Modern Women want Freedom without Responsbility

If you meet a modern woman who waxes eloquent about being a “strong independent woman” and who is brainwashed with the rhetoric of #YOLO and “my life my choices”, tell her that:

  1. If she is attracted to badboys, she shouldn’t then expect the police to come rescue her when her badboy lover beats her up or treats her like shit.
  2. If she wants to live promiscuously, then she shouldn’t complain when people label her a slut.
  3. If she wants to have affairs, then she shouldn’t complain when no man wants to commit to her.
  4. If she likes to have unprotected sex, then she shouldn’t ask the man or the government for help with her abortion or for child support.
  5. If she likes to roam around drunk at night, she shouldn’t complain when strangers try to take advantage of her.
  6. If she says that she doesn’t need no man to take care of her, she should change her own flat tire on the road.
  7. If she believes in gender equality, she should not abuse gender-biased laws like the marital cruelty law or the domestic violence law which offer relief only to women..
  8. If she falls in love with a man, has sex with him, and he refuses to marry her, she should not run to the courts yelling “rape on the pretext of marriage!”
  9. If she wears revealing clothes, she shouldn’t complain when men ogle at her.
  10. If she doesn’t believe in dowry, then she shouldn’t insist on alimony.

But we know that as soon as you mention any of these “should”s, the strong independent woman will fly into a rage and call you a woman-hater, a misogynist and a rape-apologist.

Poor her.  We are only suggesting that bad choices have bad consequences, and that if she is free to make bad choices, then she should know the consequences and leave others free to not take care of her when the shit hits the fan.

Don’t impose the costs of your behavior on others.


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