Times Now Punished For Shoddy Reporting In Jasleen Kaur Case

Last year in September we exposed Jasleen Kaur of falsely accusing Sarvjeet Singh of eve-teasing and verbal abuse which had led to his arrest followed by a brutal media-trial.

Times Now and NDTV, two of the most psychopathic media houses, were among the major culprits in the media who broke all limits of shoddy journalism leaving no stone unturned in ruining the man’s life. Luckily, Jasleen Kaur’s false story was overturned when an eyewitness emerged who gave a completely different account of the incident that was in favor of the accused Sarvjeet Singh, and against Jasleen Kaur.

Following the public outrage against Times Now for the criminally poor way they covered the story, News Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA) has now asked the channel to broadcast an apology. Not only that, Time Now has also been fined INR 50,000.

Below is the interview of Sarvjeet Singh for which in particular Time Now is fined. We hope that the crazy reporter Pooja Shali gets sacked. She has no journalistic talent whatsoever.

Let us also note that Times Now seems to have removed from their YouTube channel the shameful video of The Newshour show hosted by their clown Arnab Goswami on which they conducted the brutal media-trial of Sarvjeet Singh, at the same time making hero out of the liar Jasleen Kaur.

We thank everyone, especially the folks in the manosphere, who contributed in this “fight” against Times Now’s mindless #fightbackindia (the hashtag they ran on Twitter during the media-trial).

Quoting from Livemint:

In a detailed order issued by justice R.V. Raveendran, chairperson of the authority, the NBSA has taken cognizance of the complaints filed against a news report telecast by Times Now on 24 August 2015, in connection with an alleged eve-teasing incident in Delhi.

The complaints against the channel relate to the manner in which the Times Now reporter chased and interviewed the alleged eve-teaser, in an “aggressive, intimidating, and browbeating style, and the telecast of the interview with tag-lines treating the accused as guilty”. The complainants have alleged that the broadcaster breached the Code of Conduct relating to impartiality, neutrality and objectivity in reporting and violated guidelines relating to reportage.

After a detailed hearing of the representatives of the news channel and the complainants, the NBSA gave its order where it acknowledged that while eve-teasing and safety of women are important issues, and while freedom of expression is a cherished fundamental right, the right of an individual to a fair trial and fair treatment by the media is also very serious matter.

“Broadcasters cannot condemn as guilty persons accused of having committed a crime or offence when the matter is still under investigation or where the court is yet to decided upon the guilt or otherwise of the accused,” it said.

It added that “media howsoever bona fide its intentions are, cannot act as the judge, jury, prosecutor and investigator in regard to any matter pending before a court or under investigation. It should be kept in mind that the reputation or credibility of a person once lost, as a result of a sustained media campaign focus, can never be regained…”

This is a small win against the vile media, but a win nonetheless.

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Some Red Pill Titans

It is not easy these days to find well-known people who are not interested in political correctness and are instead unapologetic truth tellers.  Those who are not interested in winning over the media, the brainwashed masses, and are willing to risk controversy and notoriety.

For the benefit of our readers, here are a few well-known men who we believe are either overtly or covertly red-pill:

Scott Adams: The famous creator of the Dilbert cartoon strip, and an acclaimed writer.  We highly recommend his blog, and his book How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big.

Donald J Trump: A real-estate businessman currently in the race to become the next President of the United States.  His book, The Art of the Deal, is a classic.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb: A philosopher and an economist.  He writes, and he dead-lifts.  He has written many books, but an anthology of his parables is highly recommended: The Bed of Procrustes.

Bill Burr: A famous stand-up comedian and media personality.

In India, well-known redpillers are very rare, because of lack of freedom of speech and repressive laws.  And because most public personalities in India have now sold out to the market.  But these men and women from India come close to being recommended by us:

Madhu Kishwar: A realist and an ex-feminist who disagrees with her radical feminist colleagues.

V S Naipaul: He writes about India without eulogizing its supposed heroes.  He has Indian ancestry, though he is from Trinidad and Tobago.

Justice Shiv Narain Dhingra: A famous judge of the Delhi High Court who was well-known to have taken on corrupt woman advocates, and who criticized the biased misandrist laws.  Though he has also been known to give many anti-male judgments.

Do let us know if you know of any other well-known redpillers, either in India or in the West.

Jasleen Kaur Exposé: Modern Women are Bitches and Media is their Pimp

For the last two weeks we have been observing the case of Delhi’s Jasleen Kaur who accused Sarvjeet Singh, another Delhi resident, of eve-teasing and verbal abuse on a traffic junction. It has been the story of rise and fall of Jasleen Kaur. Within a week she has gone from being a “braveheart” to publicity-monger and false-accuser. We thank God for that.

