Ten Qualities to Look for in your Future Wife

  1. She should wake up earlier in the morning than you, regularly.
  2. She should have long hair and be fond of feminine looking traditional clothes.
  3. She should neither drink nor smoke nor smoke hookah  etc.
  4. She should know how to sing well.
  5. She should know how to cook many good meals and desserts.
  6. She should not have a strong political opinion.  She should respect your opinions.
  7. She should have a lot of respect for her father.
  8. She should be religious.
  9. She should be frugal.
  10. She should express her disapproval by becoming sad or by crying, not by getting angry.

Ten Tips to Date an Indian Woman

  1. Show her places and things which she would be shy to go on her own: take her to nature hikes, overnight trips to historical places, a strange (but safe) part of town.
  2. Don’t supplicate to her, but don’t be too much of an uncaring alpha.  Indian women crave affection.  Treat her as if you are her daddy, not her pimp.  Middle class Indian women are scared and turned off by too much alpha-ness.
  3. Don’t talk to her too much on the phone.  Be somewhat unavailable but call her randomly to surprise her, but beware of being her emotional tampon.  That will lead to her friendzoning you.
  4. Treat her childish tantrums with hugs and kisses but her adult temper with withdrawal of attention.
  5. Give her small gifts so that she remembers you in your absence.  Good gifts are a bottle of perfume or some ethnic ornament or a pair of panties or a silky bra.
  6. Never say “I love you” before she does.  Even if she does, tell her you are “so attracted to her” and that you can’t “let her go”.  But don’t say “I love you” very casually or she will expect you to do a lot of favors for her.  Use the word “love” a lot, that you “love her dress” or that you “love the way she smells”, but don’t be in a hurry to say “I love you”.
  7. Make her relaxed and be comfortable being close to you.  Escalate physically slowly but surely.  She will likely resist and be coy in the beginning, but you have to continue to playfully escalate.  She might even make you play the game of “chase me around the room” while laughing and giggling.  She wants you to chase her, grab her and kiss her.  Don’t think she doesn’t want to kiss.  She doesn’t want to admit that she does.
  8. Educate her about sex, hygiene and being sexy.  Teach her how to shave her pussy and how to give a good blow job.  She will respect and want you more if you take the lead.  Teach her different sex positions.
  9. Make her cook for you, even if it is to make a cup of tea.  Indian women like to serve their men, and love an opportunity to do so.  If you act egalitarian and make a cup of tea for her, make sure you make a big noise about it as if you are doing her a big favor.
  10. Be angry at her once in a while.  Have little break-ups.  Make her cry a little bit.  You will be rewarded with hot kisses, a wet pussy and screaming orgasms.

Rape Through The Lenses Of Sexual Economics

Rape is robbery of sexual resource that a woman possesses. It is akin to a man getting robbed of wealth. Both are essentially taking by force what someone else has that one desires. Sex is a resource that women possess and men desire.

A somewhat effective (and not the only) way to reduce instances of rape would be to view it as robbery as described above and expect women to exercise the same caution that men are expected to exercise to guard their wealth.

Sex is a powerful resource that women possess. More powerful a resource than is wealth for men, and hence more tempting, for obvious reasons. Seen in terms of sexual economics in nature, the purpose of man’s existence is to attain this resource, and the purpose of woman’s existence is to give this resource to a worthy man. Everything else is only the instruments to the species’ biological purpose. That is theory of evolution which does not require proof. It is a fact of nature. Now, as in any system with economic forces there is propensity to cheat (short-circuit the moral way to attain what one desires) which in this case is to rob. We have people for whom money is a resource, and they rob money. Likewise, we have men for whom sex is a resource, and they would rape. It is a fact of society. Deny these facts of nature and society and it is the end of a meaningful discussion.

