Recorder: The New Necessity of Men

Planning to have sex tonight? Don’t forget to record all interaction from foreplay to orgasm, and the after sex talks. Do you work at a place where you have to interact with women? Keep a recorder on always. Do you find yourself frequently disagreeing with women and arguing with them? You must always carry a recorder, man! Your safety is in your hands alone.

Not the public, not the media, not even the law is going to rescue you if, god forbid, a woman decides that you raped, harassed or attacked her and wishes to screw your life. It doesn’t matter what you did or said. She just has to wish that and all the mechanisms in the world are at her disposal. You will be fucked so royally, you wouldn’t have thought in your wildest dreams it was possible. Your safety is in your hands alone.

Recently, on May 12, the media were abuzz with the news of a Delhi traffic cop hitting a woman with brick and getting dismissed and arrested. Every newspaper and TV news channel lashed out at the policeman. He got dismissed from the job, was arrested and faced defamation in the society. We at purushatma covered the story for what it was: A woman jumping red light, then attacking traffic police with brick. And guess what, we were right in our assessment of the incident while the media were wrong. The world was wrong. The woman whose voice was the world, was wrong.

A day after the incident, another news story came out: Before being sent to jail, Delhi traffic cop hands police an audio clip to support his claim. What presence of mind! And the recorder, what a lifesaver!

We have little faith in the system but we hope that constable Satish Chandra has been reinstated to his job and Ramanjeet Kaur has got her due for the bitch she has been. Media as expected never came up with another update on it. No one spoke up, no protests are heard to get the policeman his job back. But we digress.

We are living in the society where even a policeman has to think about saving his ass first before going after a woman who has broken the law, lest she filed wrong charges against him and he had no proof of his innocence. For ordinary men like me and you, saving our ass from the modern-day women is extremely important.

Purushatma earlier advised the following (emboldened by me) to young men looking to marry:

[…] don’t get married for love.  In fact, don’t get married at all.  Do not have a live-in relationship, and keep a record of all your coochie-coo communications.  If you want to have a family, marry a girl by making extensive investigations into her family and ensure her parents and your parents are involved.  An arranged marriage is a far safer bet than a so-called “love marriage”.  Love turns sour much quicker than a marriage based on practicalities. If a woman’s family and parents are involved in the matchmaking, there is no guarantee that she won’t behave badly, but she will have enough people watching her that she will think twice or thrice before becoming the talk of her extended family.

That, and in general, get a recorder. And don’t ever forget: your safety is in your hands alone.

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2 thoughts on “Recorder: The New Necessity of Men

  1. […] Record everything.  Even if the recordings are not admissible in court, when the time comes and things are going south she should be made aware that you have a lot of evidence.  That if she tries any false accusation stunt, you will make sure the stuff finds its way on to the public domain so that society can make its own conclusions.  Keep a history of all your text messages, Facebook interactions, call logs, etc.  You don’t need to record calls all the time.  But you should know how to.  If your girlfriend or wife as much as hints at anything legal, start recording immediately from then on. […]


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