Woman Viciously Attacks Man And Stabs Him, Then Sues Him For Damages!

In the video posted below, a psychopath brutally attacks a man, punches him in the chest, hits him in the back with her knee, kicks him in the ribs, scratches his face, stabs him and nearly murders him, and then has the audacity to sue him!

If it was a man who had been the aggressor, it would have been dead silent in the courtroom, not to mention that he would have been headed straight to jail. However, since we are dealing with the privileged gender, it is a different story altogether.

For some reason, it is acceptable in society for a woman to hit a man, but not the other way around. Men are always the ones who end up on the wrong side of the law, even when innocent. Media does not show pictures of bruised and battered men. Even though men are half of the victims of domestic violence, 100% domestic violence shelters are for women, none for men. Women who file false cases of domestic violence are not punished by law.

The double standards are blatant and appalling.

Domestic violence against men is a serious problem, but men don’t report it not only due to social stigma but also because men are the ones who get arrested, even if they are victims. It doesn’t matter how violent a woman is, if a man pushes her away, even in self-defense, or in many cases does not even touch her and calls the police, he will be the one the police will arrest. This is due to the lies that the woman will come up with, and the police always side with women.

Male victims of domestic abuse are reluctant to report attacks because they are often subjected to false accusations themselves …. It was thought much of the underreporting was due to men feeling embarrassed by the stigma of being a domestic violence victim. But new research has suggested that many of those who do come forward risk being arrested themselves, after their abusers make false accusations against them.

Dr McCarrick said: “Men find it incredibly difficult to talk about their experiences of domestic violence because of the shame and emasculation they feel is associated with it. To find the courage to speak out, only to be accused of violence themselves, is incredibly disheartening and ultimately prevents countless men from reporting intimate partner violence.” – Telegraph

Grotesque Technique Used To Entrap Men In False Cases Of Domestic Violence

A sting operation by India TV reveals the cunning and vicious technique used by women to ruin men’s lives with fake cases of domestic abuse. Simply by paying doctors a paltry sum of Rs. 10,000 or even less, a woman can undergo minor surgery to have marks carved on her body which resemble those of severe abuse. Women also receive medical certificates “proving” that they were abused. In many cases, doctors help women lodge FIRs, which are enough to ruin a man’s reputation, career, family, and have him put behind bars. What a disgraceful state of affairs!

Wife’s Incessant Demands And Threats Of False Dowry Accusation Drove Dinesh Makkad To Suicide

As can be read in this heart-wrenching suicide letter, dowry claims more than 3 times as many lives of men compared to women. In many cases, men’s entire families are jailed without any questioning. Men lose their honour, dignity, jobs, families and their lives. Men face intense depression and are often driven to suicide by cruel wives.

The video below shows yet another martyr of marriage, software engineer Dinesh Makkad, whose was forced to end his life after harassment and torture from wife and in-laws.

Sahul Kundara’s Suicide Letter Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes


My Name is Sahul Kundara. It’s February 20th today. I got married to Varsha on November 10, 2014 and we were living together since August 2015. Varsha and her family members always threatened to implicate me in false cases. They demanded 8 lac rupees from me. When I asked them from where I will bring so much money, they said that they don’t care about that.

They poisoned me and when I wanted to complain, in conspiracy with my in-laws, the ASI or SI Ajeet beat me up outside the police station saying “M*****r F*****r, you will file a case against these people?”

He asked me about my caste and when I told him I am a Bairwa (Schedule Caste), he abused me over my caste saying “Have you forgotten your place? You lower caste people will form relationship with upper caste people? I will strip your skin and make a shoe out of it and wear. And if you dare speak up again, I will get you behind bars in a rape case.”

This entire episode was a planning of Varsha, her parents and her relatives along with the policeman. All this happened at the Rajender Park police station. They forced me to sign on papers that I ate some medicine beyond its expiry date which was all a lie. They had poisoned me. They threatened me that they will put my entire family also behind bars and that I should do what they are saying. I went into deep mental trauma after that. These people are very powerful and they can do anything.




Man Loses Parents, Then Commits Suicide Due To False Case Of Dowry

I had a cousin named Ajay, he was no less than my own brother. He completed Chartered Accountancy course in 2009 and he was of 26 years that time. He was also a M.Com graduate and MA in Economics.. He used to give free coaching to 11th and 12th commerce students and he also used to teach B.Com and MBA students while he was still studying CA. After he completed CA, he started private practice and he also kept up his coaching classes. Life was perfect for him. Then the elders came together and decided to look for the perfect girl for him. But he had already decided whom to marry. Her name was Anjali, and she was one of his classmate from where he got his M.Com degree. At first all the elders were against it because of a caste problem but then they agreed for his happiness. Everything went as planned, everything was alright for 3 months, then she started to show her real demonic form. She started to quarrel with him over very small things like wearing a blue shirt, listening to regional folk music, using a certain soap, coaching some children for free at the terrace of the house.

He somehow kept a lid on all of these because his father was a heart patient. One day it struck, his second heart attack and he was somewhat completely paralyzed. After this he needed special attention. She started yelling at him saying “I’m not here to look after your sick parents” so he appointed a house nurse. She had a problem with that too. He used to earn a good deal of money, the majority of which was used by her for shopping and unnecessary things and stuff like that. He started to fall short of money for his father’s treatment even though he used to earn around 1.5 lacs per month. He asked her to control her spending so that he wouldn’t have to take a  loan for his father. She started a big fight for that also and started to demand that they move out and live separately..

He got angry at that and slapped her. His life ended then and there itself. She screamed like mad and swore that she would ruin his life and went to her parents’ home. Her father is a retired public prosecutor. My brother and all of us thought that she would automatically come back when she realizes her mistake, but she didn’t come, instead the police came, and without listening to anyone they dragged him, his mother and his wheelchair ridden father like dogs in the middle of night. Unfortunately his father died even before they reached the police station, his mother’s health deteriorated drastically and in an interval of just 4 days he lost both his parents, even he committed suicide …. all this because of a false allegation of domestic violence and dowry harassment.

The above is an account narrated by Ajay’s cousin.