Avoid Porn like the Plague

One of the greatest drivers of internet growth is people’s desire for pornography.

While we are against banning of pornography because the state should have no say in what we can or cannot read or view (that is a slippery slope that quickly leads to a dictatorial censorship), we believe that men of substance should avoid pornography.

Pornography provides a man with orgasmic satisfaction which leads him to become less and less interested in his personality development.  As a result, his personality declines and he no longer remains an attractive potential mate for women.

Pornography makes it appear that women are as eager, if not more, as men about sex.  It doesn’t teach a man the importance of attraction and interaction that are important for social and sexual success.  Porn storylines escalate too quickly.  Real life is more challenging and one needs to know how to woo the woman properly.  If one becomes fond of porn, one will have no patience for the phase of seduction and courtship.  One will not have a real interest in other people and will want to bed every woman without putting in the effort.  Of course, that will lead to failure and a going back to porn for satisfaction.  It will become a vicious cycle.

Porn is also hyper-real.  The kind of bodies, sex organs and acts shown in porn are all unreal and use actors and special lighting and camera tricks.  After watching a lot of porn, it is extremely likely that real-life sex will seem like a pale echo of what the movies showed as possible.  That will again cause a going back to porn.

Porn will soon therefore become an addiction which will slowly chip away at your self-esteem, the strength of your personality, and your engagement with others.

There are many communities on the internet engaged in the “nofap” culture of not stimulating oneself via porn or via other means.  Many men in those communities go through a self-imposed no-masturbation period, and learn that their lives have dramatically changed for the better.

A great video which goes over the effects of porn is as below:

Stay away from porn.  Stay real.  Become an attractive man who has real experiences with women.  Porn is just living inside your head.  It is such a waste of your life to not venture out and be the best that you can be.


Sex Offender Registry in India is Ill-Conceived

So in the latest salvo against men, the central government in India is planning a sex offender registry.  Given the record of gender equality in law in India, it is no surprise at all that the list will only contain people involved in “crimes against women”.

But an even more appalling part of this development is that people will be included in this registry even when they haven’t been convicted.

The TOI has learnt that the home ministry’s preliminary discussions on the names to be placed in the sex offenders list had some legal experts objecting to “naming and shaming” of sex offenders at the chargesheet stage. There was a view that it would be a rather unfair arrangement were the cases against the charged offenders to end up in acquittal.

“The legal experts felt it would cause irreparable harm to the reputation, besides affecting livelihood of an accused who is ultimately found by the court to be innocent/wrongly implicated,” a home ministry officer said adding that the general outlook during the discussions had favoured uploading of names of only those convicted for sexual crimes.

However, it now seems that this opinion has been overruled and the home ministry does not feel it necessary to wait for the due legal process to be over to educate the public about sex offenders around them. “The name can be removed once the charged person is acquitted. But until then, the purpose of alerting people will be served,” said an officer.

Only when it comes to feminist laws, and especially in India, is an accused considered guilty until proven innocent.

Everybody knows that in India, a woman just has to lodge a complaint with the police for the man’s name to be splashed in the media, and he and his family intimidated and arrested by the police.  Everybody also know that the police only copies the original complaint as-is and calls it a “charge-sheet”.  The charge-sheet and the complaint are usually not worth the paper they are printed on.

But instead of fixing the justice delivery, the government of India wants to make the laws more and more draconian.  Criminals aren’t afraid of these laws because the system of criminal justice doesn’t work.  But precisely because it doesn’t work properly that it intimidates and coerces innocent men who have to then face decades of trial and humiliation in the Kafkaesque Indian court system.

Feminists in India, like their US counterparts, are only too happy to give extra-judicial punishment to convicted people who had served their sentences:

This will make sure the rapist is shamed. He won’t get a job, or somewhere to live and will be cut off from society. This is a powerful deterrent,” Kumari, who is also a member of the national commission for empowerment of women, told the Guardian.

Yes, and such a man, having nothing to lose, will do what to become a normal member of society again?

We believe that a list of convicted offenders should be available to the public regardless of crime.  All crimes are crimes, whether they be against men or against women.  And false accusations must be prosecuted with a default punishment equal to that of the original accusation.

