Learn The Cowgirl Position To Please Your Man

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Your personal experience is your best teacher to learn a cowgirl position. With time, you understand what you and your partner like the best in this position and you will be able to master the technique. However, we are going to give you some tips and we advise you against ignoring them:

  1. Let your partner enjoy a beautiful nude female body. Amazing and exciting view a man has when a woman is on top is one of the main reasons why this position is so popular. Do not be embarrassed and do not cover your breasts with your hands. Look at your partner, move freely and confidently, enjoy a passionate glance of your man;
  2. You choose how to move in a cowgirl position, you control the depth and the rhythm of penis penetration into the vagina. A man is passive here and can completely relax and indulge himself in pleasure. Do not be shy and control the process; do what your partner likes and what gives pleasure to you. Be egoistic, women who can give pleasure to themselves excite men a lot;
  3. Your body becomes completely available to a man and this is one more benefit of this position. Do not be shy to touch your nipples and clitoris. It will wind your man up and you will receive more pleasure. A man can also touch your breasts or massage your clitoris. Many men get really excited when they strongly hold a woman’s waist or keep a tight grip on her buttocks.

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There are many ways how to have sex in a cowgirl position. Kamasutra or other literature may inspire you. From a great variety of positions, you can choose what is best for you and your partner. Here are the main positions with a woman on top:

  • Facing a partner in a kneeling position. A man can caress the clitoris and if he wants to regulate the pace and depth of penetration holding woman’s buttocks;
  • Facing a partner in a squatting position. In this position the penetration will be maximally deep and besides a G-spot in woman will be stimulated;
  • Reverse cowgirl position allows a man enjoy a beautiful body of his woman from the back, caress and slightly massage her anus;
  • Lying on a partner face to face. In this position, a woman presses her breasts to her partner’s chest and putting her weight on a man. If a woman wants to be active, she can rest on her elbows or completely relax and fully rely on her man;
  • A man is sitting and a woman is on top. In this position the partners are maximally close to each other and they can make love hugging each other tightly. This is a very convenient position for a sexual roleplay.

There is no absolute answer how a woman should have sex on top. A good position is when you can move freely and enjoy the process.

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Women’s 10-Step Guide to Giving Better Blowjobs

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So you want to get better at giving blowjobs, do you? First off, you deserve some serious credit and cool points for your desire to improve. Secondly, the perfect, pleasure-encompassing BJ is what you call a darn tight leash. If you do it right, your man will move no farther than few feet from you, constantly panting and wagging his tail in your direction. So whether you’re in a relationship and just want to find new inventive ways to bring your partner more pleasure, or you just want to add a few new tools to the tool belt, there will surely be some valuable things you can take away from this list.

So here we bring you the 10-step guide that will help ensure that every guy who gets blessed by your majestic powers will forever crown you ‘The Oral Queen’:

Linger in the beginning: Your first inclination might be to just throw your hair in a ponytail and move down to his member quickly, but guys love it when a girl takes her time and teases him a little bit. For example, start kissing his chest, stomach, and the sides of his stomach in a way that isn’t completely obvious that you’re about to go down on him. That short period of time when he’s not sure if he’s about to get a blowjob or not is going to be both completely tormenting and pleasurable. Just be sure not to string him along too long, or initiate this type of contact and give him a blowjob fake out. Now that’s just cruel!

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Play with his balls: I understand that the testicles are not every lady’s favourite thing on the menu, but they’re essential in helping you to give a top-notch blowjob. Think of the balls as the perfect precursor, or appetizer to giving great head. Start off by putting them in your mouth, and then start using your fingers to play with them once the blowjob begins. You can also focus on them intermittingly throughout the oral act as well. But make sure you ask your partner what he likes, as not every guy is going to like it when you begin batting his balls around like a tetherball. They’re very sensitive and packed with nerve-endings, so no matter what you do, make sure it’s done gently and with care.

Lick his shaft: Again you can continue with a bit of teasing. To start with, move your lips up and down his shaft. Lick the tip, and if he isn’t circumcised, you can play with his foreskin using your tongue and a little bit of your teeth. Just be sure to maintain gentle contact in a way that keeps him eager with anticipation. If you do it right, the build up to the actual blowjob will be one of the most erotic points of the experience.

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Deep Throat isn’t always the answer: Not every guy wants you to ram the base of his shaft all the way back into your tonsils. While it may seem like it’s what he wants based on every porno you’ve ever seen, it’s not always the case in real life. You want to move down his shaft inch-by-inch, slowly working your way to the bottom. Begin by planting your hand at the base of his shift, and then find a rhythm between your hand and mouth. The double-pressure is going to drive him absolutely crazy. Plus, sometimes the pressure form a girl’s mouth won’t be enough to get the guy to climax.

