The Media is Not Your Friend

From an essay reviewing the book “Addicted to Distraction” (freely available here):

We thought we would use the Web for our purposes, us conservatives, men of the Right, Traditionalists, Neoreactionaries. The Left controlled the Old Mass Media, the NYTWAPO and NBABCBS, but we would seize our chance for every man and woman jack to blog and comment and share our perspective, to go around the Gatekeepers, to form our own networks and “get our message out.”

We were wrong. We were assimilated. We continued to click on the Mass Media, to respond, respond, respond to all of the relativism and the bullshit, to “strike back” at Obama and Reid and Pelosi and Jezebel and Buzzfeed,  Slate and Salon, to the married fags and the trannies and the Slut Walkers, the beheaders and terrorists, the escaped tigers and maniacs, the Kardashians and Housewives; to the Daily Spew.

Modern mass media has transitioned from pay-to-read model to one which is more aptly called bait-to-read.  To some extent, media was always dependent on advertising.  But modern media’s sole focus is advertising.  Its primary purpose is not journalism, disseminating information, clarifying a contentious issue, factual verification, etc. but to get you to click.

To that end, modern media is (very consciously and in a calculated manner) using a set of tactics which can only be called sociopathic manipulation

  • Sensationalizing, exaggerating and distorting news
  • Creating antagonism and hostility even at the cost of social and familial harmony.  (As an example: actively promoting the factually false and immensely harmful feminist agenda of “wage gap”, “female oppression”, “rape culture”, and so on which is leading to a complete breakdown of traditional family in many societies)
  • Promoting narcissistic “self-esteem” and “self-acceptance”, not self-improvement
  • Advocating deviant lifestyles as worthy of respect, emulation and admiration (“open marriages”, tattoos, plastic surgery, drugs)
  • Pushing more and more distraction technology (latest smartphones, internet consumption devices, more and more gadgets which waste more time than they save) so that you will consume such media day and night, and generate revenue for them
  • Promoting a certain political outfit, or denigrating another, because of bias and “favors”
  • “Paid news”, especially in India
  • Ruining people’s reputation for giggles and clicks
  • Telling people that their lifestyle is boring and that only by spending more money (exotic vacations, fast cars, buying “bling” things, drinking in bars, clubbing) can they be considered cool
  • Keeping people oblivious of the real political and economic issues which impact their lives

Understand: if you consume modern media, you are their bitch.  They are using you to generate ad revenue, and in that process, they are totally willing to do anything which keeps you coming back.

While Apple and Samsung are in the business of hardware and share the blame for accelerating and cashing in on the decline, the real villains are ad-based media conglomerates: Google, Facebook, Buzzfeed, Gawker, etc.  Google and Facebook pioneered the business model that free services can be provided to the end user as long as they can be forced to watch ads.  This model is now the default model on the internet.

Due to this model, all the major websites are in a race to the bottom for attracting “views” and “clicks”.  Google and Facebook are the largest “platforms” for internet ads, and they have enabled sites like Buzzfeed and others to make use of their platform and create bottom-feeding media content.

It’s ironic that Google’s slogan all these years has been “Do no evil”.  But almost all the money Google earns is from being a middleman for the majority of ads on the internet.  Google tells websites that they can earn a lot of money (and of course, give part of it to Google) if only they have clickable content.  And to create clickable content, no stone is being left unturned.

But we are not in the business of merely pointing out the problem.  We want to tell our readers how to steer clear of the worst of modern media and its distractions and vile content:

  • Delete your Facebook account.  Within ten days you will realize what a waste of time it was.  Ask yourself how much time you spend on facebook and what’s the payoff for you.  You will be surprised.
  • Google and Apple want you to see more and more ads on your phone.  Do not install “free” third-party apps unless they really help you in a tangible way.  They will almost always show you ads.  If you need it, pay a little for the app and install its ad-free version.
  • Use Mozilla Firefox with Adblock plus enabled.  More and more websites push you to install their app, and show dozens of ads when you visit them via your smartphone.  Don’t bite.  Firefox+Adblock will make internet (e.g. newspaper websites) usable again on your smartphone.  Google, with no explanation, removed support for Adblock plus from its Chrome browser on Android.  We can guess why.  (You can still use Adblock Plus on Chrome on your desktop)
  • Use DuckDuckGo as the default search engine on Firefox.  It does not track you or store your history.  And it doesn’t make any money for Google.
  • When forwarding articles to your friends (say for commentary or criticism of media tactics), use “snapshots” and not the original URL (the URL will make money for the content creator).  Read more here.
  • Refuse to get a cable or satellite TV connection.  Just say no.  There is nothing useful on TV, believe us.

Media is not your friend.  It is your exploiter, wants to keep you ignorant and sedated, and it makes you exploit your friends.  Do not allow ad-based-media to make money from your life energy, your time, and your social circle.

Take back your life.  Only you can.


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