Alpha or Beta?

A friend sent to me this picture and asked if I see an alpha or beta male in it.

My verdict: Beta.

It was proven later that the guy is a beta male, and I will share the proof at the end of this post. First, my analysis of the picture and how I figured he is beta.

This also serves as a lesson for men on how not to pose for a picture.

  • Women is leaning away from him
  • Woman’s legs position also shows she’s distancing herself
  • Her hand should be placed on him, instead it is in a position as if she is repelled by him
  • Good thing she is not looking in the camera, or it would have been this Trump Jr situation; but that doesn’t make it good for him
  • He is looking down instead of in to the camera
  • His body is turned towards her which is a mistake. He should be front facing
  • His front hand should have been in the pocket (thumb out) and the back hand visibly on the woman’s back

I see a beta lost in love with the woman who can’t wait to get away from him.

Now my friend shares more pictures of the guy, one where he’s wearing Soy glasses, and in another… well, it screams for itself. Alphas don’t hurt in “love”.

Do we need more proof of his betaness?


Game Lessons for Job Interviews

Game, or applied gender dynamics, and pick-up artistry offer great lessons for your upcoming job interview.  Many of the principles can be very successfully applied during your job search and job hunt.  Especially for experienced professionals, knowing the psychological underpinnings of status, persuasion and charm will go a long way in helping you in your career.

Here’s how.

