Don’t Spend Money On Women, Have Some Self-Respect!

It is not surprising that the average age of unmarried women is skyrocketing, since more and more men are not willing to get married in this day and age of feminism, draconian laws, and women’s ingratitude. Women then sit and wonder where all the good men have gone.

However, on one hand where we have men who are unwilling to get married, there is no shortage of morons either.

I cannot believe the number of men taking money out their wallets in the blink of an eye for women. How often do women spend on men? Almost never. But there is no shortage of needy, desperate men who think that women will like them if they spend their hard-earned money on them. Men who date women are not morons, but men who let women use their money, take advantage of them, dictate terms, and treat them like dogs are men who have no self-respect.

In my own case, on a date, when it was time to pay we were obviously supposed to split the bill, but the girl’s hand went inside her purse and it didn’t come out until I had paid the entire bill. I think her hand got lost and didn’t know the way out. That was the last time I dated and since then have decided not to spend on women. I will certainly not get married, until I find a woman who is willing not to touch my money after marriage, since she is equal to me (according to feminists). Obviously, when two equal people get married, there is no reason for one to use the other’s money.

Feminists claim that men and women are equal, so the question is, in a marriage why does one gender spend on the other? Why are men supposed to spend on women? Surely both are equal. Even in two-income families, men do the bulk of the spending (women earn pennies anyway). When a woman, claiming to be equal to a man enters the bond of marriage, why does she use her husbands’s money for her expenses? Her food, clothes, shopping, cosmetics, trips to beauty parlors, visits to restaurants, handbags, sandals, vacations, etc, all come from a man’s pocket.

In case of a divorce, a man is ripped off yet again, under the pretext of alimony and child support.What happened to equality? Is equality only applicable when it works in favor of women? Even jobless men are forced to pay alimony, and many commit suicide under the strain courtesy of greedy, cunning, and manipulative wives.

Men who have not yet watched the film ‘Pyar Ka Punchnama’ (both parts) should do so. Not that we need it to tell us how ungrateful, cunning, manipulative, and deceitful women are, but as a breeze of fresh air with all the feminist garbage that Bollywood churns out.

Below is a joke which highlights reality: Women Are Impossible To Please

A brand new store has just opened in New York City that sells Husbands. When women go to choose a husband, they have to follow the instructions at the entrance:

“You may visit this store ONLY ONCE!” There are 6 floors and the value of the products increase as you ascend the flights. You may choose any item from a particular floor, or may choose to go up to the next floor, but you CANNOT go back down except to exit the building! So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband.

On the 1st floor the sign on the door reads: Floor 1 – These men have jobs.

The 2nd floor sign reads: Floor 2 – These men have jobs and love kids.

The 3rd floor sign reads: Floor 3 – These men have jobs, love kids and are extremely good looking.

“Wow,” she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going.

She goes to the 4th floor and the sign reads: Floor 4 – These men Have Jobs, love kids, are drop-dead good looking and help with housework.

“Oh, mercy me!” she exclaims, “I can hardly stand it!”

Still, she goes to the 5th floor and sign reads: Floor 5 – These men have jobs, love kids, are drop-dead gorgeous, help with housework and have a strong romantic streak.

She is so tempted to stay, but she goes to the 6th floor and the sign reads:

Floor 6 – You are visitor 31,456,012 to this floor. There are no men on this floor. This floor exists solely as proof that women are impossible to please. Thank you for shopping at the Husband Store.

