Woman Molests Boy, Boasts About It Online And Gets Away With It

shocking lady teacher proudly claims of molesting threatening a 10-year-old boy

There is no shortage of female psychopaths, criminals, murderers, molesters, rapists, etc, but the thing that stands out for me is how a woman can commit a heinous crime, and then feel proud about it riding on the back of the fact that laws support women. Laws which allow women to commit crimes openly and get away is the height of insanity!

Is this the “women empowerment” feminists and manginas are fighting for?




Revealing Attire is Sexual Provocation and Sexual Harassment

(Guest Post by James Bond)

Everywhere we see men being harassed by calculating and predatory women. Women using their sexuality to harm men, distracting men at work, occupying boys’ seats in schools and colleges, wearing clothing that is both sinful and criminal. A woman who reveals her body is guilty of sexual harassment.

Clothes are a form of communication. Policemen, preachers, punks, firemen, businessmen, and prostitutes; all dress a certain way to reveal who they are. Similarly, a girl who dresses in revealing attire is telling the world who she is. In the past, even prostitutes used to dress decently, but today girls’ sinful clothing is being promoted in the name of freedom and liberation. This is oppression in its true sense.

In this day and age, girls revealing their bodies has become the norm. Feminists are fighting for girls ‘rights’ to wear short, transparent, and skin-tight clothes. Girls with plunging necklines are also fighting for their rights, unaware that whenever they bend, they show everyone their ‘rights’.

Miniskirts, skimpy tops and revealing dresses are not a choice. They are advertised in movies, music videos, magazines, billboards, advertisements, etc. to the point where girls feel it is normal to dress in revealing attire. And they often do so to fit in. This is systematic brainwashing. Now, it has gone a step further. Nudity is being promoted with frenzy. In feminist rallies, women go nude, models are nude in fashion shows, PETA has nude protests, women are nude in magazines, nudity can be seen in art, movies, music videos, etc.

Body image issues are creeping up, where every girl has to have the perfect body because they have been told to wear revealing attire through constant advertising, and of course, you cannot wear skimpy clothes without a toned body. Tags of ’emancipation’ and ‘liberation’ are attached to it. The truth is, being semi-nude in public is not being progressive. It is being retarded. Only animals don’t wear clothes. That is because animals don’t have brains like humans do.

Teenage girls are even lining up for plastic surgery to redo themselves, and millions of dollars are being spent on it. This is the result of constant brainwashing. This is what a materialistic and hedonistic way of life has done to women.

Our schools, colleges, and offices are not spared from women’s lewdness either. Miniskirts are the norm in educational institutes, whereas transparent shirts and skirts are a part of office attire. Everywhere, men are being distracted by open displays of obscenity. A woman at the workplace is a distraction, in whose presence a man cannot do his best work. She is also responsible for increasing affairs in offices, and the breaking of homes due to illicit relationships. She is answerable to God on the day of judgement.

A girl is guilty of a heinous sin if she reveals any part of her body. She is an adulterer and a temptress, who lures man into sin. It is not a trivial matter for women to dress provocatively and ignite lust in men.