  1. Look your best.  If you want to easily be in the top 5% of the job market, pay attention to your appearance.  Ensure you look neat, clean, with a good haircut, properly shaved or trimmed, trimmed nails, and looking like you care about yourself.  Carry good accessories like a good pen, a smart (not overly small or large or very cheap) wrist watch, and a well-fitting tie and a belt.  Understand fashion and be elegant, not flashy.  Wear a suit or a blazer, even to a workplace which advertises “casual dress code”.  Wear well-fitted clothes.  Stand out as someone who puts in effort toward how he looks.  People immediately and subconsciously respect a man who dresses well.  It also instantly makes you feel confident and ready to take on the world.
  2. Be fit.  Most people pay little attention to their health in their 20s and 30s.  Don’t be one of them.  Regular exercise, good posture and eating well helps you look great as well as keeps your mind active and sharp.  Most jobs these days are sedentary.  You will immediately stand out from others if you are active, agile and full of energy.  You will also be able to go through marathon multi-hour interview sessions without getting exhausted.
  3. Display confidence, not arroganceDuring your interviews and conversations with the hiring team, be confident without sounding arrogant.  Confidence comes from a healthy self-image, self-awareness, knowledge of most people’s insecurities, acceptance of reality, a curious and learning attitude toward life, and being comfortable with your strengths and possible shortcomings.  Don’t be apologetic about yourself.  If you don’t know something, express confidence and enthusiasm that you will learn.  Don’t fib or exaggerate.  People can easily detect if you are fake and are trying to impress.  Don’t try too hard to please others.  Talk about yourself in a way that showcases your authenticity, growth over time, and your optimism about your life and your future.  Look in the other person’s eyes.  Keep your shoulders back.  Don’t fidget.
  4. Assume the sale.  Every job interview is a process of marketing and selling yourself.  Go into an interview with the assumption that you will get the job.  That kind of positive thinking and affirmation will do wonders for your performance.  That assumption can’t be faked.  You can only feel it inwardly if you are well-prepared, have done your research, and are able to confidently and truthfully feel that you are a great candidate for the job.  Marketing is often considered to be tantamount to lying, but think of it as a process of convincing and persuasion.  You don’t have to tell lies, but you have to tell your story in a way that highlights your abilities and value.  Be clear in yourself why you think you are a great person for the job, and be ready to answer when asked.
  5. Control the frame (be the chased, not the chaser)It is almost too easy to direct a conversation toward your areas of strengths.  Almost every interview begins with general questions.  Repeatedly mention your strengths.  When answering a question, weave in your experience and skills in a way that makes the other curious to ask you about things that you feel most confident about.  Once you feel that the conversation in going in the right direction, flip the frame a bit and make the interviewer try to convince you that you should join their organization.  Understand that they need you as much as you need them.  Ask them questions at the end of the interview which subtly make them prove that it will be worth your while to join them.  For example, “How long have you been working here?  What are the best aspects of working here?”  Or, “What do you like most about the leader of the organization?”  Or, “How would you describe the culture here?”
  6. Build rapport.  Mirror the other person’s body language.  Speak slowly and clearly.  Use the interviewer’s name occasionally.  Show an open body posture.  Throw in a little humor once in a while and have a smiling, affable expression (which is very different from a sarcastic smirk).  Repeat the interviewer’s question to them in your own words.  Understand what is important to the interviewer and what they want to hear.  Most interviewers are not keen on conducting interviews as this takes them away from their desk job.  In the first few minutes, set the tone for the interview to be relaxed, enjoyable and conversational.  Relax your facial muscles and your body.  Be fluid and not stiff.  Before coming for the interview, if you know who is going to interview you, research the interviewer on LinkedIn or Facebook and find out what they are like and build common ground.
  7. Make the interviewer feel good.  Don’t just recite facts and figures.  Tell stories about your experiences.  Everybody loves stories.  Make the interviewer feel important and knowledgeable.  Once in a while, if they ask a good question, do say: “That is a great question.  Let me try and understand it fully.”  If they correct a mistake in your statements, say: “Thank you.  You are right!” (instead of being resentful and apologetic).  Ask them about their career and what brought them to this organization.  People love talking about themselves.  Do not interrupt them when they are going on and on about something.  End the interview on a high note, by thanking them in a way that most candidates won’t.  For example: “I know you must have taken time out from your busy day for this interview.  Thank you.  I enjoyed our conversation, and I wish you a great day ahead.”
  8. Display high value.  Your resume should stand out.  Think of ways in which it could.  There should be absolutely no grammatical or formatting errors in your resume.  Your LinkedIn profile should be stellar in its language and detail.  Try to get recommendations from your past teachers or colleagues.  Have a cover letter outlining your experience and why you are applying for this job.  Highlight your major accomplishments and learnings in your resume.  If suitable, mention high-value hobbies which show social proof: Golf, Art, Classical Music or Opera, Horse riding, etc.
  9. Have conversational dexterity.  Keep the conversation flowing.  Awkward pauses are awkward.  If the interviewer is stuck, start talking about something that you think will interest them and that will allow you to tell a story.  Talk about the industry domain.  Talk about recent events.  Ask them about the business and any recent news about the company or about a new leader who might have joined them.  Keep them engaged.  One of the worst mistakes in dating or in an interview is to be boring.  Talk about things which genuinely excite you and you will see them being charged by your excitement as well.  Don’t get into religion, politics or contentious topics.  If asked, you can always say: “It is a complex topic.  I don’t have a firm opinion about it but am curious to understand how people think about it.”
  10. Have a well-rounded personality.  Develop yourself to be socially comfortable, aware of social cues, and enough interests outside your work and home that you can engage anyone in a conversation.  More than you know, having a diverse set of interests will set you apart and make you an instantly likable fellow.  Of course, be careful that you don’t show off (that shows insecurity).  Make it seem like you would be someone the interviewer might actually want to know outside work as well.

Homosexuality: Abhorrent and Abnormal

(Guest post by Babar)

Homosexuality being branded normal is the politically correct thing to do. After all, you don’t want to be seen different from the crowd, even though every cell in your body is screaming how filthy, sick, and demented homosexuality really is.

The common argument in favor of homosexuality is that they ‘feel’ attracted to the same sex, hence there is nothing wrong with it. By the same token, paedophilia, necrophilia, incest, bestiality, and other perverted forms of sex must also be normal, since people feel sexual attraction in the aforementioned things.

Some say that it is found in animals, so it is normal. How does an act of an animal justify abnormal behavior? Animals eat their feces and some even eat their young ones. Therefore, would it be sane to conclude that cannibalism is normal?

I do not promote hate against homosexuals, nor do I condone the harassment of homosexuals. However, I do condemn the filth that homosexuality is. There is no religion in the world which approves of homosexuality. It is a heinous sin according to all religions.

