The Witches of Rohtak: Pooja and Aarti Kumar

Rohtak has recently been made famous for two criminal-minded, psychopathic women.  We are not at all surprised that even in the case of a woman accuser, her name is kept secret.  The names of the accused men are all over the news, whereas the women are only being referred to as the “Rohtak sisters” or the “Sonepat sisters”.

But we, investigative to the very end, have found their names: Pooja Kumar, and Arti (or Aarti) Kumar.  Shame on them.

They are from Thana Khurd, and their parents’ names are Santosh (mother) and Rajesh (father).

The Wikipedia article has many details about the sordid case which has almost destroyed the lives of the men accused by these witches.

The video produced by Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj and published by the Logical Indian is eye-opening:

Though we are thankful for this incident in that it has brought the issue of false accusations in India to global limelight, we wish the men falsely accused receive their acquittals and compensation sooner rather than later.

Such an issue is also a expositor of which media houses are doing real journalism and which are just pandering to the brainwashed masses with lopsided narratives.

After reading these two stories at, we have no hesitation in claiming that is a feminist mouthpiece and should be ignored if you want the truth and the facts.  And so is The Guardian.

There is at least some justice:

“They say we are ugly and did all this for attention. In a way, it’s fine.”

Don’t worry.  It’s fine and will stay that way.  Based on your fame now, no sane man will every marry you.


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