Mix up the speeds: Just as you don’t want your guy to pump on high speed the entire time during intercourse, or go so slow that you’re convinced your stealing his virginity, you want to make sure you mix up the speed. You want to give variety — start slow, then pick up the pace, then slow it down again and focus your attention on other areas (inner thighs, balls, stomach, the tip). The faster you go, by no means the better and quicker his climax will be. So make sure you try different things and communicate with your partner so you know when you’re doing something that’s really working for him.

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Take working breaks: Obviously, you all know that you don’t take a break during a blowjob by going and making a sandwich, or flipping through your Instagram pics. When you take a break, it’s just about giving your mouth a break. We want to make sure you take as many breaks as you need so that you’re comfortable during the experience. So spend this time to just focus on giving him a hand job, or focusing your attention to other areas of his body that don’t require as much exertion for you.

Touch yourself or get him to touch you: When you’re going down on your man, you have his complete and undivided attention. So take some time throughout to really get him riled up by putting on a show for him. Start playing with your breasts, touching yourself, or moaning a little bit. Also grab his hand and get him to touch you in all those places as well. This will drive him crazy, and he’ll immediately get closer to climax. At the very least, you’ll know he’s enjoying himself when he starts to squirm and his legs begin to lash around on the bed.

Take control and make eye contact: One of the most pleasurable things about oral sex for couples in long-term relationships is going to be the control factor. For him, the fact that his girl is in complete control of his pleasure is going to turn him on, and vice versa for her. This is something that needs to be heightened and maximized during the blowjob. You can test his boundaries by digging your fingernails slightly into his stomach and inflicting a tiny bit of pain on him. Always be sure to initiate eye contact after doing so to see if it was painful or pleasurable for him. Also, just simply maintaining eye contact whenever possible throughout will help to connect the two of you. Every now and then, look up at him.

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Make some noise and let him feel comfortable: Even just creating some slight vibrations when your mouth will ignite him with added sensations and pleasure. Also, a guy wants to know that you’re enjoying the experience as well, hearing you moan will put him more at ease knowing that you’re having a good time as well. There’s nothing worse for a guy than when it’s clear that she’s not into it, which immediately puts pressure on him to finish quickly. This leads to an uncomfortable and forgettable experience for the guy. Another big confidence booster and encourager for a man is when you start talking a little dirty. You can say things like, “You’re so big”. Even if he’s no bigger than a pea coat button, it will let him feel like the man. You don’t need to go crazy with the dirty talk, just do whatever you’re comfortable with.

Finish off strong: The ending is when his sensations are going to be the strongest and the most sensitive. When you know he’s getting close to climax, go faster, both with your hand and mouth. And just before he climaxes, you can give his balls a quick tug, which are full of nerve endings and will make him go crazy just as he orgasms.

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A great blowjob is even better than bacon. Now that’s saying something. But in all seriousness, by improving your blowjob skills you will be able to create enormous amounts of pleasure, not only for your partner, but for you as well. You will be beaming with pride and confidence when you see just how much joy you’re bringing him.

Well, it’s up to you now, to take some of these steps, put them into practice and start blowing guys away with your skills.

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How To Have Great Sex With A Woman

Man getting laid via Tinder

Every man wants to be good in bed.

If you’re good in bed, not only do you have the satisfaction of knowing that you canalways give a woman a good time between the sheets, but you’re also increasing your chances of getting laid more often –not just with one woman- but with many.

Why is this?

Because women talk. When a man is good in bed, women will tell their friends, and you will get a reputation. This will not only boost your confidence, but increase your attractiveness to other women.

But what are the secrets?

Being good in bed is pretty simple, there are no magical tricks that will satisfy every woman, but with a little confidence and attentiveness, you can give a girl a good time, and guarantee a repeat performance.

There are some great tips and tricks on Adam Armstrong’s website, which is available here, but for a basic overview on how to fuck a woman properly keep reading!

Listen to her breathing

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If you want to fuck a woman right, this is perhaps the most important thing to pay attention, and often the most neglected. Keep it simple, if her breathing is heavy and fast, she’s probably having a good time. If it’s slow and shallow, try something else. Use breathing as your compass during sex, and let it guide you in the right direction.


There is one exception to this rule. Some women tend to hold their breath to let an orgasm build up (to make it more intense). If suddenly she stops breathing entirely (assuming you’re not choking her or she has died for some reason), keep doing whatever you’re doing.

Other signs of arousal include reddening of the cheeks, quivering, wide eyes, vaginal wetness, hard nipples, lip biting, loose jaw, and –of course- moaning.