Ten Things We Learnt from PINK

  1. If you are a mentally disturbed lawyer who stares at people, you have supernatural powers to decide innocence of three party girls who are your neighbors.  Amitabh Bachhan’s character is a white knight who is a just waiting for a chance to save some women because he couldn’t save his own wife from a disease.
  2. Modern urban Indian women have no clue what counts as leading someone on.  Even western women will never go to someone’s home or hotel and have drinks because that counts as an invitation to sex.  But urban Indian women are too innocent to know this.  They find the men cool enough to go to their hotel with them and have drinks and crack dirty jokes, but suddenly find the men unattractive when they start getting physical.  And instead of just raising a hue and cry or running away or complaining to the hotel management, attempt to murder their date.
  3. Urbane Indian women have no clue that the police in India, despite the umpteen gender-biased laws in favor of women, are corrupt.  They have no hesitation in using a senior lawyer’s “connections” to lodge a complaint but are appalled at someone else using their connection.
  4. A retired lawyer in India, in his old age, finds it easy to figure out where a policewoman was on a certain day, and to produce photographs of the accused’s sister having a drink somewhere.
  5. Trials in India proceed at great speed.  All witnesses are available at all times.  Also, a judge in India pronounces judgment in two cases at the same time.  There is no punishment for perjury and lying, even by a police official, in the courtroom.
  6. An employer in India can fire a woman employee because of a random doctored image sent to his email account.
  7. Urban Indian women are quite promiscuous who openly dry their lingerie on the apartment terrace, but find it hard to tell a dirty joke in a courtroom.  Also, when asked about their relationship in the court, they can scream “It’s my personal matter” instead of answering the question properly.
  8. Traditional-looking men in India are all rapists as per Bollywood, and they should be taught that “No means No” even though Indian society, like any other traditional society entering a modern phase, expects modesty and coyness during gender interactions.  After all, modesty can be outraged only when there is modesty in a woman to begin with.  But no, women in India should be given full freedom to act as they please and to have police at their beck and call when their own behavior lands them in trouble.
  9. Urban Indian women are shocked to discover the condition of Indian police stations or jails, but they have no hesitation in filing false dowry or rape cases against unwitting men and their families.
  10. Indian sheeple lap up poorly-directed feminist films as fantastic and gives them high ratings on IMDB without understanding the complexities of social situations.

Women do not need love

It is a misconception of staggering proportions that to woo a woman you have to show her love.  That’s what beta males believe and that’s what you see peddled around in movies and in poetry.

The truth is: To woo a woman, you have to INSPIRE love.  That’s what alpha males know.

If you SHOW love, women will know you are a beta.  You can buy presents for her, be nice to her, agree to her vile tantrums, and so on.  She will not fall in love with you because you are already in love with her and she (given her hypergamous nature) will think that she can do better than you.

If you expect to BE loved, women will treat you like a king.  She will cook for you, be nice to you, give you blowjobs, and so on.  Since you are not overtly in love with her yet (or there is some mystery about it), she will regard you as the prize.

Most men make the mistake of showing a woman their love and appreciation, in order to be loved in return.  They make the mistake of giving her something and expecting the same thing in return.

That does not work in the sexual marketplace.  In the sexual marketplace, women are constantly approached by men giving them attention and paying them compliments.  If you do that too, you are one of them.  She is not going to compliment you back.  Never.

If instead, you signal to her that you find her attractive, but that you expect HER to seduce you, that’s what gets them the tingles.  That’s what shows her that you are high value and worth pursuing.

Ten Qualities to Look for in your Future Wife

  1. She should wake up earlier in the morning than you, regularly.
  2. She should have long hair and be fond of feminine looking traditional clothes.
  3. She should neither drink nor smoke nor smoke hookah  etc.
  4. She should know how to sing well.
  5. She should know how to cook many good meals and desserts.
  6. She should not have a strong political opinion.  She should respect your opinions.
  7. She should have a lot of respect for her father.
  8. She should be religious.
  9. She should be frugal.
  10. She should express her disapproval by becoming sad or by crying, not by getting angry.