Ten Things We Learnt from PINK

  1. If you are a mentally disturbed lawyer who stares at people, you have supernatural powers to decide innocence of three party girls who are your neighbors.  Amitabh Bachhan’s character is a white knight who is a just waiting for a chance to save some women because he couldn’t save his own wife from a disease.
  2. Modern urban Indian women have no clue what counts as leading someone on.  Even western women will never go to someone’s home or hotel and have drinks because that counts as an invitation to sex.  But urban Indian women are too innocent to know this.  They find the men cool enough to go to their hotel with them and have drinks and crack dirty jokes, but suddenly find the men unattractive when they start getting physical.  And instead of just raising a hue and cry or running away or complaining to the hotel management, attempt to murder their date.
  3. Urbane Indian women have no clue that the police in India, despite the umpteen gender-biased laws in favor of women, are corrupt.  They have no hesitation in using a senior lawyer’s “connections” to lodge a complaint but are appalled at someone else using their connection.
  4. A retired lawyer in India, in his old age, finds it easy to figure out where a policewoman was on a certain day, and to produce photographs of the accused’s sister having a drink somewhere.
  5. Trials in India proceed at great speed.  All witnesses are available at all times.  Also, a judge in India pronounces judgment in two cases at the same time.  There is no punishment for perjury and lying, even by a police official, in the courtroom.
  6. An employer in India can fire a woman employee because of a random doctored image sent to his email account.
  7. Urban Indian women are quite promiscuous who openly dry their lingerie on the apartment terrace, but find it hard to tell a dirty joke in a courtroom.  Also, when asked about their relationship in the court, they can scream “It’s my personal matter” instead of answering the question properly.
  8. Traditional-looking men in India are all rapists as per Bollywood, and they should be taught that “No means No” even though Indian society, like any other traditional society entering a modern phase, expects modesty and coyness during gender interactions.  After all, modesty can be outraged only when there is modesty in a woman to begin with.  But no, women in India should be given full freedom to act as they please and to have police at their beck and call when their own behavior lands them in trouble.
  9. Urban Indian women are shocked to discover the condition of Indian police stations or jails, but they have no hesitation in filing false dowry or rape cases against unwitting men and their families.
  10. Indian sheeple lap up poorly-directed feminist films as fantastic and gives them high ratings on IMDB without understanding the complexities of social situations.

How Call Centers Encourage Sluttiness In Women

Slut (noun): A woman with the sexual morals of a man. A man who is popular among women is stud but a woman who is popular among men is slut.

Understanding the above is prerequisite for understanding this article. If you don’t agree with it, then I recommend you familiarize yourself with the socio-biological foundations of the sexual “double standard”. (Refer to the links at the end of the article.)

Modern women across the board are turning sluttier by the day, but the call center industry in India especially suffers from an epidemic of sluttiness. Below are some of the reasons for that.

High number of youngsters

Workforce in call centers largely comprises of young people of less than thirty years of age. This is because many of the call centers hire undergraduate college students and even dropouts. Owing to the high number of youngsters, atmosphere in call centers is much like a college campus. What only makes it worse than a college campus is the fact that the young dimwits are earning their own money which gives them the sense of independence to escape parental control and act out their basic nature. Young women with their own money, with independence that comes with it, exposed to young men – perfect conditions for playing out sluttiness.

Working at night

People working in call centers hate it when they are stigmatized for
working at night. But the stigma is not unfounded. It is easy to do illicit things when the world is quiet and there are fewer eyes watching you. Large number of people working in call centers, men as well as women, have moral values which are abysmal. When I see call center women smoking on a street outside the office, I can’t help but wonder if she would be doing it had there been daylight and bustle of the world around with possibility of some known relative running into her. And smoking is not the most shocking thing I see. The night provides favorable atmosphere for the basic nature to play out.

Lack of professionalism at workplace

Call centers lack professionalism at workplace, simply because the workforce comprises of dimwits. As I mentioned above, call centers have a high number of youngsters working for them who carry casual attitude towards work and life in general. They lack polished, civil manners. Young men and women in call centers, with boiling hormones, behave like they do on college campuses. There are fewer restraints, because professionalism is not expected nor demanded of them.

Relatively high income for the low level of intelligence and skills

Compared to traditional industries, intelligence and skills required for a call center job are nothing. And for that low level of intelligence and skills, the dimwits working in call centers are paid too well. For someone who is not even a graduate it is very easy to earn anywhere from 25 to 50 thousand rupees a month. The problem with putting so much money in the hands of someone who is a dumb fuck is that the money is not going to be used in a good way. Most women anyway do not shoulder responsibility of feeding their families. Majority of women working in call centers are young and don’t have families yet. Where do they put all that money then? Fashionable clothes, accessories and make up. Partying out and having fun. In short, on acting slutty.