Be presentable

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If you’re about to have sex with somebody, the least you can do is make sure you’re appealing to look at, touch, and smell. That means keeping your clothes and body clean, smelling nice, brushing your teeth, and maybe shaving in a few key areas. One of the biggest turn-offs for a woman is bad breath or body odour.

Remember, dirty sex doesn’t have to be unsanitary!

Having a big dick doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good in bed

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One of the most common misconceptions among men is that having a big dick makes you good in bed. Not everyone who has a big dick is good in bed. Not every woman likes big dicks. Often, having a humungous penis can be painful, uncomfortable -and sometimes- just doesn’t fit.

Good sex doesn’t come from your dick. It’s in your hips, arms, abdomen and your eyes. It’s in your tongue and fingers. It’s in the way to talk and the way you carry yourself.

Being good in bed involves your whole body and your mind, not just your cock.

Watch this video on: How To Be Good In Bed With Former Pornstar Randi Wright

Remember that not all women like the same things

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Often the guys who think they know how to please every woman on the planet are the worst in bed. This is because they rush in with some ‘technique’ that worked on their ex-girlfriend. All women are different, and they all like different things. Some girls like rough sex, others prefer it a bit softer. Some like to dominated, and others like to take control. Most girls may switch between what they want depending on how they’re feeling.

Leave your inhibitions at the door

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The bedroom is no place for shyness. You will never be more unashamedly open than when you’re naked with a woman, so don’t be afraid to be completely open about what you’re into and what you want. Confidence is sexy, and if your woman likes a man who takes control, this will be a dream come true. Don’t act like you don’t know what you’re doing, and don’t be afraid to make the first move.

Open your mind to new sexual experiences. Kinks and fetishes are very common, so don’t be too quick to set hard limits on what you’ll try (you might find you enjoy it more than you realised).

Set the tone

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Setting the tone is understanding what kind of sex you’re going to be having. If you do this right, you will have the exact kind of sex she wants, but it will look as though you set it up.

Sound easy?

You’re right, it’s not. Unless your woman explicitly tells you what she wants, sometimes it can be hard to tell what kind of sex she’s into. You could just ask her, which –if your woman is totally open- is fine, but often women can be a little shy about discussing their sexual preferences and kinks.

So how does it work?

The trick to finding out comes during foreplay. Find out how she reacts to being dominated by lightly cuffing her wrists, pinning her down or gripping her hair. If she seems to like it, try something a little rougher; a bite or a scratch or a light spank.

If she doesn’t respond well, try being more submissive, let her get on top of you, and see how she responds. If she pins you down, let her take control.

Most women prefer the man to take control, but don’t assume this means all of them do.

Explore her body

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Thoroughly explore your woman’s body during foreplay, find out which parts of her body are sensitive, touch her neck, run your fingers through her hair, massage her inner thigh. Grip her arms, and see how rough she likes it. Pick her up, pin her down. Kiss, bite scratch and spank. Find out what she responds well to. Don’t go straight for the ass, pussy or boobs, work your way towards them. Grabbing a girl and trying to shove your fingers inside her reeks of inexperience, and will probably put her off you.

Tease to please

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Learn to love foreplay. Most women say that foreplay is their favourite part of sex, so –unless you’re having a quickie- make it last. Teasing is a big part of foreplay, let the anticipation build by keeping your woman stimulated without going straight for the ‘key areas’. This will pay off later. Watch this video to learn how to get better at foreplay.

Pay attention to the nipples properly

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Nipple-play can vary massively from woman to woman. Some women love it, others don’t care for it, and a lucky 3% can even have orgasms from it!

It’s important to start by lightly licking the nipples, and listening for her breathing response. If the response is positive, try lightly sucking or grazing your teeth against them. Always remember that women’s pleasure and pain thresholds vary significantly, and whilst some women love having their nipples bitten and sucked, others may find it painful or dull. Be sure to listen to her breathing.
Enter slowly

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When you’re about to penetrate a woman, enter slowly. This maximises the pleasure she feels. Slowly enter an inch, then withdraw, then enter a little more, then withdraw. Don’t just push your cock in all at once, let it get wetter and wetter.

If you’re a particularly hung or thickly endowed man, this is especially important. Having a big dick sounds like a blessing, but often it can be very painful for women, so it’s always a good idea to see how much your woman can take before taking them to poundtown.

Start soft, and get rougher

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One of the biggest complaints girls have about men in bed, is that they charge headlong into some action with full force. Pleasing a woman is like playing a piano, not swinging a sledgehammer. Always test the water first before diving in.

