an alpha male, and Rajaram is an epitome of beta male.

Sandhya is a “liberated”, misguided, modern woman who is against arranged marriage and prefers her partner to be “robila (which in English means domineering; dictatorial; haughtily or rudely arrogant) and smart”. She is blind to an honest and socially productive man and falls for a careless and irresponsible man who carries an alpha-male attitude. She gets pumped-and-dumped by the alpha and after learning the lesson, and more importantly, losing her footing in the society accepts the love and commitment of a good beta-male provider. And even then, it was the good man’s fault that he let her be charmed by the jerk!

The film could not be better at capturing the reality of the unregulated sexual marketplace, where “empowered” women unrestrained by the society whore around with alpha males in their prime, and after hitting the wall finally lock a reliable beta male in to take care of them (and sometimes even the “fruits” of the other men) financially for the rest of their lives. This phenomenon is summarized by the popular phrase: Alpha fucks, beta bucks.

Katha is rich with many nuggets of red pill wisdom. One must watch it to fully appreciate it.

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Use Social Media, Don’t Let It Use You

If you use Facebook, and instant messenger services like WhatsApp, this article is for you.

Increasingly, Facebook and WhatsApp are becoming the primary means of digital communications for many people.  News and links and articles and soundbites and jokes and health advice and whatnot are circulated through these by one’s friends or acquaintances.

But the key word is “circulated”.  Almost nobody is writing anything original.  People, like sheep, are forwarding cute or “interesting” or “life-saving” messages or photos or clickbait articles that they have been forwarded from someone else.

I see too many people get all their wisdom (!) and information (!) from these forwards.

Don’t be one of those people.

Facebook and the clickbait media sites are after ad revenue, not after journalism, or factual accuracy, or unbiased coverage.  Frequently they indulge in laughable conspiracy theories (“Not even a single jew died on 9/11”), dubious medical advice (“in case of a heart attack, cough three times!”), and blue-pill relationship advice (“Click to find how John became a wonderful husband to his working wife!”).

If you subsist on this kind of media diet, soon you become an ill-informed, brainwashed, opinionated fool who has no clue about the real world, and who sees the world through the media companies.

Choose your sources of information and wisdom carefully.  Don’t let Facebook be your teacher.

Similar advice goes for mass media, television and mainstream movies.  Once in a while, watch them for entertainment.  But understand that they contain many subtle messages to influence and brainwash you.

You can avoid being brainwashed only if you understand modern media and how it works, and if you develop a keen sense of discrimination between facts and bullshit.

In our opinion, the right use of social media is to share photos, something original that you wrote, your life updates and to do event planning, or to seek some specific information.  For all else, look elsewhere.  Do not subject yourself, and your friends, to distractify, buzzfeed, scoopwhoop, storypick, and their ilk.

Protect your mind from pollution, and “viral content” shared via social media can be a highly addictive pollutant.

Indian Media is a Bottom-Feeding White Knight

Bottom-Feeder (n): a loser who profits from the fortunes, or misfortunes, of others. A low or despicable person.

So, one of the lowest of the low types of internet media outlets is what is called a “viral media outlet”.  And almost all Indian media outlets, be it Times of India, Indian Express or the stink that is Storypick, are highlighting a major issue of national importance.

One should remember that their business is to pick some news item or random video, and then create a click-baiting headline around it and bask in the ad revenue.

See this “news” item titled An Asshole Was Harassing A Girl On Facebook. Her Reply Is Worth An Applause.  It details what is all too common: a male making a pass, in this case a horrible one, at a woman on social media.

Happens all the time.  Men get spam from all kinds of dubious vendors, fake dates and telemarketers.  Women get similar kind of spam and nonsense too.  Facebook has an explicit feature, enabled by default, which puts messages sent to you by strangers in a special folder called “Other messages” which doesn’t even create a notification for you.

In this case, this “strong, independent woman” decided to respond to this man, create a virtual scene, file a police complaint (“yes she can”), appear on TV, and otherwise act as a prim goddess.  It is like a man responding to a Viagra ad or a Nigerian lottery scam mail, and then feeling all self-righteous about it.  You can do it, but it only shows your priorities and your narcissism.

So in this case, the man was obviously clueless, and given his lower-middle-class origins (ref his name), his C-city background (Alwar, Rajasthan), his SMV was way below this Delhi University alumnus with international leanings, belonging to a high caste, the illustrious Her Highness Prerna Pratham Singh.

Obviously he had no chance in hell.  And being a fool, he sent a nasty message.  Easy to ignore.  But no, one has to make an “example” of such men.  And become a mini celebrity in the process.