Manipulating God’s laws does not make something legal, moral, or ethical. People are punished in the form of disease, which is the result of disobedience. God has designed men and women to complete each other, and through marriage, they fulfill each other emotionally and sexually, while also providing a perfect balance for their children.

Homosexuals cannot procreate, so they can never have their own children. And if they adopt, their children will either have two dads or two moms. That is abnormal and unnatural. Furthermore, gays can only satisfy their sexual desire through anal sex. That again, is abnormal and unnatural. Everyone knows that the anus is not designed for penile penetration.

I have nothing against homosexuals, but it is natural to question the unnatural. In movies, blogs, and the media, homosexuality is being ‘normalized’ so that we get used to abnormality.

Of course, nothing abnormal comes without a hidden feminist agenda:

“Heterosexual intercourse is the pure, formalized expression of contempt for women’s bodies.” – Andrea Dworkin

“Feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice.” – Ti-Grace Atkinson

I became a lesbian because of women, because women are beautiful, strong, and compassionate – Rita Mae Brown

“When a woman reaches orgasm with a man she is only collaborating with the patriarchal system, eroticizing her own oppression.” – Sheila Jeffrys

“All sex, even consensual sex between a married couple, is an act of violence perpetrated against a woman.” – Catherine MacKinnon

Differences In Male And Female Sexual Behavior

Men and women behave differently in the sexual arena. The differences are due to the different circumstances they have faced through their evolutionary history which have formed their biology.

Men and women did not face the same circumstances in the state of nature. Or rather, they did not deal with the circumstances in the same way. Thus, each developed behaviors which served best their survival and reproductive goals, and over time those behavioral patterns got hardwired into their natures. It is to be noted that most men and women are not conscious of the evolutionary causes of the differences in their sexual behavior, and would use various rationalizations to justify their behavior, or simply won’t admit to the differences.

The primal root of all sexual behavior is women’s instinct of finding a strong man who would protect them and their offspring, and men’s biological imperative of propagating their genes as much as possible by reproducing with women of good health. Keeping this in mind, following is a list of some of the differences in male and female behavior in the sexual marketplace.

Women love jerks. Men prefer chaste women.

Jerk, of course, is a term given to such men by culture. A man who has lived a day in his life knows that women dig bad-boys. It is because bad-boys possess the alpha-male qualities. These men are unemotional, uncaring, overconfident, narcissistic, psychopathic,.. Jerks, because owing to those alpha-male qualities they are not long-term relationship materials and often don’t treat women well by the present-day society’s standards.

Why would women fall for such men? Because in the evolutionary past when humans lived in the state of nature, those were the qualities that conferred survival advantage on them. Note that those traits correlate with the behavior required to effectively deal with harsh conditions of the wild. These men were also better protectors of women and offspring than the kindhearted and emotional men. Therefore, women’s trait of being attracted to alpha males is naturally selected by evolution.

As long as the man is alpha, his looks don’t matter that much, nor does his promiscuity. For men, on the other hand, the woman has to be good looking and must have good character. (Good looks are a sign of good health. That is the reason why humans – men more than women – find other good looking humans sexually attractive.) Whereas a man’s promiscuity does not prevent the expansion of women’s genes into the gene pool, a man having sex with a promiscuous woman would not be using his reproductive resources efficiently (his sperm would have to complete with other mens’ sperms). Hence, men’s innate preference for chaste women.

Virgin man is considered abnormal or gay by women. Virgin woman is considered a prize by men.

Culture, for healthy growth of society out of the state of nature, has tried to put a veil on many a fact of the dark side of our nature that is sexuality. Religions have imposed on men and women the uniform sexual morality. If you ask a priest, sex before marriage is sin for men as well as for women. But the unregulated sexual marketplace that the world is turning into is where the religious/cultural values and teachings are forgotten and the biological imperative rules.

Let a man in his twenties confess to a woman he is dating/courting that he is virgin and watch his prospects tumbling to the probable doom. Women would never admit this, but they feel biologically creeped out by such betatude. It is beta, because if the man was an alpha male then many women would be desiring him and he won’t be a virgin. She won’t admit it because she herself probably doesn’t understand her biological reactions which are at odds with her best interests in the present-day society. Rationally she may know that the man is rather good and virtuous but when it comes to taking him for a lover her biology won’t allow it. Have we seen a woman saying she wants a nice gentleman but is sleeping around with a bad-boy who always hurts her? All too familiar, isn’t it?