Feminism = Misogyny

Misogynist (adjective): A man who hates women as much as women hate one another. (H L Mencken)

Feminism is an ugly ideology not just because it is against men, but because it is against women feeling happy in the company of a man.  Women and men are made for each other.  They complement each other and are both important to bring up and nurture the next generation.  Any ideology that makes people hate their natural inclinations is perverse and misanthropic.

Feminists are usually ugly, bitter harridans who have neither received a man’s love nor are able to give love to a man.  They are perennial victims who want others to be sympathetic to their toxic views and to be as bitter as them toward men.  Any woman who considers men as lovable is hated by feminists.  They wish nothing less than women to be free of their need for a healthy, long-term relationship with a man.

But that wish is to see women unhappy, depressed and lonely.  Women, just like men, need love and nurturing.  Women need men just as much as men need women.  To rail against this mutual need in the guise of a battle against “patriarchal family order”, “hetero-normative behavior”, and whatnot is to be against women (and men) being happy in their homes and with their families.

The media, on the other hand, advocates an Eat-Pray-Love lifestyle which appeals to the primitive, infantile brain but which has the potential to destroy human happiness and civilization as we know it.  This kind of lifestyle advice, just like the feminist rhetoric, is supposed to “empower” women and make them feel more fulfilled.  But the effect is the exact opposite.

Feminists hate women being women.  They want women to be more like men.

Feminists are against women staying at home, against women serving their husband and their families while their husbands lead stressful lives outside the home, against women being sweet, compassionate and non-argumentative.

A woman who argues constantly with her man is the darling of feminists.  One who understands the complementarity of the genders and finds her bliss in her natural role is a feminist nightmare.

These days, due to massive feminist propaganda and media brainwashing, even if a woman wants to be feminine, she feels like she is betraying womankind and her “full potential”.  A feminine woman is made to feel inadequate, slavish, shallow, and dumb by the feminists.

Feminism has done more to destroy women’s happiness than any imaginary “patriarchal overlords”.

Feminism is hateful of women as they naturally are, and as they naturally want to be.  Feminism is Misogyny.

Harassment from Slutty Wife Not Grounds for Divorce

The Bombay High Court thinks that wife partying at night is not mental cruelty to husband and has stricken down divorce order granted by family court, according to the story in The Times of India:

Rajesh Chawla, (42), a mariner, claimed that his wife Seema, with whom he has two children, frequently attended late-night parties, misbehaved with him on many occasions, had outbursts on small issues and made his life miserable.

“Socializing to some extent in the present society is permissible,” said Justice Tahaliyani, adding, “But there is no evidence to come to the conclusion that on a particular date Seema was drunk or had excess liquor and had come to the house at a particular time.”

So there is no legal aid for husbands whose wives slut around, get drunk and harass them. The traumatized and harassed husbands can’t get a divorce. The court says there is no evidence of the wife’s alleged misbehavior.

Note that when a woman files a rape, harassment or domestic violence case, the judiciary does not require any evidence to put the entire family of the accused man behind bars. A woman’s word is good enough for it.

In this case if the roles were reversed and it was the husband who frequently attended late night parties, got drunk and harassed his wife, one can only imagine what the system would do to him. Not only would the wife be granted divorce but the husband would be slammed with the notorious 498A if the wife chose to do so.

The viciousness in this story runs deeper than the apparent double standard against men.

It is clear that the present system does not regard the historical foundation of marriage. The institution of marriage is designed based on what men and women bring to the table by marrying. It is essentially an arrangement whereby man is required to share his resources, and woman is required to make the home and raise their progeny. The implication is that a man’s liberty doesn’t come into question as long as he fulfills his marital requirement which is providing for the family financially. Woman, on the other hand, is expected to restrain herself when it comes to sexuality and the behavior that defies sexual norms. That is why in all societies there are restrictions on women’s liberty but not on men’s. For restrictions are applied only on the behaviors that jeopardize the marital union and social cohesion at large.

In our learned opinion, the wife partying out late at night is itself a sufficient reason why the husband should be granted divorce from her. Whether she drunkenly harassed the husband is secondary and should only strengthen his case if true.

The woman is flunking her responsibility in marriage while the man is being forced to carry on with his, by being in marriage with the slutty (hence useless) wife, endure the mental trauma and harassment, and still bear her financial burden.

The system is out-and-out hostile to men and the situation is worsening by the day. In this age of feminism and the decline we advise men not to marry, for it would only add to their difficulties of life.

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