“How dare he! I will teach him a lesson.”

So the esteemed lady made the “bold” response that she would tell his wife and file an FIR against him.  Such boldness!  From her keyboard, no less!  We are so impressed.  An FIR for what?  For sending her a lewd message?  Even in a banana-republic like India, such behavior is criminal only if persisted in despite the protests of the recipient.  But no, the police and all the major news outlets are offering her all the help that she wants.

So, as per her status update:

For the record, an F.I.R. regarding the online harassment has been filed at Economic Offences Wing of Delhi Police, Mandir Marg complex. Authorities have taken cognizance of the matter and it would soon result into action outside the virtual world.

“Economic Offences Wing”.  The mind boggles.  Mr Roshan, now you better get a lawyer.

You did something silly and stupid.  But only in India can a woman convert that into a criminal complaint and have you hounded by the white-knight Indian police.

I also want to file a complaint against a spam sender, whose message automatically went to my Spam folder but which I checked and which was offensive!!  I feel violated!!! Why does nobody help me!!!!

She’s a real feminine catch, as her other status updates show:

Le me on a Date (set up by my ‘caring’ friend): I can cook like my father and drink like my mother.
Le Irritating Guy: Well! I don’t think I would want to go ahead with this. I’m more conventional. Hope you don’t mind. I want to settle down and marry. (To be noted:at the age of 23. Fool someone else,would you?)
Le me: Yeah. Well what are you gonna do. It’s fine.
(In my head: well yeah asshole! My father is an executive chef and my Mom doesn’t drink).

Say something sarcastic and trollish to a man sincerely telling you about his preference, and HE is the “asshole”!  Wonderful.

May this wonderful woman meet the beta white knight of her dreams who will lap up her spittle while she enjoys her champagne.  She deserves him.

If Mr Roshan is a clueless beta male who should have known better, such women are the dregs of society who entertain themselves by humiliating and eating the entrails of innocent men.

And the media sites are no better.  They are encouraging online lynch mobs which are doing exactly the same thing as they criticize the man for.  Storypick is “brave” enough to publish this outstanding message sent to him by a vigilante:

Hi Chutiye

Lund nahi hai kya?

As a redditor says:

Indecent messages sent to the guy: perfectly okay. Not harassment.

Of course not.  He is a man, remember?

An NRI Bimbo tries to Write

An NRI (Non-Resident-Indian) bimbo, or perhaps by now an American passport holder bimbo, with the feminist-approved-two-suffix-name of Priya-Alika Elias, tries her hand at writing the effluvia coming out of her self-hating hamster.

We knew it wouldn’t be the first time she was penning down some bullshit, and a cursory google search did not disappoint.  One of her past tweets stated: “Kickstarter for making white men extinct.”  Ho ho ho.  What a cunt.

But that tweet is gonna haunt her for the rest of her life.  Thank you!

In an essay titled “No Indian Friends“, she goes on a self-serving harangue about her Indian-ness, and her rejection of Indians from her social circle when she was in college.  And then about her later realization that no, some things in Indian culture are so “beautiful”: like “Namaste” and touching elders’ feet.

Can someone be more self-obsessed and narcissistic than this?  That their greeting and respecting others is more about how “beautiful” the culture is or how it makes them feel?

Why are we not surprised?

Here’s how she looks, and remember she’s Indian:


Bimbos from India feel especially good when they move to a licentious society like the US.  Now they can finally swallow boatloads of beer and jizz and let their pussies get rammed by all the cock, and only non-Indian cock, that was so denied to them by their sensible, conservative parents and the “patriarchal” society.

Here are some of her reasons for not wanting to wear a sari:

You have to walk a little more slowly in saris, and be a little more careful not to trip. At parties, you skip the third beer to avoid the jumpsuits-in-the-bathroom situation.

Yes, wearing a sari probably means you cannot get shit-faced at parties.

But more than that, it is her obvious shame at being brown skinned.  She calls herself a “coconut”:

“Uh, it’s when you’re brown on the outside, but white on the inside. See? Like a coconut.”

We stand enlightened.

Also, Indian men who might be thinking of marrying such creatures, beware.  They have a very low opinion of you and your family.  Doesn’t matter if you are highly educated, they look down upon you as not worthy of them because you are not as tall as the non-Indian badboyz they have sucked and fucked.

… non-blood relations you have to call ‘Aunty’ tell you about their son, who is always, always five feet nine inches and “studying to be a doctor at the NYU.”

In a later series of posts we will go over the AF/BB strategy of these sluts.  All Indian men need to know what they are potentially dealing when they attempt to marry an Indian woman living abroad.