Try imagining a world where men roam around wearing diamonds and gold and conspicuously stuffing wads of cash in their pockets to show off their wealth or to give off vibe of powerfulness, and there are no robberies. Anyone with common sense would agree that it is a Utopian ideal. A woman is equivalent to a man with wads of dollar bills dangling out of his pockets. Because a woman’s bare body is already resourceful. A woman dressed to show skin and/or create sex appeal is all the more so. Both a man with wads of dollar bills and a woman have resources of value to others, some of whom would do anything to get them.

All would agree that women already show more skin than men. They wear skirts and sleeveless blouses even to work, whereas for men wearing shorts or sleeveless t-shirts to office is unprofessional. Where I work, I see women wearing body-tight trousers and cleavage showing tops, but for men wearing collarless t-shirt is against the HR policy! Shouldn’t it be the opposite? Men are not vulnerable if they show muscles by wearing clothes to exhibit them, whereas women are. No one is going to stare up men’s shorts, pass sexual comments, and certainly no one is going to rape them. As this was not enough of contradictions, our movies are selling sex, magazines are selling sex, music videos are selling sex. Bare skinned women are shown through every media one can name. Women are freely using their sexual resources to attain all sorts of ends in the society. It is like dangling bones to the dogs and expecting them to not advance and bite. A society where women want to exercise this kind of freedom can not expect that there should not be rape.

I have seen kids of modern generation publicly criticize and condemn their own parents for not giving their daughters the freedom to go out late at night while giving the same freedom to their sons, and those parents later admitting to their “flawed” thinking. Let me say this: Their thinking is anything but flawed. And I am sorry to see them succumb to the pressures. It is not sexist to say that women should not go out at an unsafe hour and in an unsafe place. They should not.

I am grossed out by the fake morality of modern women and the society that padestalizes them. I must say that at some level I sympathize with rapists and feel no sympathy for women. In normal circumstances I won’t sympathize with robbers, but in normal circumstances men showing off diamonds on them and getting robbed would admit that it was their mistake as well for carelessly putting themselves in the way of danger. Women of the day are not normal.

I urge intelligent people to view men and women from the lenses of sexual economics, then see the sexual dynamics at play to understand the issue in a more meaningful way.

Sexual Economics by Roy F. Baumeister

This article was originally published on Max Newman’s blog. Follow Max Newman on Twitter.

How Women Are Asking To Be Viewed As Sex Objects

A while back I was helping a friend of mine get a girl he liked, by giving him advice and tips from the gaming arsenal. Then suddenly one day he said he couldn’t get this girl and wanted to give up. The reason: He had developed strong feelings for her! The more he thought about the girl the more she got to him and it caused unbearable mental trauma. I advised him to forget the girl and move on.

If one develops romantic love for a woman, one most likely won’t get that woman because one is going to screw things up by acting like a beta male which will turn off her attraction even if there was any. Read reason # 3 in Three Reasons for a Man Not to Fall in Love.

Now the question is: How to avoid developing feelings for a woman and acting beta? The solution is to view women as mere sex objects. It may sound spiteful and misogynistic when I say that, but if one understands a woman’s sexual nature then one would see that the way to respect a woman’s deepest desires is by gaming her, which essentially means projecting alpha-male qualities. For a beta male this necessitates viewing her as a sex object.

Why view women as sex objects?

So what’s the deal with women? Do they want to be viewed as sex objects? Of course not. But they also don’t want to be treated as princesses. Do not believe a woman when she says she wants a gentleman who would treat her like a princess. Between a dutiful gentleman and a cocky dominant man, a woman would always choose the latter. Ask her why and she may not have an answer. They desire love of a dominant alpha male who is always in charge and acts like their master. Men with alpha-male qualities are aloof, unpredictable, overconfident, narcissistic, unemotional, uncaring, psychopathic,.. And women are sexually aroused by such men because that is how evolution has formed their biology.

Alpha-male qualities correlate with behavior which was necessary for survival in the harsh conditions of the state of nature in our evolutionary history. Women mating with alpha males have had better survival rates of their offspring due to alpha males being better providers and protectors. Therefore, women who are attracted to alpha males are naturally selected by evolution.

