How Call Centers Encourage Sluttiness In Women

Slut (noun): A woman with the sexual morals of a man. A man who is popular among women is stud but a woman who is popular among men is slut.

Understanding the above is prerequisite for understanding this article. If you don’t agree with it, then I recommend you familiarize yourself with the socio-biological foundations of the sexual “double standard”. (Refer to the links at the end of the article.)

Modern women across the board are turning sluttier by the day, but the call center industry in India especially suffers from an epidemic of sluttiness. Below are some of the reasons for that.

High number of youngsters

Workforce in call centers largely comprises of young people of less than thirty years of age. This is because many of the call centers hire undergraduate college students and even dropouts. Owing to the high number of youngsters, atmosphere in call centers is much like a college campus. What only makes it worse than a college campus is the fact that the young dimwits are earning their own money which gives them the sense of independence to escape parental control and act out their basic nature. Young women with their own money, with independence that comes with it, exposed to young men – perfect conditions for playing out sluttiness.

Working at night

People working in call centers hate it when they are stigmatized for
working at night. But the stigma is not unfounded. It is easy to do illicit things when the world is quiet and there are fewer eyes watching you. Large number of people working in call centers, men as well as women, have moral values which are abysmal. When I see call center women smoking on a street outside the office, I can’t help but wonder if she would be doing it had there been daylight and bustle of the world around with possibility of some known relative running into her. And smoking is not the most shocking thing I see. The night provides favorable atmosphere for the basic nature to play out.

Lack of professionalism at workplace

Call centers lack professionalism at workplace, simply because the workforce comprises of dimwits. As I mentioned above, call centers have a high number of youngsters working for them who carry casual attitude towards work and life in general. They lack polished, civil manners. Young men and women in call centers, with boiling hormones, behave like they do on college campuses. There are fewer restraints, because professionalism is not expected nor demanded of them.

Relatively high income for the low level of intelligence and skills

Compared to traditional industries, intelligence and skills required for a call center job are nothing. And for that low level of intelligence and skills, the dimwits working in call centers are paid too well. For someone who is not even a graduate it is very easy to earn anywhere from 25 to 50 thousand rupees a month. The problem with putting so much money in the hands of someone who is a dumb fuck is that the money is not going to be used in a good way. Most women anyway do not shoulder responsibility of feeding their families. Majority of women working in call centers are young and don’t have families yet. Where do they put all that money then? Fashionable clothes, accessories and make up. Partying out and having fun. In short, on acting slutty.

Increasing number of women smoking and drinking

Call center jobs can be mentally exhausting, talking to all sorts of angry and frustrated callers. Not all call centers are into customer service, but talking to any type of people continually all day takes its toll. Be it due to the nature of work or the fact that in the dark of night the world isn’t watching (actually both) a lot of women working in call centers are smokers. The bad habits of smoking and alcoholism in call center women are perhaps the highest outside of glamour industry. People with bad habits influence others. The number of women falling prey to these influences is increasing by the day. It has already reached a level where it doesn’t shock one anymore, seeing women act like men.

Women dress like sluts

One wonders if the women in call centers come there to work or to take part in a fashion show. Everyone wants to dress like models. And why not? Makeup, accessories and fashionable clothes, that’s all they seem to be spending all their salaries on, since most women working in call centers don’t provide for their families. Reason is, there are (well, mostly) only three types of women working in call centers: Single, divorced, and those with fucked up marriages.

Fun culture is encouraged

In most of the call centers fun culture is encouraged. Frequent parties where people drink and act out their animal instincts is a norm. Combine the lack of professionalism, lack of intelligence in average call center worker, average age of a call center employee, with the amount of money they make, and one can see what such culture would lead to.

High number of call center women are living alone

A very high number of women working in call centers are living alone. The reason for this, I believe, is that in most traditional Indian families women are not allowed to work, much less work at night. Therefore, high number of women who are too liberal and have already separated from their families, or are willing to separate, work in call centers. The number of call center women living alone may be around 20%, but even that is very high. Women living alone are most likely sluts. And this is a big number to influence other women around them of their slutty ways of life.

Spoiling marriages and providing sexual options to women

Married people working in call centers have a fucked up life. A marriage in which the woman is working is anyway an uphill battle. Women working at night only worsens the situation. Extra marital affairs are rampant in call centers which ruins marriages. Hypergamy trumps, because the fact that a married woman has to work nights in a shitty industry as call centers means that she is likely married to a socially low-ranking man. Call centers provide such women with options to spice up their boring life.

Not all women working in call centers are slutty. But the number of slutty women is high enough for the parents of girls to think twice before allowing their daughters to work in a call center.

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Differences In Male And Female Sexual Behavior

Men and women behave differently in the sexual arena. The differences are due to the different circumstances they have faced through their evolutionary history which have formed their biology.

Men and women did not face the same circumstances in the state of nature. Or rather, they did not deal with the circumstances in the same way. Thus, each developed behaviors which served best their survival and reproductive goals, and over time those behavioral patterns got hardwired into their natures. It is to be noted that most men and women are not conscious of the evolutionary causes of the differences in their sexual behavior, and would use various rationalizations to justify their behavior, or simply won’t admit to the differences.

The primal root of all sexual behavior is women’s instinct of finding a strong man who would protect them and their offspring, and men’s biological imperative of propagating their genes as much as possible by reproducing with women of good health. Keeping this in mind, following is a list of some of the differences in male and female behavior in the sexual marketplace.

Women love jerks. Men prefer chaste women.