Ten Tips to Date an Indian Woman

  1. Show her places and things which she would be shy to go on her own: take her to nature hikes, overnight trips to historical places, a strange (but safe) part of town.
  2. Don’t supplicate to her, but don’t be too much of an uncaring alpha.  Indian women crave affection.  Treat her as if you are her daddy, not her pimp.  Middle class Indian women are scared and turned off by too much alpha-ness.
  3. Don’t talk to her too much on the phone.  Be somewhat unavailable but call her randomly to surprise her, but beware of being her emotional tampon.  That will lead to her friendzoning you.
  4. Treat her childish tantrums with hugs and kisses but her adult temper with withdrawal of attention.
  5. Give her small gifts so that she remembers you in your absence.  Good gifts are a bottle of perfume or some ethnic ornament or a pair of panties or a silky bra.
  6. Never say “I love you” before she does.  Even if she does, tell her you are “so attracted to her” and that you can’t “let her go”.  But don’t say “I love you” very casually or she will expect you to do a lot of favors for her.  Use the word “love” a lot, that you “love her dress” or that you “love the way she smells”, but don’t be in a hurry to say “I love you”.
  7. Make her relaxed and be comfortable being close to you.  Escalate physically slowly but surely.  She will likely resist and be coy in the beginning, but you have to continue to playfully escalate.  She might even make you play the game of “chase me around the room” while laughing and giggling.  She wants you to chase her, grab her and kiss her.  Don’t think she doesn’t want to kiss.  She doesn’t want to admit that she does.
  8. Educate her about sex, hygiene and being sexy.  Teach her how to shave her pussy and how to give a good blow job.  She will respect and want you more if you take the lead.  Teach her different sex positions.
  9. Make her cook for you, even if it is to make a cup of tea.  Indian women like to serve their men, and love an opportunity to do so.  If you act egalitarian and make a cup of tea for her, make sure you make a big noise about it as if you are doing her a big favor.
  10. Be angry at her once in a while.  Have little break-ups.  Make her cry a little bit.  You will be rewarded with hot kisses, a wet pussy and screaming orgasms.

How to Avoid a False Rape Accusation

There are four huge problems in India when it comes to being accused of rape:

1. The badly designed laws according to which:

  • If you dump your girlfriend, she can accuse you of rape.
  • If you refuse to marry someone after engagement, she can accuse you of rape.
  • If you pass a lewd remark or send someone a nasty text or Facebook message, she can accuse you of “outraging her modesty” which is treated similar to rape in Indian courts.
  • If you marry someone against her parents’ wishes, they can accuse you of kidnapping and raping their daughter even though she’s an adult and had a consensual relationship with you.

2. The prevalence of falsehood and perjury and false accusations due to which any woman can accuse you of something that you did not do, had no intention of doing, and of which there is no evidence that you did it. But because of twisted laws and a white-knight constitution and judiciary in India, a woman’s word in presumed to be true and a man has to prove his innocence.

3. The abysmal state of Indian judiciary, the atrocious delays and the lawyer-police mafia due to which if you are accused of something, and even if the burden of proof is on the prosecution, you suffer for years and maybe decades and see your family life, your career and your reputation destroyed.

4. The media-vultures who pounce on any rape or sex-related legal incident as a cash-cow. To them, any such incident is a sure shot way to make money by naming and shaming someone merely accused, and by smearing his name for his lifetime. Media is not concerned about facts and objectivity and due process and protecting the identity of someone who is not yet charged.

The media is so twisted that it will not even publish a woman’s name even after the courts rule that the accusation was false. The media will splash the accusation story all over its front pages. But when the accused in acquitted or it is proved that the accusation was mala-fide and false, it will either not publish the news at all (because it is not entertaining now), or it will make a small mention on an inner page.

So how do you avoid this dangerous minefield which has the potential of destroying your life and reputation?

We offer seven guidelines for the Indian man.  Mark our words and follow our guidelines to avoid being pulled into this kind of mess:

  1. Do not date psychos, single-mothers, well-connected women, lawyers, feminists, social activists and NGO-type women.  These urban bitches are trigger-happy about going to the police or the courts or the corrupt women’s commissions when they feel like they are not being treated well.  By the way, by “psychos” we mean those women who are unstable or are on hormonal or psychiatric medication.

