Alpha and Soy

A friend of mine shared this photo with me and asked me to identify the alpha man in it. We often share random photos of men and play Spot the Alpha game.

This is an interesting photo in that there is likely no alpha male in it, and yet it gives rise to this post.

Since my friend asked me to spot the alpha, I knew there had to be a man in the photo that he had in mind as the alpha.

So I gave my answer: First from the left. And definitely not one of those who are on their knees! (Lesson: An alpha man can’t be on his knees. That’s a posture of subjugation.) I gave this answer because I knew that’s the man he must have in his mind.

Why, you ask? Because he doesn’t seem to be excited to be photographed. He is indifferent. Alphas don’t get excited by things that excite non-alphas and betas. They have high self-worth and self-confidence, hence an external stimulus like attention won’t sway their mood.

But then I added: To be precise, none of the men in the photo are likely alphas. If the aforementioned man was standing near the centre with everyone else in the same position, he would undoubtedly be the alpha of the peck. In this photo, however, what would otherwise give the man the alpha vibe is negated by the fact that he is standing outside of the group of people who are together. He is almost not part of the picture.

The alpha would be the one others would flock around. He would have indifferent demeanor in that he would not be all excited and smiley, but that can’t be viewed in isolation. The alpha’s power would show through others’ demeanor around and towards him.

If that man was in a diffetent photo with another man, and had the same posture and indifferent expression, he would probably still pass off as alpha. Having only two men in a photo changes the context. See the example below:

In a photo like the above, it is clear who is happy be photographed with the other. The one who smiles or looks excited shows to be of low value in comparison to the one who looks composed or indifferent.

On a side note, even though the first photo was a fail for Spot the Alpha game, it inadvertently is a good sample for Spot the Soyboy.

Any guess?

Answer: The second from left on his knees. He has the classic Soy face.

Not to mention most of them in the first photo and the smiley man in the second are also probably soy.


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