Alpha or Beta?

A friend sent to me this picture and asked if I see an alpha or beta male in it.

My verdict: Beta.

It was proven later that the guy is a beta male, and I will share the proof at the end of this post. First, my analysis of the picture and how I figured he is beta.

This also serves as a lesson for men on how not to pose for a picture.

  • Women is leaning away from him
  • Woman’s legs position also shows she’s distancing herself
  • Her hand should be placed on him, instead it is in a position as if she is repelled by him
  • Good thing she is not looking in the camera, or it would have been this Trump Jr situation; but that doesn’t make it good for him
  • He is looking down instead of in to the camera
  • His body is turned towards her which is a mistake. He should be front facing
  • His front hand should have been in the pocket (thumb out) and the back hand visibly on the woman’s back

I see a beta lost in love with the woman who can’t wait to get away from him.

Now my friend shares more pictures of the guy, one where he’s wearing Soy glasses, and in another… well, it screams for itself. Alphas don’t hurt in “love”.

Do we need more proof of his betaness?