Increasing number of women smoking and drinking

Call center jobs can be mentally exhausting, talking to all sorts of angry and frustrated callers. Not all call centers are into customer service, but talking to any type of people continually all day takes its toll. Be it due to the nature of work or the fact that in the dark of night the world isn’t watching (actually both) a lot of women working in call centers are smokers. The bad habits of smoking and alcoholism in call center women are perhaps the highest outside of glamour industry. People with bad habits influence others. The number of women falling prey to these influences is increasing by the day. It has already reached a level where it doesn’t shock one anymore, seeing women act like men.

Women dress like sluts

One wonders if the women in call centers come there to work or to take part in a fashion show. Everyone wants to dress like models. And why not? Makeup, accessories and fashionable clothes, that’s all they seem to be spending all their salaries on, since most women working in call centers don’t provide for their families. Reason is, there are (well, mostly) only three types of women working in call centers: Single, divorced, and those with fucked up marriages.

Fun culture is encouraged

In most of the call centers fun culture is encouraged. Frequent parties where people drink and act out their animal instincts is a norm. Combine the lack of professionalism, lack of intelligence in average call center worker, average age of a call center employee, with the amount of money they make, and one can see what such culture would lead to.

High number of call center women are living alone

A very high number of women working in call centers are living alone. The reason for this, I believe, is that in most traditional Indian families women are not allowed to work, much less work at night. Therefore, high number of women who are too liberal and have already separated from their families, or are willing to separate, work in call centers. The number of call center women living alone may be around 20%, but even that is very high. Women living alone are most likely sluts. And this is a big number to influence other women around them of their slutty ways of life.

Spoiling marriages and providing sexual options to women

Married people working in call centers have a fucked up life. A marriage in which the woman is working is anyway an uphill battle. Women working at night only worsens the situation. Extra marital affairs are rampant in call centers which ruins marriages. Hypergamy trumps, because the fact that a married woman has to work nights in a shitty industry as call centers means that she is likely married to a socially low-ranking man. Call centers provide such women with options to spice up their boring life.

Not all women working in call centers are slutty. But the number of slutty women is high enough for the parents of girls to think twice before allowing their daughters to work in a call center.

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Rape Through The Lenses Of Sexual Economics

Rape is robbery of sexual resource that a woman possesses. It is akin to a man getting robbed of wealth. Both are essentially taking by force what someone else has that one desires. Sex is a resource that women possess and men desire.

A somewhat effective (and not the only) way to reduce instances of rape would be to view it as robbery as described above and expect women to exercise the same caution that men are expected to exercise to guard their wealth.

Sex is a powerful resource that women possess. More powerful a resource than is wealth for men, and hence more tempting, for obvious reasons. Seen in terms of sexual economics in nature, the purpose of man’s existence is to attain this resource, and the purpose of woman’s existence is to give this resource to a worthy man. Everything else is only the instruments to the species’ biological purpose. That is theory of evolution which does not require proof. It is a fact of nature. Now, as in any system with economic forces there is propensity to cheat (short-circuit the moral way to attain what one desires) which in this case is to rob. We have people for whom money is a resource, and they rob money. Likewise, we have men for whom sex is a resource, and they would rape. It is a fact of society. Deny these facts of nature and society and it is the end of a meaningful discussion.

Try imagining a world where men roam around wearing diamonds and gold and conspicuously stuffing wads of cash in their pockets to show off their wealth or to give off vibe of powerfulness, and there are no robberies. Anyone with common sense would agree that it is a Utopian ideal. A woman is equivalent to a man with wads of dollar bills dangling out of his pockets. Because a woman’s bare body is already resourceful. A woman dressed to show skin and/or create sex appeal is all the more so. Both a man with wads of dollar bills and a woman have resources of value to others, some of whom would do anything to get them.

