Karan Johar’s ADHM – Through The Crimson Glass


This is our red pill take on Karan Johar’s latest film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (2016). Who would have thought that of all filmmakers KJo’s film would qualify to be on Purushatma? Whether or not KJo is red pill aware, we don’t know. But the film ADHM remains consistent with the crimson truths to the end.

As the story begins, Ayan (Ranbir Kapoor) is picked up by Alizeh (Anushka Sharma) from a night club and the scene changes to one where they are making out. While making out Ayan shows his inexperience with women by lousy kissing and other beta male tells, and as a result even before they get naked he is pushed into what is every niceguy’s hell – the friendzone. From there on, beta as he is, in the friendzone he remains.

Alizeh is what the redpillers call an alpha widow at the time. And even though she is sort of engaged to someone she doesn’t mind slutting around. She’s every “free spirited” modern woman who thinks they can do anything when they are in a place where no one knows them. To hell with right and wrong. Right is what feels right.

With a woman of such character, Ayan never had a shot. But hopeful, he carries on with the friendship. He’s a niceguy. Very nice guy. And he’s so full of heart that his heart frequently overflows through his eyes. That’s too much heart to have in this day and age, we think.

As every man who’s ever been in the friendzone knows, it is impossible for a man to remain friends with the woman he’s attracted to. We see Ayan checking with her at one point if she’s attracted to him, and she’s surprised he even asked her that. She says she is not, and tells him that she never wants to lose him as a friend. Several times after that we see him begging her and pleading with her to love him, and every time it escalates to him insulting her and storming out angrily. Only to come back later. Hopeless.

Generally, Alizeh says she doesn’t have the space in her heart anymore for her ex, but consistent with the hypothesis of alpha widow, she’s not really over him. So when she encounters her ex again while holidaying with Ayan, she dismisses Ayan’s protectiveness and tells him to go away – and he does. Guess what happens after. After a few months she invites Ayan to her wedding (yes, with the same man), and how could he decline? He goes, but hardly survives it.

In the subsequent phase of his life, Ayan enters into a no-strings-attached relationship with a smoking hot divorced woman Saba (Aishwarya Rai). He wishes to make Alizeh jealous by showing off his newfound success in the realm of sex. In trying to achieve this naive end, he only loses “the prize”. Seeing how his heart is hung on Alizeh, Saba suddenly realizes her low worth in Ayan’s life. She develops feelings for him and decides to let him go for she can never take Alizeh’s place in his heart.

A couple of years forward, Ayan learns that Alizeh is no longer married. She could not get the alpha to love her enough. (Any surprise?) Ayan seeks her out. She is bald. She has cancer now. He cries again. He takes care of her day and night. Begs for her love again. His undying hope is cringeworthy as he asks her what else he would have to do to earn her love. He tells her that he can also smoke cigarettes and get tattoos to meet her “high” standards. Kudos to KJo for that dialogue!

Finally, Ayan keeps his end of the bargain by being Alizeh’s friend till the end of her life.

The red pill nuggets in the film:

  • The truth about alpha widow: An alpha widow would never get over or forget the alpha she has been with in the past, no matter how many good men come in her life. She may express her hatred of him generally, but would jump at the first chance she gets to be with him again.
  • The friendzone:  Being niceguy is a surefire way to the friendzone. And once in that hell, do not count on the time to turn things around –  especially if one continues being nice to the woman. Oh and begging and pleading for love? Forget it.
  • Men’s sexual nature: Men’s brains are compartmentalized. They can have sex with a woman while being deeply in love with another woman. Having sex with a woman does not make them fall in love with that woman.
  • Women’s sexual nature: Women can not keep love separated from sex. When a woman starts a no-strings-attached relationship with a man, after a period of time she is bound to develop romantic love for the man.
  • The truth about women’s sexual liberation: Left to her own devices a woman is incapable of selecting the right man for her. Women are wired to be attracted to badboys (for they have alpha male traits) and are sexually repelled by niceguys (for they have beta male traits). A “liberated” woman in the civilized society is therefore destined to the life of unhappiness.

The film is marketed as a story of one sided love. Some may even see it as a story of greatness of friendship over love. In our view, it is a story of a woman who should be thankful to cancer – the illness which saved her from the wretched life of lovelessness and unhappiness. Because that’s the fate of modern, liberated, alpha cock seeking women.

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