Harassment from Slutty Wife Not Grounds for Divorce

The Bombay High Court thinks that wife partying at night is not mental cruelty to husband and has stricken down divorce order granted by family court, according to the story in The Times of India:

Rajesh Chawla, (42), a mariner, claimed that his wife Seema, with whom he has two children, frequently attended late-night parties, misbehaved with him on many occasions, had outbursts on small issues and made his life miserable.

“Socializing to some extent in the present society is permissible,” said Justice Tahaliyani, adding, “But there is no evidence to come to the conclusion that on a particular date Seema was drunk or had excess liquor and had come to the house at a particular time.”

So there is no legal aid for husbands whose wives slut around, get drunk and harass them. The traumatized and harassed husbands can’t get a divorce. The court says there is no evidence of the wife’s alleged misbehavior.

Note that when a woman files a rape, harassment or domestic violence case, the judiciary does not require any evidence to put the entire family of the accused man behind bars. A woman’s word is good enough for it.

In this case if the roles were reversed and it was the husband who frequently attended late night parties, got drunk and harassed his wife, one can only imagine what the system would do to him. Not only would the wife be granted divorce but the husband would be slammed with the notorious 498A if the wife chose to do so.

The viciousness in this story runs deeper than the apparent double standard against men.

It is clear that the present system does not regard the historical foundation of marriage. The institution of marriage is designed based on what men and women bring to the table by marrying. It is essentially an arrangement whereby man is required to share his resources, and woman is required to make the home and raise their progeny. The implication is that a man’s liberty doesn’t come into question as long as he fulfills his marital requirement which is providing for the family financially. Woman, on the other hand, is expected to restrain herself when it comes to sexuality and the behavior that defies sexual norms. That is why in all societies there are restrictions on women’s liberty but not on men’s. For restrictions are applied only on the behaviors that jeopardize the marital union and social cohesion at large.

In our learned opinion, the wife partying out late at night is itself a sufficient reason why the husband should be granted divorce from her. Whether she drunkenly harassed the husband is secondary and should only strengthen his case if true.

The woman is flunking her responsibility in marriage while the man is being forced to carry on with his, by being in marriage with the slutty (hence useless) wife, endure the mental trauma and harassment, and still bear her financial burden.

The system is out-and-out hostile to men and the situation is worsening by the day. In this age of feminism and the decline we advise men not to marry, for it would only add to their difficulties of life.

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