    Obviously stay away from women who seem overly greedy and/or manipulative.  Stay away from women who have a police officer, a judge, a lawyer, or a high-ranking civil servant in their family.

    Do not date a single mom!  They are especially vicious if you end the relationship because they were seeing you as their ATM for life.

    These kind of women are very “aware” of their rights though they have nil idea of their responsibilities.  These women will cite “emotional cruelty” in a heartbeat to get back at you if you refuse to toe their line.  They might seem easy lays but beware, you are playing with fire.  These women have a chip on their shoulder and are very argumentative and are usually very aggressive.  Even if they are pretty, they are unpleasant to be with.  Stay away from them.

  2. Record everything.  Even if the recordings are not admissible in court, when the time comes and things are going south she should be made aware that you have a lot of evidence.  That if she tries any false accusation stunt, you will make sure the stuff finds its way on to the public domain so that society can make its own conclusions.  Keep a history of all your text messages, Facebook interactions, call logs, etc.  You don’t need to record calls all the time.  But you should know how to.  If your girlfriend or wife as much as hints at anything legal, start recording immediately from then on.
  3. Have a few lawyer or police officials as friends.  Your girlfriend should know that if she tries a false accusation to intimidate you, you will hit back with ten times the force.  She should know that you are well-versed in law.  That you will not be blackmailed.  During your relationship, tell her about the horror stories which illustrate that a woman going to court as a pressure tactic is ruined for life.  No man wants to go near her, she doesn’t get anything from the courts, and the courts, lawyers and the police just extract their pound of flesh.
  4. Do not divulge your wealth.  Never ever be tempted to brag about how much money or how many assets you have.  Don’t talk about your salary or bonus or your savings.

    When a relationship goes south, a woman has two incentives to try to hurt you:

    1. Revenge: She wants to see you in pain.
    2. Money: She wants to extort money from you.  This is less likely if she doesn’t know how much and where you have the money.

      We know that you can’t hide your lifestyle completely.  But she should not know about your bank accounts or your list of properties.  In fact, when a relationship is going south, keep telling her that you have lost a lot of money in the stock market and that you are anxious about money matters.  That your future is not very bright and you might need to take a loan.

      On that note, never loan money to your girlfriend.  If the relationship goes bad, you can say goodbye to that money.

  5. NEVER start a live-in relationship in India.  Courts treat a live-in relationship far more seriously when it comes to “rape on the pretext of marriage” kind of cases.  There is no benefit to living together.  If you want regular sex, you can spend the night with her but she must go back to her own home.  You should not give in to emotional pressure of any kind to allow her to move in with you.  Once she is living with you, you are done for.  If you have foolishly started living with her, but feel like the relationship is going to get into rough waters, try to find a job in another city.  After you move to the new city, slowly cut down communications with her and let her find a new lover in the former city.  If you immediately try to finish a relationship after moving, she might get you in trouble.

    And it goes without saying that never try to take her to a temple for a sindoor ceremony or a marriage-like ceremony between the two of you.  That might be romantic and get you in her pants, but it will bite you back eventually.  Trust us on this one.  If she is unwilling to put out (have sex with you), leave her instead of trying something like this.

  6. Have a good rapport with her social circle.  People should know that you two are in a consensual relationship.  If she tries a false accusation, her own social circle will regard her as evil and boycott her.  That will act as a big disincentive for her not to get you in trouble.  Her social circle should know that you are a nice man.  Give thoughtful gifts (books, framed photos, upholstery) to some of her friends so that they have a good feeling about you and that when the relationship is suffering, they do not advise her to go after you legally.  You cannot guarantee that she won’t, but it is far less likely if her social circle will judge her harshly for such an act.
  7. Deescalate Situations.  If the relationship is almost over, do not try any ego-games with her.  Give her a gentle exit.  Do not try to be right all the time.  Have a plan on letting her down easy.  End the relationship gradually and not suddenly.  Don’t blame her for anything.  What’s the point?  If you have decided to end the relationship, might as well leave her with her ego intact.  If an argument is getting ugly, do not get into a shouting match.  Control your temper and try to diffuse the situation.