In the present-day society such alpha males are not good bets for women. And rationality dictates women choose emotional and caring men, because not only such men can provide for their women and offspring just as well (or even better) today, they would also be better partners overall considering how different today is the relationship between men and women from that in the state of nature thousands of years ago. For one, in civilized societies we have something called marriage and family responsibilities; and people are expected to be virtuous and law abiding to best fulfill their social and familial roles. An alpha male of the wild is not a good candidate for these roles. Alpha males are often those who are bad-boys in the society. (Serial killers are most alpha.) Even women refer to them as jerks when they are speaking out of rationality. But due to their sexual biology they are titillated by the same men nonetheless. Women find alpha males challenging and their biology makes them love such challenges.

That is why women often complain that it is hard for them to find a partner. Men wonder as to how it could be difficult for women to find a partner since the sexual marketplace is largely a seller’s market. It is hard for them for their biological imperative is at odds with their needs in the present-day society. The conflict of natural biological needs and impulses and the dictates of rationality goes both for men as well as women, but for men it is relatively easier to reconcile their animal nature with the rational nature.

For women, not so. As a result while women fall for alpha bad-boys, they also expect them to be nice to them. Note that an out-an-out bad-boy would not hold a woman’s attraction for long and would get rejected as asshole. Women love men who are strong and badass to the world in general and at the same time gentle and caring exclusively to them, albeit, not giving up their dominance. With women, there is such a thing as too much love and tenderness which would turn off their attraction. A man has to always maintain his dominance, be aloof and unpredictable, and display what is called Push/pull approach; meaning, being aloof and emotionally unavailable most of the time, but not all the time, intermittently rewarding the woman with care and attention so as to make her feel she is working hard to earn it. It gives her the tingles and keeps her romantic excitement burning. Women are complex beings like that. That is why most men who take what women say they want at face value fail to understand and satisfy women. Women never tell what their biology, aka, animal nature wants. Men have to observe what women do, not just what they say, to discern the cues.

Now we get to the core of the reason why women need to be viewed as mere sex objects. Viewing women as sex objects basically means not investing emotions in them. I am not suggesting treating them like sex objects, just viewing them like it. Viewing women as sex objects is a psychological modulation necessary for the nice-guys-at-heart to get the right frame of mind to be able to treat women the way they want to be treated. Hence, the title of the article. By rewarding alpha males and men otherwise displaying learned alpha-male behavior which requires not caring, being unemotional etc., women are indirectly asking to be viewed as sex objects.

Why it is necessary is because women don’t get that their romantic needs are actually fantasy ideals. The kind of men they dream about only exist in romance novels and movies. In the real world it is quite unusual for a man to be a bad-boy and a nice-guy at the same time. Bad-boys are natural alpha males (called naturals in seduction literature). They would use women for sex and dump them after draining them of sexual and emotional energy. Nice-guys are virtuous beta males who are chronically rejected and/or friend-zoned by attractive women and have to settle with either fat, unattractive women, or single-moms, or middle-aged women,.. Women don’t get that it is against a real bad-boy’s nature to be loving and caring to a woman, and it is against an empathetic and kindhearted nice-guy’s nature to be psychopathic bad-ass that arouses women. Even the same man can be both at different points in time but not at same time, which makes sense considering that bad-boy and nice-guy qualities are vastly different, mostly opposite.

Therefore, it is only through game that men can be how women want them to be. But it is difficult for a man to love/respect a woman and game her at the same time. By understanding the complex needs of women’s sexual nature nice-guys can modulate their behavior to appeal to women’s sexuality by acting like alpha males and form successful relationships with them. However, for it to succeed a man has to keep from investing in the woman emotionally at all costs. Alpha-male behavior and deep emotional attachment can not coexist in a man.