Sarvjeet Singh (left) who was falsely accused of eve-teasing and verbal abuse by Jasleen Kaur (right). He was vilified by media who on national television called him “pervert”, “lout” and even “potential rapist” without any evidence or investigation into the incident while the woman was being congratulated and praised as “braveheart”, before the eye-witness overturned the women’s story exposing her of lies and malintentions

For those who are not aware of the case of Jasleen Kaur, here is our detailed coverage.

On the evening of August 23, 2015, Jasleen Kaur clicked a picture of the man named Sarvjeet Singh on a traffic junction in Delhi and posted it on Facebook, writing in her post that the man verbally abused her and passed obscene remarks at her. The post quickly went viral on social media. Meanwhile, she had also lodged a complaint with Delhi police about the incident.

Jasleen Kaur’s original Facebook post that went viral and invited public fury and media-trial of Sarvjeet Singh

On the next day, August 24, the media went crazy over it. The Times of India reported the incident with the following headline: ‘Pervert’ held after Delhi University girl ‘exposes’ him on Facebook.

Jasleen Kaur, a resident of Tilak Nagar in west Delhi, told police that Sarabjeet Singh (28) had made lewd remarks after stopping his bike as she was crossing the road near the Tilak Nagar Metro station and had mischievously offered to drop her at her destination. When she clicked his photo on her mobile phone, she said he had posed defiantly and threatened her, saying, “Jo kar sakti hai kar le. Complaint karke dikha, fir dekhiyo kya karta hun main (File a complaint and see what I’m capable of).”

Notice that ToI already assumed that the man was pervert and that the woman was the victim despite there being no investigation, no evidence, nor any eye-witness in favor of the reported eve-teasing and abuse. A shitty piece of journalism by The Times of India. But this was just the beginning of the ugly media-trial of Sarvjeet Singh.

While the accused Sarvjeet Singh who was being publicly defamed on social media and was arrested from his residence, the Aam Aadmi Party leader and the CM of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) tweeted the following on August 24:

Congratulate @jasleenkaur89 for her bravery. Girls of Delhi should follow her & speak up against such unacceptable acts

Times Now, another media outlet of the psychopathic Times Group who also own The Times of India held a “debate” with their infamous clown journalist Arnab Goswami. Below is the full video of The Newshour debate followed by our observations.

Our observations:

  • First of all, we are happy to see that the video has over two thousand “dislikes” against less than a hundred “likes”. It sort-of restores our faith in the educated public in this godforsaken land. Go ahead and give “thumbs-down” to it after reading this post.
  • How this circus of a show by Arnab Clown Goswami is called debate is beyond us. He already has his mind made up about which side is right. He in his loudmouth fashion calls Jasleen Kaur the “braveheart” and congratulates her right at the outset, and the entire show is about him and those on his side silencing the other side. It is anything but debate.
  • We couldn’t help but observe Jasleen Kaur, who was all decked up to garner attention. Red dress, untied hair, face brimming with smiles like she could not contain her excitement. An astute observer of human nature and body language would not fail to see a woman who was living her dream on that show.
  • Too much eye-blinking on part of Jasleen Kaur is a strong tell of lying.
  • At 15:35 Jasleen Kaur says “Why did he comment on my genitals and what he would do to me tonight.” On no other channel, and in no other interview has she mentioned about the man commenting on her genitals. It makes one wonder what prompted her to come up with that accusation about the man only on this particular show. We are of the strong opinion that the idea about the man commenting on her genitals is put in her head by the penalist Aditi Mittal who first mentioned “sexual organs” at 6:06, and Arnab Clown Goswami who mentions “threats in sexual manner with innuendoes” at 14:36. Jasleen Kaur just seems to pick up on everything they are saying.
  • When Clown Arnab asks his opponent Deepika Bhardwaj to speak he also says, “anyone feel free to come in, by the way”, thus encouraging others to interrupt her. Why? Because she is going to talk sense which might weaken his position in the so-called debate.
  • Look at Jesleen Kaur’s facial expression and eye movement at 25:15 when Clown Arnab is saying “when a woman who has faced a physical threat, and she has, Jasleen has faced a physical threat..” She herself is surprised by Clown Arnab’s account of what she has faced and her body language thoroughly betrays her. We have made a GIF image of the clip below, observe her eyes closely.
  • Favoring the media-trial, at 51:15 Sofia Ashraf says: “If a man is being raped, if a man is being abused, we would still come up with a same kind of approach.” Really? So where are you hiding now that the whole world knows that Jasleen Kaur was lying? Why has Times Now not held another “debate” with the eye-witness involved in the case?
  • Towards the end Clown Arnab mocks the Delhi police commissioner’s statement on the increasing number of rape cases (July 2011), that said: “You can not drive alone at 2 o’clock in the morning on Delhi’s roads and then claim that the capital is unsafe. You should always take your brother or your male driver with you. These are reasonable precautions that are expected to be by all citizens of the city.” At one point in the discussion Arnab Clown Goswami called Ritwik Bisaria to be living in Alice-In-Wonderland world for not seeing the “plight” of women. We think if Clown Arnab can’t see the soundness of this advice, which basically says “do not play with fire if you don’t want to get burned” then it is he who is living in Alice-In-Wonderland world. One must be living in a utopia to expect a world where women (or men for that matter) can roam around alone at night without fear of being robbed/assaulted/raped.
  • The most hilarious part of the show is this: At 35:20 Kamal Faruqui comes in and says: “First of all, hats off to my daughter Jasleen… She is a proud daughter of all of us…” And guess what, he is lashed out by Aditi Mittal and then insulted by Arnab Clown Goswami for addressing Jasleen Kaur as daughter! They did not hear what the man was actually saying. He was on their side, for God’s sake! The old man is shocked and dithers saying: “You are objecting to my wording… What is wrong with you?” We feel sorry for the poor old man.

