Most men will never experience being loved

The attention and attraction that a woman, even an ugly one, can command in her youth and till her late 30s is orders of magnitude more than what is the fate of most men at any age.

Most men will never experience being wooed and seduced by a woman.

Most men will never experience a woman buying them meals and gifts.

Most men will never experience a woman pining for them and wanting to take risks for them.

Most men will never experience a woman trying to make them happy and trying to make them laugh.

Most men will never experience being loved by a woman.

Women are desired by men by virtue of their being women.  Men, though, need to have extreme good looks or attain power, status and wealth, or be greatly skilled at seduction, to be desired by women.

Sexual desire of men is much higher than that of women.  Men want a woman more urgently than women seek a man.  This imbalance of desire is the fundamental basis of the economics of seduction in which a man spends time, money and effort, and the woman is the beneficiary.  The man is seeking sexual union with the woman, and since the woman’s sexual desire is weaker, she can continue to string him along by dangling the carrot of eventual gratification.

A woman might eventually settle for an average or below-average man, but she will fall in love only with a man who gives her the “tingles”:  a man usually in the top 30%.  As an illustration, in a group of ten men and ten women, nine of these men will feel some desire for every  woman out of the ten.  But only 2 or 3 men will be the object of desire of at least one woman.  Seven out of those ten men will not be found lovable by even a single woman.

As a general principle, women are hypergamous and they seek a man high in status.  Higher in status to them, and higher in status to the other men in the arena.

In the sexual marketplace, men are the marketers, and women are the buyers.

Whenever a man tries to woo a woman, remember that she is comparing him to:

  1. Her past lovers
  2. The men currently in her field of vision and in her mental space
  3. Her boss, her doctor, and her higher-earning co-workers
  4. The characters she remembers from TV and the movies
  5. The men her friends are engaged with
  6. The man that she thinks she “deserves”

Most men will therefore just be ignored by a woman.  They stand almost no chance because most men will come up short, one way or the other, when compared to all these categories of men that she is comparing him with.

That is one reason why women constantly complain: “Where have all the good men gone?”  The problem is the unrealistic expectations these women have.  Normal, sane, moderately attractive, moderately accomplished men are all around these women.  But these men are invisible to them since the women are seeking someone better than what’s available.  They are all seeking a man in the top 20 or 30%.

A man has to steel himself against the constant rejection, indifference, contempt and friend-zoning by women.  While the society constantly bolsters women’s egos, it beats down men.  That is why a man needs to learn game.

Game is the theory and practice of seduction.  Yes, the man must continue to better himself and ultimately try and become part of the 20%, but he must also learn the skills and psychological tools to deal with women and their expectations and mentality.  There are many men who are wealthy, educated, tall and whatnot, but they still face constant rejection from women.  It is because they are bad at game.

To understand what we are trying to say about hypergamy and the 70%-30% split, and its effects on marriage and dating, we recommend this video:

Women complain about unwanted male attention but what they are saying is that they only want the attention of men that they find attractive.  Their complaining is valid, but it is like complaining against too much marketing directed at oneself.  One must acknowledge that all this attention indicates that one is a desirable and attractive prospect for all the marketers.  And as a human being, one must acknowledge that these pleading men are in a less privileged place than the picky woman.

Men, on the other hand, validly complain about rejection and the huge efforts they have to spend to woo a woman.  Most men don’t even try because they know, or are scared, they will fail.  Desperate men might act awkwardly and spoil their chances even more.  Extremely frustrated men will veer into antisocial or criminal behavior.

Men experience love and life in a way that is vastly different than women.


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