All would agree that women already show more skin than men. They wear skirts and sleeveless blouses even to work, whereas for men wearing shorts or sleeveless t-shirts to office is unprofessional. Where I work, I see women wearing body-tight trousers and cleavage showing tops, but for men wearing collarless t-shirt is against the HR policy! Shouldn’t it be the opposite? Men are not vulnerable if they show muscles by wearing clothes to exhibit them, whereas women are. No one is going to stare up men’s shorts, pass sexual comments, and certainly no one is going to rape them. As this was not enough of contradictions, our movies are selling sex, magazines are selling sex, music videos are selling sex. Bare skinned women are shown through every media one can name. Women are freely using their sexual resources to attain all sorts of ends in the society. It is like dangling bones to the dogs and expecting them to not advance and bite. A society where women want to exercise this kind of freedom can not expect that there should not be rape.

I have seen kids of modern generation publicly criticize and condemn their own parents for not giving their daughters the freedom to go out late at night while giving the same freedom to their sons, and those parents later admitting to their “flawed” thinking. Let me say this: Their thinking is anything but flawed. And I am sorry to see them succumb to the pressures. It is not sexist to say that women should not go out at an unsafe hour and in an unsafe place. They should not.

I am grossed out by the fake morality of modern women and the society that padestalizes them. I must say that at some level I sympathize with rapists and feel no sympathy for women. In normal circumstances I won’t sympathize with robbers, but in normal circumstances men showing off diamonds on them and getting robbed would admit that it was their mistake as well for carelessly putting themselves in the way of danger. Women of the day are not normal.

I urge intelligent people to view men and women from the lenses of sexual economics, then see the sexual dynamics at play to understand the issue in a more meaningful way.

Sexual Economics by Roy F. Baumeister

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Modern Women want Freedom without Responsbility

If you meet a modern woman who waxes eloquent about being a “strong independent woman” and who is brainwashed with the rhetoric of #YOLO and “my life my choices”, tell her that:

  1. If she is attracted to badboys, she shouldn’t then expect the police to come rescue her when her badboy lover beats her up or treats her like shit.
  2. If she wants to live promiscuously, then she shouldn’t complain when people label her a slut.
  3. If she wants to have affairs, then she shouldn’t complain when no man wants to commit to her.
  4. If she likes to have unprotected sex, then she shouldn’t ask the man or the government for help with her abortion or for child support.
  5. If she likes to roam around drunk at night, she shouldn’t complain when strangers try to take advantage of her.
  6. If she says that she doesn’t need no man to take care of her, she should change her own flat tire on the road.
  7. If she believes in gender equality, she should not abuse gender-biased laws like the marital cruelty law or the domestic violence law which offer relief only to women..
  8. If she falls in love with a man, has sex with him, and he refuses to marry her, she should not run to the courts yelling “rape on the pretext of marriage!”
  9. If she wears revealing clothes, she shouldn’t complain when men ogle at her.
  10. If she doesn’t believe in dowry, then she shouldn’t insist on alimony.

But we know that as soon as you mention any of these “should”s, the strong independent woman will fly into a rage and call you a woman-hater, a misogynist and a rape-apologist.

Poor her.  We are only suggesting that bad choices have bad consequences, and that if she is free to make bad choices, then she should know the consequences and leave others free to not take care of her when the shit hits the fan.

Don’t impose the costs of your behavior on others.

Ashpal Kaur Bhogal is a deranged, dangerous slut

So this British citizen woman of Punjabi descent has complained to Punjab Police to book her ex on charges of sexual harassment and “mentally, physically and emotionally torturing” her.

The name of this great “lady” is Ashpal Bhogal, or Ashpal Kaur Bhogal.  She was some kind of a junior hockey player who became involved with the captain of India’s hockey team, Mr Sardar Singh.

