Women do not need love

It is a misconception of staggering proportions that to woo a woman you have to show her love.  That’s what beta males believe and that’s what you see peddled around in movies and in poetry.

The truth is: To woo a woman, you have to INSPIRE love.  That’s what alpha males know.

If you SHOW love, women will know you are a beta.  You can buy presents for her, be nice to her, agree to her vile tantrums, and so on.  She will not fall in love with you because you are already in love with her and she (given her hypergamous nature) will think that she can do better than you.

If you expect to BE loved, women will treat you like a king.  She will cook for you, be nice to you, give you blowjobs, and so on.  Since you are not overtly in love with her yet (or there is some mystery about it), she will regard you as the prize.

Most men make the mistake of showing a woman their love and appreciation, in order to be loved in return.  They make the mistake of giving her something and expecting the same thing in return.

That does not work in the sexual marketplace.  In the sexual marketplace, women are constantly approached by men giving them attention and paying them compliments.  If you do that too, you are one of them.  She is not going to compliment you back.  Never.

If instead, you signal to her that you find her attractive, but that you expect HER to seduce you, that’s what gets them the tingles.  That’s what shows her that you are high value and worth pursuing.


Times Now Punished For Shoddy Reporting In Jasleen Kaur Case

Last year in September we exposed Jasleen Kaur of falsely accusing Sarvjeet Singh of eve-teasing and verbal abuse which had led to his arrest followed by a brutal media-trial.

Times Now and NDTV, two of the most psychopathic media houses, were among the major culprits in the media who broke all limits of shoddy journalism leaving no stone unturned in ruining the man’s life. Luckily, Jasleen Kaur’s false story was overturned when an eyewitness emerged who gave a completely different account of the incident that was in favor of the accused Sarvjeet Singh, and against Jasleen Kaur.

Following the public outrage against Times Now for the criminally poor way they covered the story, News Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA) has now asked the channel to broadcast an apology. Not only that, Time Now has also been fined INR 50,000.

Below is the interview of Sarvjeet Singh for which in particular Time Now is fined. We hope that the crazy reporter Pooja Shali gets sacked. She has no journalistic talent whatsoever.

Let us also note that Times Now seems to have removed from their YouTube channel the shameful video of The Newshour show hosted by their clown Arnab Goswami on which they conducted the brutal media-trial of Sarvjeet Singh, at the same time making hero out of the liar Jasleen Kaur.

We thank everyone, especially the folks in the manosphere, who contributed in this “fight” against Times Now’s mindless #fightbackindia (the hashtag they ran on Twitter during the media-trial).

Quoting from Livemint:

In a detailed order issued by justice R.V. Raveendran, chairperson of the authority, the NBSA has taken cognizance of the complaints filed against a news report telecast by Times Now on 24 August 2015, in connection with an alleged eve-teasing incident in Delhi.

The complaints against the channel relate to the manner in which the Times Now reporter chased and interviewed the alleged eve-teaser, in an “aggressive, intimidating, and browbeating style, and the telecast of the interview with tag-lines treating the accused as guilty”. The complainants have alleged that the broadcaster breached the Code of Conduct relating to impartiality, neutrality and objectivity in reporting and violated guidelines relating to reportage.

After a detailed hearing of the representatives of the news channel and the complainants, the NBSA gave its order where it acknowledged that while eve-teasing and safety of women are important issues, and while freedom of expression is a cherished fundamental right, the right of an individual to a fair trial and fair treatment by the media is also very serious matter.

“Broadcasters cannot condemn as guilty persons accused of having committed a crime or offence when the matter is still under investigation or where the court is yet to decided upon the guilt or otherwise of the accused,” it said.

It added that “media howsoever bona fide its intentions are, cannot act as the judge, jury, prosecutor and investigator in regard to any matter pending before a court or under investigation. It should be kept in mind that the reputation or credibility of a person once lost, as a result of a sustained media campaign focus, can never be regained…”

This is a small win against the vile media, but a win nonetheless.

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