And she has been educated by television.  Her points of reference are TV shows and movies and stand-up comedians:

> The eternal Kumar of Harold and Kumar.

> You have a handful of reference points: Aziz Ansari, MIA, that guy from Lost, Bobby Jindal. Kal Penn. Mindy Kaling, who has gone on record saying she doesn’t think of herself as an “Indian comic.”

> I’m thinking of stand-up comedian Russell Peters

A lot in her article is pointless drivel about me, me me.

> I still refuse to wear saris.

> Black Forest cake, my favourite dessert

> I watched my first Bollywood movie with a white friend on a night when we had nothing better to do.

What else can we expect from a woman who has been fed a steady diet of junk food on TV?

What’s the hidden point of her essay?  Like a postmodern critic, we can detect the theme even though she herself might be oblivious to it: Slut it up and act western when Indian-ness would hold you back, and start cherishing the “beauty” of Namaste and Ragas and Yoga when it is time to get off the cock carousel and trap a typical Indian beta.

I’m thinking of my boyfriend telling the maître d’ “The reservation’s under Nick” when his name was Nikhil.

Haha, poor sucker takes (or took) her to dinner dates.

“Nick” should have listened to da one and only GBFM’s legendary ode: The One Cock Rule.

Indian Judiciary vs Unscrupulous Women

Purushatma’s investigation into the misuse of the judicial process by Indian women continues.

So it has come to our notice that an otherwise human-born female with the name of Harvinder Kaur had gone all the way to the High Court of Punjab and Haryana, and that too multiple times.

From the record, it transpires that even earlier application for transfer of the petition was moved by the wife which was dismissed on 30.11.2012. Even review petition filed against the said order of dismissal, had also met the same fate on 19.2.2013.

And what’s the worthy goal of this illustrious shrew, whose only distinction from a cow or a bitch seems to be that she has a passport?

The lofty intent is: to transfer a pending matrimonial case involving her husband closer to her home, and away from her husband’s hometown.

… on the ground that she is residing at Rampura Phul (District Bathinda) and distance of Pathankot is more than 300 Kms. whereas Bathinda is only at a distance of around 30 Kms. from Rampura Phul. It is mentioned that pendency of petition at Pathankot causes her embarrassment and harassment at the hands of the husband.

The twist is that she actually lives and works in USA, and obviously wanted to get the case transferred not to avoid embarrassment and harassment to herself, but to cause embarrassment and harassment to her husband.

What balls on this unscrupulous woman!  But these kind of women get their courage knowing that they will not be punished for their lies, even though they lie again, and again, and again.

The full judgment, downloaded from the court’s website, is available here: TA_133_2013_04_05_2015_FINAL_ORDER.

The poor husband is paying this harridan a monthly maintenance of Rs 7500, despite the fact that he is living and working in India, a third world country, while she is living and working in the neighborhood of Washington DC.

Not only that, the bitch has since remarried, and still continues to harass her husband.

The petitioner-wife is shown to be wife of some other than the respondent herein;

Unfortunately, despite the court noting that

The petition is clearly a grave misuse of the process of the court.

… The court still does not penalize or punish her.  Merely dismissing her application again is not justice.  Justice in this case required that the virago, and her lawyer, be heavily fined for wasting the husband’s and the court’s time, money and energy.  In a poor country like India, where millions of cases are pending, such unscrupulous litigants are nothing but vampires and leeches: sucking the blood out of the veins of a sick man.

Shame on you, Harvinder Kaur.  And the High Court of Punjab and Haryana, prove that you are indeed hard to abuse, not by writing flowery paragraphs in the judgment, but by punishing the liars and the abusers of the law.

Why “Marital Rape” is a Bogus Crime

More and more countries, including India, are being encouraged to criminalize “marital rape” by international organizations with feminist leanings, such as the UN “Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights”:

In its focus on India, the OHCHR-supported Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) recommended in February 2007 that the country should “widen the definition of rape in its Penal Code to reflect the realities of sexual abuse experienced by women and to remove the exception for marital rape from the definition of rape.”

The Committee also recommended the Government “consult widely with women’s groups in its process of reform of laws and procedures relating to rape and sexual abuse.”

Sure, no need to consult men’s rights groups which are battling an epidemic of false accusations in India.

(Ironically, the current high commissioner of this organization, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, is a prince from Jordan, a constitutional monarchy.)

From A Voice for Men

The concept of marital rape is an oxymoron. Marriage is a licence for sex. A woman who does not want to have sex with her husband should separate from him and file for divorce.