Game, or viewing women as sex objects, is not misogyny but service to womankind. Without that women would either be disposable fuck-toys of natural alpha males who actually treat them like sex objects or have a bland life with beta males. Or both, in the same order.

How to view women as sex objects?

Think of women like female-androids, robots. The idea is to be able to not get emotionally too attached to her while taking care of her needs.

Drawing parallel with robots is not totally illogical. Women are like robots in many ways. Once one understands woman’s sexual nature it becomes fairly easy to know which buttons to push to get a specific response. Pickup artists do this all the time. A woman driven by animal nature (and women are generally driven by animal nature; they are creatures of instincts) responds so predictably to a pro seducer that it makes one wonder whatever happened to free will. Robots don’t have free will. Just push the right buttons and there you go.

Women’s compliments mean nothing. Women are wired with an ability to filter out beta males by testing them (which are called shit-tests in seduction literature) without even being conscious of it. When a man compliments a woman, most of the times he is being honest; and if a woman displayed joy from the compliment then the man would only feel good about it. But if a man displays joy upon getting a compliment from a woman, he is at a great risk of being permanently filtered out as a beta male. This is true despite the woman’s compliment being honest. Women’s biology registers it as beta-male trait and would turn off her attraction. A man has to remain unaffected for the sake of being unpredictable and also for showing confidence about his worth. Would you be carried away if a robot compliments you?

Women’s talks mean nothing. As I explained above, women have this eternally ongoing conflict between their animal nature and rational nature due to which they are constitutionally incapable to knowing what they want. Women carry huge inconsistencies in their behavior. Their words and actions often don’t match. This is because their words flow from more-or-less rational thoughts while their actions are largely driven by instincts. And to point out their inconsistencies is to give up on any possibility of access to their sexual resources. Would you give any serious consideration to what a robot “thinks” and talks about?

Women’s promises of love mean nothing. Since men don’t have conflicting romantic interests as women, when a man says to his woman that he loves her, it is more reliable indicator of his commitment to the woman. At least if all other things remain the same and the woman continues to love him, his love won’t change. But the same doesn’t work with women. A woman may say to a man that she loves him. But as we noted above, with women there is such a thing as too much love and tenderness. So even if all other things remain the same and the man continues to love the woman, she may still lose interest if the man gets out of line to love her too much. Note that I am not saying that a man’s love never wanes. It does, but never because of the woman being too good. It’s crazy unfair that a man can lose a woman even without doing anything wrong, just by being too good. This aspect of women makes them extremely untrustworthy. (Watch Blue Valentine, a marvelous film on this subject.) Would you take it seriously if a robot promised to be with you forever?

But one would still take good care of a robot by providing timely maintenance, recharging, etc. to keep it functional and in good health. Even emotional attachment is okay in the right measure as long as one remembers about the robot’s nature.

This article was originally published on Max Newman’s blog. Follow Max Newman on Twitter.

How to Avoid a False Rape Accusation

There are four huge problems in India when it comes to being accused of rape:

1. The badly designed laws according to which:

  • If you dump your girlfriend, she can accuse you of rape.
  • If you refuse to marry someone after engagement, she can accuse you of rape.
  • If you pass a lewd remark or send someone a nasty text or Facebook message, she can accuse you of “outraging her modesty” which is treated similar to rape in Indian courts.
  • If you marry someone against her parents’ wishes, they can accuse you of kidnapping and raping their daughter even though she’s an adult and had a consensual relationship with you.

2. The prevalence of falsehood and perjury and false accusations due to which any woman can accuse you of something that you did not do, had no intention of doing, and of which there is no evidence that you did it. But because of twisted laws and a white-knight constitution and judiciary in India, a woman’s word in presumed to be true and a man has to prove his innocence.

3. The abysmal state of Indian judiciary, the atrocious delays and the lawyer-police mafia due to which if you are accused of something, and even if the burden of proof is on the prosecution, you suffer for years and maybe decades and see your family life, your career and your reputation destroyed.