This applies to any part of sex. Anything from light petting to heavy BDSM should start out soft and
build up to a level where you and your partner are satisfied.

If she’s not enjoying it, change!

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It’s simple really…

If she seems like she’s uncomfortable, bored or in pain (and not the good kind) stop what you’re doing and do something else. Don’t keep trying to make it work. It could just be going back to what you were doing before, or trying something else entirely.

Which brings us to my next point…

If she’s loving it, don’t stop!

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You know when you’re in the car and somebody keeps changing channels every time you start to enjoy a song?

Annoying, isn’t it.

Sometimes, being good in bed is as simple as finding hot spot, and continuing to stimulate it until she has an orgasm. Listen to her breathing, if what you’re doing is making her breath harder and faster, keep going!

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5 Kamasutra Positions You Can Try

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Looking to move beyond missionary? Try turning to the Kamasutra—the ancient sex bible that’s full of bizarre, awkward, and ridiculously acrobatic sex positions that most of us have never tried.

While that might sound uninviting, there’s a reason that the Kama Sutra has been a go-to sex position guide for thousands of years. We asked experts for their favorite Kamasutra positions that couples should try at least once—and aren’t impossible for you to master.

“If you really want to try a certain position, you’re going to need a positive and excited energy that will make it fun and pleasurable for her no matter what the angle,” says Laura Berman, Ph.D., Durex’s resident sexpert. So if you’re ready to spice up your sex life, try these 5 bizarre-but-hot sex positions you’ll both love—or love trying!

kamasutra sammukha position


The Sammukha position is a relatively easy position to get started with, and one you’ve probably never thought to try.

In this position, she leans back against a wall while standing and spreads her legs as wide as she can while you enter her. This position does lower her a bit, so shorter women may need to stand on something—like a long ottoman—and taller men may have to kneel if she’s really flexible.

Although this position might seem a little awkward at first, it’s actually an incredibly passionate and romantic position thanks to all the eye contact, says Eric M. Garrison, a sex expert and author of Mastering Multiple Position Sex. Because she’s supporting herself against a wall, this position also offers some of the deepest penetration possible.



The Janukurpara position will probably require some extra gym time, but it’s worth it.

In this position you lift her up, locking your elbows under her knees and gripping her butt with your hands while she places her arms around your neck to hold on. Janukurpara offers extra-deep penetration, lots of eye contact, and it has the added benefit of making you look like a champion.

“A lot of acrobatic positions offer just bragging rights, but some offer bragging rights and pleasure,” says Garrison. “Janukurpara allows for great penetration, and can be the reward for time in the gym.”

sex position kama sutra pititaka


As Garrison notes, acrobatic doesn’t necessarily mean pleasure. The Piditaka position is a comfortable, laid-back position that you can do any time—even on a leg day.

In this position, she lies on her back and pulls her knees into her chest, resting her feet on your chest as you kneel in front of her. With your knees on either side of her hips, you raise her hips onto your thighs and enter her.

She’ll feel tighter in this position because her vagina is narrowed when her legs are up, says Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., Astroglide’s resident sexpert. She can also press her legs together or cross her ankles, increasing pressure for both of you.

“This position is great for those into positions offering female vulnerability,” says Fulbright. “For those desiring the auspiciousness of the Kama Sutra even more, the guy can draw her feet up to touch his mouth and forehead, conveying tenderness, humility, and devotion.”

sex position


The Virsha position isn’t actually that bizarre, you just know it by another name: The Reverse Cowgirl. That said, it’s a position that’s used a lot in porn but not so much in everyday sex—but it should be.

Because Virsha is a “girl on top” position, it makes her feel sexy, strong, and in control, while still giving you an awesome view of her ass, Fulbright says.

In this position, you lie flat on your back while she sits or kneels on top of you, facing your feet. She lowers herself onto you and leans forward, gripping your ankles.

“Virsha is Sanskrit for bull, and, as simple as it sounds, it’s no bull when I say that this is very difficult,” says Garrison. “Even the best can’t master it without practice—and what better reason to have lots of sex!”

sex position


Tripadam is the perfect position for a quickie because it doesn’t allow for deep penetration, but it does allow for “short and fast” fun, says Garrison.

In this position, you both stand, facing each other. You put your hand under one of her knees and raise it off the floor, turning the two of you into a “tripadam”—or a tripod—and enter her while standing. (This position works best if both of you are around the same height.)

Another benefit to this move, like all standing positions, is that you both get maximum blood flow to your erogenous zones for sexual function, says Garrison.

