Feminism = Misogyny

Misogynist (adjective): A man who hates women as much as women hate one another. (H L Mencken)

Feminism is an ugly ideology not just because it is against men, but because it is against women feeling happy in the company of a man.  Women and men are made for each other.  They complement each other and are both important to bring up and nurture the next generation.  Any ideology that makes people hate their natural inclinations is perverse and misanthropic.

Feminists are usually ugly, bitter harridans who have neither received a man’s love nor are able to give love to a man.  They are perennial victims who want others to be sympathetic to their toxic views and to be as bitter as them toward men.  Any woman who considers men as lovable is hated by feminists.  They wish nothing less than women to be free of their need for a healthy, long-term relationship with a man.

But that wish is to see women unhappy, depressed and lonely.  Women, just like men, need love and nurturing.  Women need men just as much as men need women.  To rail against this mutual need in the guise of a battle against “patriarchal family order”, “hetero-normative behavior”, and whatnot is to be against women (and men) being happy in their homes and with their families.

The media, on the other hand, advocates an Eat-Pray-Love lifestyle which appeals to the primitive, infantile brain but which has the potential to destroy human happiness and civilization as we know it.  This kind of lifestyle advice, just like the feminist rhetoric, is supposed to “empower” women and make them feel more fulfilled.  But the effect is the exact opposite.

Feminists hate women being women.  They want women to be more like men.

Feminists are against women staying at home, against women serving their husband and their families while their husbands lead stressful lives outside the home, against women being sweet, compassionate and non-argumentative.

A woman who argues constantly with her man is the darling of feminists.  One who understands the complementarity of the genders and finds her bliss in her natural role is a feminist nightmare.

These days, due to massive feminist propaganda and media brainwashing, even if a woman wants to be feminine, she feels like she is betraying womankind and her “full potential”.  A feminine woman is made to feel inadequate, slavish, shallow, and dumb by the feminists.

Feminism has done more to destroy women’s happiness than any imaginary “patriarchal overlords”.

Feminism is hateful of women as they naturally are, and as they naturally want to be.  Feminism is Misogyny.


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