4. The media-vultures who pounce on any rape or sex-related legal incident as a cash-cow. To them, any such incident is a sure shot way to make money by naming and shaming someone merely accused, and by smearing his name for his lifetime. Media is not concerned about facts and objectivity and due process and protecting the identity of someone who is not yet charged.

The media is so twisted that it will not even publish a woman’s name even after the courts rule that the accusation was false. The media will splash the accusation story all over its front pages. But when the accused in acquitted or it is proved that the accusation was mala-fide and false, it will either not publish the news at all (because it is not entertaining now), or it will make a small mention on an inner page.

So how do you avoid this dangerous minefield which has the potential of destroying your life and reputation?

We offer seven guidelines for the Indian man.  Mark our words and follow our guidelines to avoid being pulled into this kind of mess:

  1. Do not date psychos, single-mothers, well-connected women, lawyers, feminists, social activists and NGO-type women.  These urban bitches are trigger-happy about going to the police or the courts or the corrupt women’s commissions when they feel like they are not being treated well.  By the way, by “psychos” we mean those women who are unstable or are on hormonal or psychiatric medication.

    Obviously stay away from women who seem overly greedy and/or manipulative.  Stay away from women who have a police officer, a judge, a lawyer, or a high-ranking civil servant in their family.

    Do not date a single mom!  They are especially vicious if you end the relationship because they were seeing you as their ATM for life.

    These kind of women are very “aware” of their rights though they have nil idea of their responsibilities.  These women will cite “emotional cruelty” in a heartbeat to get back at you if you refuse to toe their line.  They might seem easy lays but beware, you are playing with fire.  These women have a chip on their shoulder and are very argumentative and are usually very aggressive.  Even if they are pretty, they are unpleasant to be with.  Stay away from them.

  2. Record everything.  Even if the recordings are not admissible in court, when the time comes and things are going south she should be made aware that you have a lot of evidence.  That if she tries any false accusation stunt, you will make sure the stuff finds its way on to the public domain so that society can make its own conclusions.  Keep a history of all your text messages, Facebook interactions, call logs, etc.  You don’t need to record calls all the time.  But you should know how to.  If your girlfriend or wife as much as hints at anything legal, start recording immediately from then on.
  3. Have a few lawyer or police officials as friends.  Your girlfriend should know that if she tries a false accusation to intimidate you, you will hit back with ten times the force.  She should know that you are well-versed in law.  That you will not be blackmailed.  During your relationship, tell her about the horror stories which illustrate that a woman going to court as a pressure tactic is ruined for life.  No man wants to go near her, she doesn’t get anything from the courts, and the courts, lawyers and the police just extract their pound of flesh.
  4. Do not divulge your wealth.  Never ever be tempted to brag about how much money or how many assets you have.  Don’t talk about your salary or bonus or your savings.

    When a relationship goes south, a woman has two incentives to try to hurt you:

    1. Revenge: She wants to see you in pain.
    2. Money: She wants to extort money from you.  This is less likely if she doesn’t know how much and where you have the money.

      We know that you can’t hide your lifestyle completely.  But she should not know about your bank accounts or your list of properties.  In fact, when a relationship is going south, keep telling her that you have lost a lot of money in the stock market and that you are anxious about money matters.  That your future is not very bright and you might need to take a loan.

      On that note, never loan money to your girlfriend.  If the relationship goes bad, you can say goodbye to that money.

  5. NEVER start a live-in relationship in India.  Courts treat a live-in relationship far more seriously when it comes to “rape on the pretext of marriage” kind of cases.  There is no benefit to living together.  If you want regular sex, you can spend the night with her but she must go back to her own home.  You should not give in to emotional pressure of any kind to allow her to move in with you.  Once she is living with you, you are done for.  If you have foolishly started living with her, but feel like the relationship is going to get into rough waters, try to find a job in another city.  After you move to the new city, slowly cut down communications with her and let her find a new lover in the former city.  If you immediately try to finish a relationship after moving, she might get you in trouble.