Men are wired differently. For them, woman’s virginity reflects her good character. It means that by having sex with a virgin woman the man can be assured that his reproductive resources are not being wasted, and that his genes will pass on as the woman is likely to remain faithful.

It is an offshoot of the above fact that a man’s virginity among his peers is a matter of ridicule; whereas a woman’s virginity is something she can flaunt with pride.

A woman expects a man to prove his love by not pushing for sex. A man expects a woman to prove her love by giving him sex.

Men and women both want sex, perhaps equally. But due to men’s biological imperative of having sex with as many women as possible for propagation of their genes, men are almost always ready for sex. Men are more sexual that way. Women, on the other hand, are choosy due to their having more stakes in the sexual activity. In the evolutionary past, women could not have sex as much and as often as men because of pregnancy and related risks to life. Besides, having sex with a wrong man (weak, beta male) would mean her offspring may not survive which would be an evolutionary failure. And since women can get pregnant limited number of times compared to men who can impregnate hundreds of women in their lifetime, right choice of mate is utterly important from evolutionary standpoint. Hence, women have evolved to be more reluctant and calculative in giving away their sexual resources.

Women want men to protect and provide for their offspring. Women’s challenge is to extract that kind of commitment from a man, not sex. For men, the challenge is to extract sex. Therefore, a man desiring a woman’s love has to show her that he does not just want to have sex with her but is ready to commit to her for long term. If he pushes the woman too much for sex then obviously the woman would get suspicious of his intentions. And by virtue of the same dynamic, when the woman gives him access to her sexual resources the man feels he has won her love.

Men prefer other men have less interest in their partner. Women love it when other women take interest in their partner.

A man would not like it if other men take interest in his woman. The underlying reason for that is if another man has sex with his woman, it may prevent his genes from being passed on. This is because if the woman has sex with multiple men, their sperms have to compete and only one man’s genes would be passed on into the gene pool. This does not apply to women.

For a woman, the more her man is desired by other women the more valuable he is, and the more attractive she would find him. Other women’s attention is validation that her man is an alpha male. Women love this, albeit, few of them admit this.

That is the reason why a woman hanging close with many men is labeled as slut and men won’t want a long-term relationship with her. On the other hand, a man hanging close with many women is interesting and cool, and would be desired by women. Contrary to the way it is with women, a man with no woman friend is unattractive, nerd, weirdo,.. to women. His looks don’t even matter.

Men are wired with sexual jealousy. Women are wired with emotional jealousy.

As I said above, men’s challenge is to get sex from women, whereas women’s challenge is to get men to commit to them. Sex is important to men, emotional attachment is important to women. Again, its root can be traced back to the male and female biological imperatives.

A man won’t want other men to have sex with his partner (or potential partner), or his partner to have sex with other men, because that would block the propagation of his genes. A woman won’t want her man to get emotionally attached to another woman for she wants him to provide for and protect her and the offspring. If the man develops emotional attachment for another woman, he might abandon her. The function of jealousy is to prompt necessary action in each case.

Men can tolerate emotional infidelity more than sexual one. Women can tolerate sexual infidelity more than emotional one.

It is because of this that men are often curious about the number of sexual partners the woman has had. The higher the number the lower is her value. Women’s curiosity is how many women the man has been in love with. The higher the number the lower is his value.

This article was originally published on Max Newman’s blog. Follow Max Newman on Twitter.

How Women Are Asking To Be Viewed As Sex Objects

A while back I was helping a friend of mine get a girl he liked, by giving him advice and tips from the gaming arsenal. Then suddenly one day he said he couldn’t get this girl and wanted to give up. The reason: He had developed strong feelings for her! The more he thought about the girl the more she got to him and it caused unbearable mental trauma. I advised him to forget the girl and move on.

If one develops romantic love for a woman, one most likely won’t get that woman because one is going to screw things up by acting like a beta male which will turn off her attraction even if there was any. Read reason # 3 in Three Reasons for a Man Not to Fall in Love.