Below is the GIF image of the clipping we mentioned above. Jasleen Kaur herself is surprised by Clown Arnab’s account of what she has faced and her body language thoroughly betrays her. Look at her facial expression and eye-movement as Clown Arnab is saying “Jasleen has faced a physical threat..”

A clip (25:12 to 25:22) from the official Newshour video in which Jasleen Kaur’s body language betrayed her

When the accused Sarvjeet Singh got bail, Times Now showered more insults on him by calling him names while praising Jasleen Kaur using adjectives like “braveheart”.





The following video of a Times Now reporter talking to Sarvjeet Singh is an epitome of shitty journalism. It reveals how abysmal is the quality of journalism in the mainstream Indian media.

The woman journalist, whose name is Pooja Shali from Times Now, is clearly a stupid feminist bitch with a mountain of prejudice in her head in place of brains. She constantly keeps repeating “there is evidence”, referring to the photograph Jasleen Kaur has taken. How in the hell is the photograph in which the man is nicely posing for it an evidence that he eve-teased and abused Jasleen Kaur who took the photo? The stupid journalist Pooja Shali is hellbent on extracting an apology from Sarvjeet Singh, and when Sarvjeet refuses to apologize she calls it shameful.

On August 25, an eye-witness came forward who gave a completely different account of the incident, overturning Jasleen Kaur’s story. Zee News later aired a show where the channel invited Jasleen Kaur, Sarvjeet’s mother and the eye-witness Vishwajeet for a discussion. Below is the official video of that discussion.

This video is a nail on the coffin of Jasleen Kaur’s badly-earned, short-lived fame.

  • At 3:00, the eye-witness Vishwajeet says that Jasleen Kaur was controlling traffic at the junction, and it was Jasleen who stopped Sarvjeet. He can’t use the words that she used at Sarvjeet when the scuffle took place between them.
  • At 8:40, when Jasleen is describing the conversation that was exchanged between herself and Sarvjeet, she says that by having to repeat it again and again she forgets what was exchanged. How dumb! Having to repeat the conversation, if anything, would make one remember everything word for word. Her saying that repetition is making her forget the conversation is nothing but her attempted justification for inconsistencies in her account which she is making up in her mind. And let us state again, apart from The Newshour on Times Now where Aditi Mittal and Arnab Clown Goswami planted ideas in her mind and words in her mouth she has never mentioned that the man remarked about her genitals.
  • At 9:10 as the eye-witness Vishwajeet starts speaking, Jasleen Kaur is getting ready to run away and the anchor has to tell her that if she is right she must face the questions.
  • Upon this Jasleen Kaur gets hyper and starts with her dramatics and accuses the channel of shoddy journalism. A show where an eye-witness is present and both sides are being allowed to speak is unfair. But just a day before where only one side was passing verdicts on Sarvjeet Singh and publicly shaming the man without a shred of evidence against him was fine!
  • At 10:52, agitated Jasleen Kaur says: “You can’t do a media-trial. Let the courts decide..” Wow! This is fucking A! This was exactly the plea of the other side on The Newshour where the man was being vilified through media-trial. But it was alright then. Jasleen Kaur in her agitation has acted so dumb that anyone with slightest common sense can see through her inconsistencies and self-contradictions to figure out that she is a conniving liar.
  • Turns out, Jasleen Kaur had agreed to appear on the show on a condition that she will not face the eye-witness, Sarvjeet or his family members. Why? Because it scares the shit out of her, facing the truth. That’s why.