    And it goes without saying that never try to take her to a temple for a sindoor ceremony or a marriage-like ceremony between the two of you.  That might be romantic and get you in her pants, but it will bite you back eventually.  Trust us on this one.  If she is unwilling to put out (have sex with you), leave her instead of trying something like this.

  6. Have a good rapport with her social circle.  People should know that you two are in a consensual relationship.  If she tries a false accusation, her own social circle will regard her as evil and boycott her.  That will act as a big disincentive for her not to get you in trouble.  Her social circle should know that you are a nice man.  Give thoughtful gifts (books, framed photos, upholstery) to some of her friends so that they have a good feeling about you and that when the relationship is suffering, they do not advise her to go after you legally.  You cannot guarantee that she won’t, but it is far less likely if her social circle will judge her harshly for such an act.
  7. Deescalate Situations.  If the relationship is almost over, do not try any ego-games with her.  Give her a gentle exit.  Do not try to be right all the time.  Have a plan on letting her down easy.  End the relationship gradually and not suddenly.  Don’t blame her for anything.  What’s the point?  If you have decided to end the relationship, might as well leave her with her ego intact.  If an argument is getting ugly, do not get into a shouting match.  Control your temper and try to diffuse the situation.

We understand that preventing a false-rape accusation is impossible in India, but even so, you can take some precautions to lessen the probability.

Brothers, be careful out there!


Understand the Criminal Trial Process in India

Every man in India must understand the way criminal trials work in India, and the steps followed from beginning to end.

There are dozens of ill-drafted, ambiguous, biased and misandrist laws in India.  The judicial system is extremely dysfunctional and the process is archaic and in many cases, broken.  Only police and lawyers gain from the complexity and the delays, but knowledge is power.  You should know what to expect, and then act in ways to minimize your troubles.  Troubles will come your way no matter what, because the system is broken.  But if you understand it, you will be able to navigate it better.

We want to emphasize that there is no way you can prevent or avoid a false case being slapped on you.  You can be innocent, have tons of evidence in your favor, have audio or video recordings, not even be related to the woman, but still she can file a case on you and drag you through police stations and courts for decades.

Go through this two-page PDF (prepared by a law firm, Vaish Associates) and understand the basic definitions and the flow-chart.

Modern Women want Freedom without Responsbility

If you meet a modern woman who waxes eloquent about being a “strong independent woman” and who is brainwashed with the rhetoric of #YOLO and “my life my choices”, tell her that:

  1. If she is attracted to badboys, she shouldn’t then expect the police to come rescue her when her badboy lover beats her up or treats her like shit.
  2. If she wants to live promiscuously, then she shouldn’t complain when people label her a slut.
  3. If she wants to have affairs, then she shouldn’t complain when no man wants to commit to her.
  4. If she likes to have unprotected sex, then she shouldn’t ask the man or the government for help with her abortion or for child support.
  5. If she likes to roam around drunk at night, she shouldn’t complain when strangers try to take advantage of her.
  6. If she says that she doesn’t need no man to take care of her, she should change her own flat tire on the road.
  7. If she believes in gender equality, she should not abuse gender-biased laws like the marital cruelty law or the domestic violence law which offer relief only to women..
  8. If she falls in love with a man, has sex with him, and he refuses to marry her, she should not run to the courts yelling “rape on the pretext of marriage!”
  9. If she wears revealing clothes, she shouldn’t complain when men ogle at her.
  10. If she doesn’t believe in dowry, then she shouldn’t insist on alimony.

But we know that as soon as you mention any of these “should”s, the strong independent woman will fly into a rage and call you a woman-hater, a misogynist and a rape-apologist.

Poor her.  We are only suggesting that bad choices have bad consequences, and that if she is free to make bad choices, then she should know the consequences and leave others free to not take care of her when the shit hits the fan.

Don’t impose the costs of your behavior on others.