Now the question is: How to avoid developing feelings for a woman and acting beta? The solution is to view women as mere sex objects. It may sound spiteful and misogynistic when I say that, but if one understands a woman’s sexual nature then one would see that the way to respect a woman’s deepest desires is by gaming her, which essentially means projecting alpha-male qualities. For a beta male this necessitates viewing her as a sex object.

Why view women as sex objects?

So what’s the deal with women? Do they want to be viewed as sex objects? Of course not. But they also don’t want to be treated as princesses. Do not believe a woman when she says she wants a gentleman who would treat her like a princess. Between a dutiful gentleman and a cocky dominant man, a woman would always choose the latter. Ask her why and she may not have an answer. They desire love of a dominant alpha male who is always in charge and acts like their master. Men with alpha-male qualities are aloof, unpredictable, overconfident, narcissistic, unemotional, uncaring, psychopathic,.. And women are sexually aroused by such men because that is how evolution has formed their biology.

Alpha-male qualities correlate with behavior which was necessary for survival in the harsh conditions of the state of nature in our evolutionary history. Women mating with alpha males have had better survival rates of their offspring due to alpha males being better providers and protectors. Therefore, women who are attracted to alpha males are naturally selected by evolution.

In the present-day society such alpha males are not good bets for women. And rationality dictates women choose emotional and caring men, because not only such men can provide for their women and offspring just as well (or even better) today, they would also be better partners overall considering how different today is the relationship between men and women from that in the state of nature thousands of years ago. For one, in civilized societies we have something called marriage and family responsibilities; and people are expected to be virtuous and law abiding to best fulfill their social and familial roles. An alpha male of the wild is not a good candidate for these roles. Alpha males are often those who are bad-boys in the society. (Serial killers are most alpha.) Even women refer to them as jerks when they are speaking out of rationality. But due to their sexual biology they are titillated by the same men nonetheless. Women find alpha males challenging and their biology makes them love such challenges.

That is why women often complain that it is hard for them to find a partner. Men wonder as to how it could be difficult for women to find a partner since the sexual marketplace is largely a seller’s market. It is hard for them for their biological imperative is at odds with their needs in the present-day society. The conflict of natural biological needs and impulses and the dictates of rationality goes both for men as well as women, but for men it is relatively easier to reconcile their animal nature with the rational nature.

For women, not so. As a result while women fall for alpha bad-boys, they also expect them to be nice to them. Note that an out-an-out bad-boy would not hold a woman’s attraction for long and would get rejected as asshole. Women love men who are strong and badass to the world in general and at the same time gentle and caring exclusively to them, albeit, not giving up their dominance. With women, there is such a thing as too much love and tenderness which would turn off their attraction. A man has to always maintain his dominance, be aloof and unpredictable, and display what is called Push/pull approach; meaning, being aloof and emotionally unavailable most of the time, but not all the time, intermittently rewarding the woman with care and attention so as to make her feel she is working hard to earn it. It gives her the tingles and keeps her romantic excitement burning. Women are complex beings like that. That is why most men who take what women say they want at face value fail to understand and satisfy women. Women never tell what their biology, aka, animal nature wants. Men have to observe what women do, not just what they say, to discern the cues.

Now we get to the core of the reason why women need to be viewed as mere sex objects. Viewing women as sex objects basically means not investing emotions in them. I am not suggesting treating them like sex objects, just viewing them like it. Viewing women as sex objects is a psychological modulation necessary for the nice-guys-at-heart to get the right frame of mind to be able to treat women the way they want to be treated. Hence, the title of the article. By rewarding alpha males and men otherwise displaying learned alpha-male behavior which requires not caring, being unemotional etc., women are indirectly asking to be viewed as sex objects.

Why it is necessary is because women don’t get that their romantic needs are actually fantasy ideals. The kind of men they dream about only exist in romance novels and movies. In the real world it is quite unusual for a man to be a bad-boy and a nice-guy at the same time. Bad-boys are natural alpha males (called naturals in seduction literature). They would use women for sex and dump them after draining them of sexual and emotional energy. Nice-guys are virtuous beta males who are chronically rejected and/or friend-zoned by attractive women and have to settle with either fat, unattractive women, or single-moms, or middle-aged women,.. Women don’t get that it is against a real bad-boy’s nature to be loving and caring to a woman, and it is against an empathetic and kindhearted nice-guy’s nature to be psychopathic bad-ass that arouses women. Even the same man can be both at different points in time but not at same time, which makes sense considering that bad-boy and nice-guy qualities are vastly different, mostly opposite.