Purushatma agrees.

Let us leave aside the obvious criticisms of gender bias (apparently, only men can maritally rape women), presumption of guilt (“prove you had her consent”), and biased judicial process (“if she says so, it must be so”).

Let us focus on the so-called “crime” itself.

There are only two possibilities in a supposed incident of “marital rape”:

  1. There was physical violence and injury.
  2. There was no physical violence, but one of the spouses was unwilling but went along.

The former (inflicting violence on another) is already a crime and must be treated as such.  But it is still not rape.  We will explain why.

The latter is not a crime at all, and we will explain why.

Entering a marriage is an agreement that one is open to sharing one’s life with one’s partner.  And notably, to having regular sex with one’s partner.  Now of course, in every marriage, there are joint activities about which one of the spouses is less than enthusiastic.  The husband wants to take his wife and go watch a sporting event; the wife is unwilling but goes along.  The wife wants to take her husband to her sister’s baby shower; the husband is unwilling but goes along.

Similarly, there might be times when one of the spouses wants to have sex, while the other one doesn’t.  The desirous spouse insists and engages in a one-sided intercourse, while the other just endures the brief inconvenience.

Almost all couples go through such times, and to criminalize this inconvenience is to open the floodgates of frivolous litigation.

For it to be called rape, it must be that the accused did not have the consent of the “victim”.  But in that case, why was the “victim” still living with the accused?  Did the “victim” not understand that marriage and cohabitation was an agreement to have regular sex with each other?  Even if one of the spouses is unusually demanding of very frequent sex, and if that is unacceptable to the other spouse, the only rational response is to end the relationship.  The “victim” must realize that continuing the relationship is an acceptance of this imbalance and its consequences.

If the “victim” is chronically unwilling to have sex with the accused (i.e. there is a lack of attraction), then either marital counseling or a separation is called for.

The advocates of “marital rape” claim that one can’t always leave the marital home.  We ask: Why?  Does one have no social circle, friends or family?  Does one have no independent means of income?  Is one unwilling to file for divorce?

It is possible.  In those cases, however, one is clearly a dependent.  The “victim” in this case is the economic beneficiary from the marital arrangement.  What the “marital rape” advocates are suggesting is: let the victim continue to enjoy the economic benefits from the relationship, but be free of any counter obligations.

And yes, it is “horrific” to imagine that in today’s world one is still asked to trade one’s sex for sustenance, but this “horror” was committed by two adults with full understanding of what their relationship was going to be.  The “victim”, we say again, is free to leave the arrangement.

But if the victim withdraws from the marital agreement, then all benefits which were contingent on the marital contract should stop forthwith.  One cannot have one’s cake and eat it too.

Even if there is physical violence, though it must be treated as a crime, it is still not rape.  A rape is a violent robbery of a woman’s sexuality by someone.  By marrying a man, a woman is implicitly and explicitly giving him access to her sexuality.  Hence, though the man must be held guilty for assaulting her, he cannot be held guilty for robbing her sexually.  The husband has a claim to his wife’s sexuality by virtue of their marriage.  When someone has a claim to something, he cannot also then rob it.  Yes, the claim must be executed with decency and gentleness, but the fact of the claim is beyond doubt.

If you doubt that a man has a just claim to his wife’s sexuality, you have no understanding of what marriage is.  In that case, what’s the point of this institution, and of concepts like sexual fidelity, and of showing one’s unavailability by wearing wedding rings and suchlike?

We also would like to say that a person that chronically subjects one’s spouse to sexual unavailability is a bad spouse.  In fact, in India it is already a crime under the gender-biased laws (in particular, the PWDV Act) to chronically deprive your wife of sex.  But no such law exists favoring the husbands.

And now the husband are faced with a double whammy: to insist on sex is a crime (“Marital Rape”), to deny sex to the wife is a crime (“Sexual Cruelty”).

For the wives, nothing is a crime.  To insist on sex with their husbands is their right under the PWDV Act, and to deny sex is their right under the proposed “marital rape” law.

Understanding marital rape is simple if one realizes that the intent is to give more and more power to the dependent spouse (usually the wife) to legally intimidate the husband.

The intent is to make the man a toiling slave for the “free, strong and independent” wife.  She is not interesting in having sex with you, but you better provide her with a house or a monthly maintenance.

The intent is, as The Rational Male would say, to further incentivize hypergamy and AF/BB (Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks) behavior.  She is to be left free to not fuck you but fuck others, while you are left to masturbate and to give her an allowance for being a slut.

Such realizations, like the hidden intent of such laws, is what a red-pill awakening is made of.