Source: Men’s Health

17 Things Women Should Know About Giving A Blowjob

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Seems pretty simple, right? Men love blowjobs, women give blowjobs, therefore, men love women who give blowjobs. However, and it’s pretty unfortunate to say, some women have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. Don’t get me a wrong a shitty blowjob is better than no blowjob at all, but my God do we love when you know what you’re doing.

Whether women learn to give blowjobs by watching porn, asking their friends, or through practice, we all know that the learning is really never over. By the way, don’t think I’m singling out women here, as a guy, I’m sure not all of us know how to go down on you perfectly. But let’s save that for a different article.

Of course, there’s no chance that all of you ladies know exactly how to give a solid blowjob, so we’re here to help (we hope). Below you’ll find a short list of 17 things, that is incorporated correctly will result in an amazing blow job. Enjoy. And remember, practice makes perfect.

  1. No teeth. Like ever. Anywhere.
  2. It’s not a Toostie Poop stop sucking so hard.
  3. Craddle the balls. Don’t neglect them.
  4. Don’t be scared to choke on it. We like it.
  5. But don’t puke on it, please. That kills the mood.
  6. Lick it like an ice cream cone.
  7. Cup it with your lips, nobody is ever mad at that.
  8. If your up for it, massage the gooch.
  9. There should be a good ratio between hands and mouth.
  10. Don’t be scared of spit. Ever.
  11. Eye contact goes a long way.
  12. Before you go down of us, put your hair up. It shows us you’re ready for business.
  13. Swallow. Please.
  14. The only reason you should stop is to come up for air and talk dirty.
  15. Tell us how much you love our cock.
  16. It’s not a tug-of-war, calm down.
  17. Blowjobs are like pizza. If it’s good it’s great, if it’s bad it’s still good.

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A Son’s Letter To His Father

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I spent the first 18 years of my life living with a stranger — my father — and since the birth of my son 24 years ago, I’ve been slowly getting to know that “stranger,” as I am gradually becoming him. Sadly, my father passed away only a few months before my son was born, yet his presence appears stronger with each passing year, as I see my father in almost everything I do. With Father’s Day quickly approaching, once again I have cause to connect the dots in my life and reminisce about how my relationship with my father has cast such a wide shadow over my life.

I am the youngest of five children, and there is gap of 17 years between my eldest brother an me. After my mother left when I was nine, I was raised by father at a time when single-parent families, let alone ones headed by a father, were not the norm. My memories of my dad are very different from the memories of my older brothers and sisters. It’s as if we were raised by a different parent entirely. I thought I would share with you a letter that I wrote to my father containing three important life lessons I learned from him.

Dear Dad:

Not a day goes by where I don’t feel your presence in my life, and ache at your absence. I see you in me when I look at the prominent veins in my hands, wrestle with my thick head of salt and pepper hair, or even catch a glimpse of my pronounced French-Canadian nose. When I was sorting through some of your things after your death, I found your hidden stash of Aqua Velva cologne tucked away on a shelf in your closet. I can vividly remember giving you each and every one of those bottles for Father’s Day, and how year after year, you received my present like it was a gift from the Magi.

I’ll never forget the day I broke your heart. It was the night of the year-end hockey banquet, and I was receiving an award from the league president. Once again, you managed to escape from work for a couple of hours just to be with me. In my childhood self-absorption, I chose to spend the evening sitting with two of my friends, and left you sitting surrounded by people you didn’t know. The morning after the banquet, mom took me aside and told me how upset you were. That was the first time I realized that even a little boy like me could could wound a big man like you. It’s a lesson I never forgot, and one that I took to heart with the birth of my own son.

You commanded so much respect from those around you, but little did they know that you had a poor, alcoholic upbringing. There is no doubt that you managed to build a life and a family even though the odds were stacked against you. You battled your own demons of depression and alcoholism, but at no time did you allow them to destroy you. One of the greatest regrets in my life is that you were not alive to help me battle those same demons. Even though you are no longer here physically, I draw on the strength of your lesson daily, as I’m reminded that I am not my past, and that I have a choice to build any life I want.

You were an incredible paradox because to many, you were a man of commanding power and authority, but to the few who knew you dearly, you lived a very “small” life. You were most at ease when you were home surrounded by your children, and so you rarely traveled far afield and seldom were a guest in someone else’s house. Maybe it was the simple fact that you came from “nothing” that served as a constant reminder that extravagance and comfort were not to be trusted. As you lay dying of cancer in a palliative care unit at the age sixty, you taught me one more lesson before your passing. I have come to treasure every moment I spend with my wife and son, and I’m ever so careful not to miss the opportunity to enjoy a “comfort” or “extravagance” with them while I’m still able.

I love you dad, and I carry you wherever I go.

Your son

Source: Huffington Post