Therefore, it is only through game that men can be how women want them to be. But it is difficult for a man to love/respect a woman and game her at the same time. By understanding the complex needs of women’s sexual nature nice-guys can modulate their behavior to appeal to women’s sexuality by acting like alpha males and form successful relationships with them. However, for it to succeed a man has to keep from investing in the woman emotionally at all costs. Alpha-male behavior and deep emotional attachment can not coexist in a man.

Game, or viewing women as sex objects, is not misogyny but service to womankind. Without that women would either be disposable fuck-toys of natural alpha males who actually treat them like sex objects or have a bland life with beta males. Or both, in the same order.

How to view women as sex objects?

Think of women like female-androids, robots. The idea is to be able to not get emotionally too attached to her while taking care of her needs.

Drawing parallel with robots is not totally illogical. Women are like robots in many ways. Once one understands woman’s sexual nature it becomes fairly easy to know which buttons to push to get a specific response. Pickup artists do this all the time. A woman driven by animal nature (and women are generally driven by animal nature; they are creatures of instincts) responds so predictably to a pro seducer that it makes one wonder whatever happened to free will. Robots don’t have free will. Just push the right buttons and there you go.

Women’s compliments mean nothing. Women are wired with an ability to filter out beta males by testing them (which are called shit-tests in seduction literature) without even being conscious of it. When a man compliments a woman, most of the times he is being honest; and if a woman displayed joy from the compliment then the man would only feel good about it. But if a man displays joy upon getting a compliment from a woman, he is at a great risk of being permanently filtered out as a beta male. This is true despite the woman’s compliment being honest. Women’s biology registers it as beta-male trait and would turn off her attraction. A man has to remain unaffected for the sake of being unpredictable and also for showing confidence about his worth. Would you be carried away if a robot compliments you?

Women’s talks mean nothing. As I explained above, women have this eternally ongoing conflict between their animal nature and rational nature due to which they are constitutionally incapable to knowing what they want. Women carry huge inconsistencies in their behavior. Their words and actions often don’t match. This is because their words flow from more-or-less rational thoughts while their actions are largely driven by instincts. And to point out their inconsistencies is to give up on any possibility of access to their sexual resources. Would you give any serious consideration to what a robot “thinks” and talks about?

Women’s promises of love mean nothing. Since men don’t have conflicting romantic interests as women, when a man says to his woman that he loves her, it is more reliable indicator of his commitment to the woman. At least if all other things remain the same and the woman continues to love him, his love won’t change. But the same doesn’t work with women. A woman may say to a man that she loves him. But as we noted above, with women there is such a thing as too much love and tenderness. So even if all other things remain the same and the man continues to love the woman, she may still lose interest if the man gets out of line to love her too much. Note that I am not saying that a man’s love never wanes. It does, but never because of the woman being too good. It’s crazy unfair that a man can lose a woman even without doing anything wrong, just by being too good. This aspect of women makes them extremely untrustworthy. (Watch Blue Valentine, a marvelous film on this subject.) Would you take it seriously if a robot promised to be with you forever?

But one would still take good care of a robot by providing timely maintenance, recharging, etc. to keep it functional and in good health. Even emotional attachment is okay in the right measure as long as one remembers about the robot’s nature.

This article was originally published on Max Newman’s blog. Follow Max Newman on Twitter.

To All of Sonam’s Friends who want to meet Us

Presumably, Sonam Mittal’s friends want to meet us.  Some want to shut down this blog.

Another wants “someone” to break the author’s leg.


Feminists are generally in the front-lines to threaten violence and censorship against viewpoints they don’t agree with.

Joseph-Ducreux (1)

And while her white knights are trying to get into her pants, to those of her (female) friends who want to meet us, all we can say is: Tits or GTFO.