We understand that preventing a false-rape accusation is impossible in India, but even so, you can take some precautions to lessen the probability.

Brothers, be careful out there!


Most men will never experience being loved

The attention and attraction that a woman, even an ugly one, can command in her youth and till her late 30s is orders of magnitude more than what is the fate of most men at any age.

Most men will never experience being wooed and seduced by a woman.

Most men will never experience a woman buying them meals and gifts.

Most men will never experience a woman pining for them and wanting to take risks for them.

Most men will never experience a woman trying to make them happy and trying to make them laugh.

Most men will never experience being loved by a woman.

Women are desired by men by virtue of their being women.  Men, though, need to have extreme good looks or attain power, status and wealth, or be greatly skilled at seduction, to be desired by women.

Sexual desire of men is much higher than that of women.  Men want a woman more urgently than women seek a man.  This imbalance of desire is the fundamental basis of the economics of seduction in which a man spends time, money and effort, and the woman is the beneficiary.  The man is seeking sexual union with the woman, and since the woman’s sexual desire is weaker, she can continue to string him along by dangling the carrot of eventual gratification.

A woman might eventually settle for an average or below-average man, but she will fall in love only with a man who gives her the “tingles”:  a man usually in the top 30%.  As an illustration, in a group of ten men and ten women, nine of these men will feel some desire for every  woman out of the ten.  But only 2 or 3 men will be the object of desire of at least one woman.  Seven out of those ten men will not be found lovable by even a single woman.

As a general principle, women are hypergamous and they seek a man high in status.  Higher in status to them, and higher in status to the other men in the arena.

In the sexual marketplace, men are the marketers, and women are the buyers.

Whenever a man tries to woo a woman, remember that she is comparing him to:

  1. Her past lovers
  2. The men currently in her field of vision and in her mental space
  3. Her boss, her doctor, and her higher-earning co-workers
  4. The characters she remembers from TV and the movies
  5. The men her friends are engaged with
  6. The man that she thinks she “deserves”

Most men will therefore just be ignored by a woman.  They stand almost no chance because most men will come up short, one way or the other, when compared to all these categories of men that she is comparing him with.

That is one reason why women constantly complain: “Where have all the good men gone?”  The problem is the unrealistic expectations these women have.  Normal, sane, moderately attractive, moderately accomplished men are all around these women.  But these men are invisible to them since the women are seeking someone better than what’s available.  They are all seeking a man in the top 20 or 30%.

A man has to steel himself against the constant rejection, indifference, contempt and friend-zoning by women.  While the society constantly bolsters women’s egos, it beats down men.  That is why a man needs to learn game.

Game is the theory and practice of seduction.  Yes, the man must continue to better himself and ultimately try and become part of the 20%, but he must also learn the skills and psychological tools to deal with women and their expectations and mentality.  There are many men who are wealthy, educated, tall and whatnot, but they still face constant rejection from women.  It is because they are bad at game.

To understand what we are trying to say about hypergamy and the 70%-30% split, and its effects on marriage and dating, we recommend this video:

Women complain about unwanted male attention but what they are saying is that they only want the attention of men that they find attractive.  Their complaining is valid, but it is like complaining against too much marketing directed at oneself.  One must acknowledge that all this attention indicates that one is a desirable and attractive prospect for all the marketers.  And as a human being, one must acknowledge that these pleading men are in a less privileged place than the picky woman.

Men, on the other hand, validly complain about rejection and the huge efforts they have to spend to woo a woman.  Most men don’t even try because they know, or are scared, they will fail.  Desperate men might act awkwardly and spoil their chances even more.  Extremely frustrated men will veer into antisocial or criminal behavior.

Men experience love and life in a way that is vastly different than women.