Jerk, of course, is a term given to such men by culture. A man who has lived a day in his life knows that women dig bad-boys. It is because bad-boys possess the alpha-male qualities. These men are unemotional, uncaring, overconfident, narcissistic, psychopathic,.. Jerks, because owing to those alpha-male qualities they are not long-term relationship materials and often don’t treat women well by the present-day society’s standards.

Why would women fall for such men? Because in the evolutionary past when humans lived in the state of nature, those were the qualities that conferred survival advantage on them. Note that those traits correlate with the behavior required to effectively deal with harsh conditions of the wild. These men were also better protectors of women and offspring than the kindhearted and emotional men. Therefore, women’s trait of being attracted to alpha males is naturally selected by evolution.

As long as the man is alpha, his looks don’t matter that much, nor does his promiscuity. For men, on the other hand, the woman has to be good looking and must have good character. (Good looks are a sign of good health. That is the reason why humans – men more than women – find other good looking humans sexually attractive.) Whereas a man’s promiscuity does not prevent the expansion of women’s genes into the gene pool, a man having sex with a promiscuous woman would not be using his reproductive resources efficiently (his sperm would have to complete with other mens’ sperms). Hence, men’s innate preference for chaste women.

Virgin man is considered abnormal or gay by women. Virgin woman is considered a prize by men.

Culture, for healthy growth of society out of the state of nature, has tried to put a veil on many a fact of the dark side of our nature that is sexuality. Religions have imposed on men and women the uniform sexual morality. If you ask a priest, sex before marriage is sin for men as well as for women. But the unregulated sexual marketplace that the world is turning into is where the religious/cultural values and teachings are forgotten and the biological imperative rules.

Let a man in his twenties confess to a woman he is dating/courting that he is virgin and watch his prospects tumbling to the probable doom. Women would never admit this, but they feel biologically creeped out by such betatude. It is beta, because if the man was an alpha male then many women would be desiring him and he won’t be a virgin. She won’t admit it because she herself probably doesn’t understand her biological reactions which are at odds with her best interests in the present-day society. Rationally she may know that the man is rather good and virtuous but when it comes to taking him for a lover her biology won’t allow it. Have we seen a woman saying she wants a nice gentleman but is sleeping around with a bad-boy who always hurts her? All too familiar, isn’t it?

Men are wired differently. For them, woman’s virginity reflects her good character. It means that by having sex with a virgin woman the man can be assured that his reproductive resources are not being wasted, and that his genes will pass on as the woman is likely to remain faithful.

It is an offshoot of the above fact that a man’s virginity among his peers is a matter of ridicule; whereas a woman’s virginity is something she can flaunt with pride.

A woman expects a man to prove his love by not pushing for sex. A man expects a woman to prove her love by giving him sex.

Men and women both want sex, perhaps equally. But due to men’s biological imperative of having sex with as many women as possible for propagation of their genes, men are almost always ready for sex. Men are more sexual that way. Women, on the other hand, are choosy due to their having more stakes in the sexual activity. In the evolutionary past, women could not have sex as much and as often as men because of pregnancy and related risks to life. Besides, having sex with a wrong man (weak, beta male) would mean her offspring may not survive which would be an evolutionary failure. And since women can get pregnant limited number of times compared to men who can impregnate hundreds of women in their lifetime, right choice of mate is utterly important from evolutionary standpoint. Hence, women have evolved to be more reluctant and calculative in giving away their sexual resources.

Women want men to protect and provide for their offspring. Women’s challenge is to extract that kind of commitment from a man, not sex. For men, the challenge is to extract sex. Therefore, a man desiring a woman’s love has to show her that he does not just want to have sex with her but is ready to commit to her for long term. If he pushes the woman too much for sex then obviously the woman would get suspicious of his intentions. And by virtue of the same dynamic, when the woman gives him access to her sexual resources the man feels he has won her love.

Men prefer other men have less interest in their partner. Women love it when other women take interest in their partner.

A man would not like it if other men take interest in his woman. The underlying reason for that is if another man has sex with his woman, it may prevent his genes from being passed on. This is because if the woman has sex with multiple men, their sperms have to compete and only one man’s genes would be passed on into the gene pool. This does not apply to women.

For a woman, the more her man is desired by other women the more valuable he is, and the more attractive she would find him. Other women’s attention is validation that her man is an alpha male. Women love this, albeit, few of them admit this.

That is the reason why a woman hanging close with many men is labeled as slut and men won’t want a long-term relationship with her. On the other hand, a man hanging close with many women is interesting and cool, and would be desired by women. Contrary to the way it is with women, a man with no woman friend is unattractive, nerd, weirdo,.. to women. His looks don’t even matter.

Men are wired with sexual jealousy. Women are wired with emotional jealousy.

As I said above, men’s challenge is to get sex from women, whereas women’s challenge is to get men to commit to them. Sex is important to men, emotional attachment is important to women. Again, its root can be traced back to the male and female biological imperatives.

A man won’t want other men to have sex with his partner (or potential partner), or his partner to have sex with other men, because that would block the propagation of his genes. A woman won’t want her man to get emotionally attached to another woman for she wants him to provide for and protect her and the offspring. If the man develops emotional attachment for another woman, he might abandon her. The function of jealousy is to prompt necessary action in each case.

Men can tolerate emotional infidelity more than sexual one. Women can tolerate sexual infidelity more than emotional one.

It is because of this that men are often curious about the number of sexual partners the woman has had. The higher the number the lower is her value. Women’s curiosity is how many women the man has been in love with. The higher the number the lower is his value.

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