Ten Tips to Date an Indian Woman

  1. Show her places and things which she would be shy to go on her own: take her to nature hikes, overnight trips to historical places, a strange (but safe) part of town.
  2. Don’t supplicate to her, but don’t be too much of an uncaring alpha.  Indian women crave affection.  Treat her as if you are her daddy, not her pimp.  Middle class Indian women are scared and turned off by too much alpha-ness.
  3. Don’t talk to her too much on the phone.  Be somewhat unavailable but call her randomly to surprise her, but beware of being her emotional tampon.  That will lead to her friendzoning you.
  4. Treat her childish tantrums with hugs and kisses but her adult temper with withdrawal of attention.
  5. Give her small gifts so that she remembers you in your absence.  Good gifts are a bottle of perfume or some ethnic ornament or a pair of panties or a silky bra.
  6. Never say “I love you” before she does.  Even if she does, tell her you are “so attracted to her” and that you can’t “let her go”.  But don’t say “I love you” very casually or she will expect you to do a lot of favors for her.  Use the word “love” a lot, that you “love her dress” or that you “love the way she smells”, but don’t be in a hurry to say “I love you”.
  7. Make her relaxed and be comfortable being close to you.  Escalate physically slowly but surely.  She will likely resist and be coy in the beginning, but you have to continue to playfully escalate.  She might even make you play the game of “chase me around the room” while laughing and giggling.  She wants you to chase her, grab her and kiss her.  Don’t think she doesn’t want to kiss.  She doesn’t want to admit that she does.
  8. Educate her about sex, hygiene and being sexy.  Teach her how to shave her pussy and how to give a good blow job.  She will respect and want you more if you take the lead.  Teach her different sex positions.
  9. Make her cook for you, even if it is to make a cup of tea.  Indian women like to serve their men, and love an opportunity to do so.  If you act egalitarian and make a cup of tea for her, make sure you make a big noise about it as if you are doing her a big favor.
  10. Be angry at her once in a while.  Have little break-ups.  Make her cry a little bit.  You will be rewarded with hot kisses, a wet pussy and screaming orgasms.

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