So why did Jasleen Kaur lie?

Sarvjeet Singh and his family members have alleged that she did it for political mileage as she is an Aam Aadmi Party activist. While we don’t completely support this theory, we think it can’t be ruled out. Here is why:


Jasleen Kaur does have connection with Arvind Kejriwal.


Jasleen Kaur is a member of Aap Youth Wing (AYW). And when the incident with Sarvjeet took place she was volunteering for controlling traffic, not going home from the metro station as she claimed.


Jasleen Kaur has appeared on national television, on NDTV show with Ravish Kumar.


Jasleen Kaur has also been an intern with NDTV, another psychopathic media outlet that supported her in this case.


Jasleen Kaur (bottom left) is appearing on the hoarding of a political party.

All the above facts combined make a strong basis for the suspicion that she pulled this stunt for publicity and political gain. However, in conclusion we would be generous and say that we don’t really know whether she lied to gain political mileage.

Our view is that she was volunteering for controlling traffic at Delhi’s Tilak Nagar traffic junction (as evidenced by the above screenshots) when she had a scuffle with Sarvjeet Singh over him trying to jump the red light. She tried to stop him, he did not listen (which happens every day with men). In her frustration she thought of using her woman power by giving it eve-teasing and sexual harassment angle. With her political and media connections and her social media savviness she knew exactly what kind of power she held.

That is why, in our considered opinion, Jasleen Kaur lied.

And she is not the first. We have written about Rohtak Sisters and Delhi’s Ramanjeet Kaur cases, both of which are quite similar in that the media went crazy showering praises on the supposed victims (women), the men’s lives were ruined, and then the women were found to be lying.

Thus, we conclude that modern women are bitches and media is their pimp.


  1. Times Now Punished For Shoddy Reporting In Jasleen Kaur Case
  2. Times Now seems to have removed from their YouTube channel the shameful video of The Newshour show hosted by their clown Arnab Goswami on which they conducted the brutal media-trial of Sarvjeet Singh

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The Media is Not Your Friend

From an essay reviewing the book “Addicted to Distraction” (freely available here):

We thought we would use the Web for our purposes, us conservatives, men of the Right, Traditionalists, Neoreactionaries. The Left controlled the Old Mass Media, the NYTWAPO and NBABCBS, but we would seize our chance for every man and woman jack to blog and comment and share our perspective, to go around the Gatekeepers, to form our own networks and “get our message out.”

We were wrong. We were assimilated. We continued to click on the Mass Media, to respond, respond, respond to all of the relativism and the bullshit, to “strike back” at Obama and Reid and Pelosi and Jezebel and Buzzfeed,  Slate and Salon, to the married fags and the trannies and the Slut Walkers, the beheaders and terrorists, the escaped tigers and maniacs, the Kardashians and Housewives; to the Daily Spew.

Modern mass media has transitioned from pay-to-read model to one which is more aptly called bait-to-read.  To some extent, media was always dependent on advertising.  But modern media’s sole focus is advertising.  Its primary purpose is not journalism, disseminating information, clarifying a contentious issue, factual verification, etc. but to get you to click.

To that end, modern media is (very consciously and in a calculated manner) using a set of tactics which can only be called sociopathic manipulation

  • Sensationalizing, exaggerating and distorting news
  • Creating antagonism and hostility even at the cost of social and familial harmony.  (As an example: actively promoting the factually false and immensely harmful feminist agenda of “wage gap”, “female oppression”, “rape culture”, and so on which is leading to a complete breakdown of traditional family in many societies)
  • Promoting narcissistic “self-esteem” and “self-acceptance”, not self-improvement
  • Advocating deviant lifestyles as worthy of respect, emulation and admiration (“open marriages”, tattoos, plastic surgery, drugs)
  • Pushing more and more distraction technology (latest smartphones, internet consumption devices, more and more gadgets which waste more time than they save) so that you will consume such media day and night, and generate revenue for them
  • Promoting a certain political outfit, or denigrating another, because of bias and “favors”
  • “Paid news”, especially in India
  • Ruining people’s reputation for giggles and clicks
  • Telling people that their lifestyle is boring and that only by spending more money (exotic vacations, fast cars, buying “bling” things, drinking in bars, clubbing) can they be considered cool
  • Keeping people oblivious of the real political and economic issues which impact their lives

Understand: if you consume modern media, you are their bitch.  They are using you to generate ad revenue, and in that process, they are totally willing to do anything which keeps you coming back.