They had an affair, she got pregnant and underwent an abortion.  In her own words,

We have been in a four-year relationship which was known to all in India and abroad. I met him during the London Olympics and he finally proposed to me during the 2014 World Cup in Hague. He then invited me to his native village where Sardar and his family formally initiated the engagement.

After this me and Sardar were expecting our first child in mid-2015. I spoke to him regarding this and he said sorry I don’t want to have the child and you must abort it immediately otherwise I won’t speak to you and there will be no contact.

She continues:

It has come to the point now that I need justice as a woman. If Sardar has any self-respect, he will call me or contact my lawyers. I have full faith in Indian law and Indian judiciary.

Let’s see (assuming her story is true):

  1. She, a strong independent woman has a premarital affair with a sports star who she meets on Facebook.
  2. She doesn’t use birth control and has unprotected sex with him.
  3. She gets pregnant and the man doesn’t want the child (for whatever reason) and gives her the option to either have an abortion or to break-up with him.
  4. She chooses not to break up, and aborts the fetus.
  5. The man refuses to marry her.

Obviously there is no crime involved.  And that is why she would have been laughed out of a British police station or court, and probably penalized for wasting the time of the government.

But given the misandrist and draconian laws in India and a corrupt police and judicial system which pretends to act as a white knight only to make money from both the “aggrieved” woman and the harassed man, she found a listening ear in Punjab Police’s brutal officers.  Remember that Punjab Police is well-known to be the one of the most corrupt, lawless, politically-patronized and ineffective police force in the country.

But even in India the police is only investigating her complaint and has not immediately filed an FIR.  Which is probably only because Sardar Singh, the Indian hockey captain, might also be well-connected.  If it was an ordinary businessman or a professional who was accused, the police would have filed a case in a jiffy and put the man and his entire family behind bars.

Seems like she was used to physical fights and arguments and not hesitant to call the cops on her lover that she wanted to marry.  Any decent woman, if assaulted by her boyfriend would break up with him and ensure that he is punished by law.  Only a gold-digger like Ashpal Kaur Bhogal would want to continue to associate with him.

Another player said that the fight had turned physical. “We didn’t see what happened between Sardar and the girl, since it happened inside the room. But the next day, when we all came to the restaurant for breakfast, she was there too, and her face was battered and bruised. As a team, we never discussed this issue, but later learnt from the hotel staff that the argument had turned violent. We were told that the cops went away only because the couple stressed that it was a personal matter, and the girl did not wish to press charges,” added the second player.

She says she was a hockey player, but her chubbiness betrays her lack of discipline.


Any relationship in which the woman has a higher BMI than her man is doomed, we tell you.  She should have lost weight like her life depended on it.

But no, she got pregnant, then had an abortion, and then was summarily dumped by the hotshot captain, and now she is in a world of shit.

And it was she who hacked into his social media accounts and misused them.  If there is any crime involved, it is this invasion of a person’s property and privacy.  But of course, no one is talking about that.

She is soon going to find out that no police and no court is going to help her.  Even her own family should disown her.  What kind of a family is it anyway which advises its daughter to have an affair, have an abortion, and then go after their future son-in-law with threats of blackmail or jail.

We believe that she is now looking for some money, that is why the smoking-gun statement by her:

If Sardar has any self-respect, he will call me or contact my lawyers.

Haha no.  He is, unfortunately for Ashpal, a celebrity in India.  And celebrities in India get away with murder.  He knows better than to call her lawyers.  If she is indeed a victim and the accused is a criminal, she should just let the law takes it course.  Why is she asking the man to “contact my lawyers”?

Let this be a cautionary tale for women (but we know most of them will never learn).  Who will want to marry this slut, with a public history of fights, police cases, and abortion in her past?

And let this also be a cautionary tale for normal Indian men.  A normal Indian man, if faced with a similar situation, would have to shell out millions of rupees and see himself and his family be harassed by police and the courts for years and years.