While Apple and Samsung are in the business of hardware and share the blame for accelerating and cashing in on the decline, the real villains are ad-based media conglomerates: Google, Facebook, Buzzfeed, Gawker, etc.  Google and Facebook pioneered the business model that free services can be provided to the end user as long as they can be forced to watch ads.  This model is now the default model on the internet.

Due to this model, all the major websites are in a race to the bottom for attracting “views” and “clicks”.  Google and Facebook are the largest “platforms” for internet ads, and they have enabled sites like Buzzfeed and others to make use of their platform and create bottom-feeding media content.

It’s ironic that Google’s slogan all these years has been “Do no evil”.  But almost all the money Google earns is from being a middleman for the majority of ads on the internet.  Google tells websites that they can earn a lot of money (and of course, give part of it to Google) if only they have clickable content.  And to create clickable content, no stone is being left unturned.

But we are not in the business of merely pointing out the problem.  We want to tell our readers how to steer clear of the worst of modern media and its distractions and vile content:

  • Delete your Facebook account.  Within ten days you will realize what a waste of time it was.  Ask yourself how much time you spend on facebook and what’s the payoff for you.  You will be surprised.
  • Google and Apple want you to see more and more ads on your phone.  Do not install “free” third-party apps unless they really help you in a tangible way.  They will almost always show you ads.  If you need it, pay a little for the app and install its ad-free version.
  • Use Mozilla Firefox with Adblock plus enabled.  More and more websites push you to install their app, and show dozens of ads when you visit them via your smartphone.  Don’t bite.  Firefox+Adblock will make internet (e.g. newspaper websites) usable again on your smartphone.  Google, with no explanation, removed support for Adblock plus from its Chrome browser on Android.  We can guess why.  (You can still use Adblock Plus on Chrome on your desktop)
  • Use DuckDuckGo as the default search engine on Firefox.  It does not track you or store your history.  And it doesn’t make any money for Google.
  • When forwarding articles to your friends (say for commentary or criticism of media tactics), use “snapshots” and not the original URL (the URL will make money for the content creator).  Read more here.
  • Refuse to get a cable or satellite TV connection.  Just say no.  There is nothing useful on TV, believe us.

Media is not your friend.  It is your exploiter, wants to keep you ignorant and sedated, and it makes you exploit your friends.  Do not allow ad-based-media to make money from your life energy, your time, and your social circle.

Take back your life.  Only you can.

Use Social Media, Don’t Let It Use You

If you use Facebook, and instant messenger services like WhatsApp, this article is for you.

Increasingly, Facebook and WhatsApp are becoming the primary means of digital communications for many people.  News and links and articles and soundbites and jokes and health advice and whatnot are circulated through these by one’s friends or acquaintances.

But the key word is “circulated”.  Almost nobody is writing anything original.  People, like sheep, are forwarding cute or “interesting” or “life-saving” messages or photos or clickbait articles that they have been forwarded from someone else.

I see too many people get all their wisdom (!) and information (!) from these forwards.

Don’t be one of those people.

Facebook and the clickbait media sites are after ad revenue, not after journalism, or factual accuracy, or unbiased coverage.  Frequently they indulge in laughable conspiracy theories (“Not even a single jew died on 9/11”), dubious medical advice (“in case of a heart attack, cough three times!”), and blue-pill relationship advice (“Click to find how John became a wonderful husband to his working wife!”).

If you subsist on this kind of media diet, soon you become an ill-informed, brainwashed, opinionated fool who has no clue about the real world, and who sees the world through the media companies.

Choose your sources of information and wisdom carefully.  Don’t let Facebook be your teacher.

Similar advice goes for mass media, television and mainstream movies.  Once in a while, watch them for entertainment.  But understand that they contain many subtle messages to influence and brainwash you.

You can avoid being brainwashed only if you understand modern media and how it works, and if you develop a keen sense of discrimination between facts and bullshit.

In our opinion, the right use of social media is to share photos, something original that you wrote, your life updates and to do event planning, or to seek some specific information.  For all else, look elsewhere.  Do not subject yourself, and your friends, to distractify, buzzfeed, scoopwhoop, storypick, and their ilk.

Protect your mind from pollution, and “viral content” shared via social media can be a highly addictive pollutant.