I Will Never Visit CCD Again, And Why You Shouldn’t Either

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In a Cafe Coffee Day outlet in Jaipur, a student of National Law University, Delhi, named Arpan Verma spotted cockroaches in their fridge and started recording it, and was promptly slapped by a female staff member, who probably thought that since this is India, women are free to abuse men as they please, and no action will be taken. However, Arpan Verma was not one to sit quiet.

The video went viral on social media, which also includes the female staff slapping him (pic below) and since then there has been an uproar and hashtags of #boycottccd and #shameonyouccd have been trending.

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What was truly infuriating was not that she dared to slap him, and that too for the outlet’s grossly unhygienic condition, but the fact that the culprit accused the innocent student falsely of sexual harassment. In this day and age, women are filing fake cases left, right, and center.

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If we reverse the scenario and it was a male staff slapping a girl for recording the video, the girl would have been hailed a hero, the male staff member would have been immediately dismissed from his job and put behind bars.


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Harassed Husband Deeptanshu Shukla Shares His Trauma Of Being A Victim Of IPC Section 498A


“My mother was in ICU and I was attending her at hospital when police came to arrest us at midnight for a crime that I did not commit.” – Deeptanshu Shukla

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Mukteshwar Sharma sums up Deeptanshu Shukla’s life on Youtube:

Mr Deeptanshu Shukla was not only fighting his own case but also helping thousands of people in Indore, Bhopal and throughout the country. He is the one who has saved lot of lives and guided people how to fight and understand their own case and stay away from the brutal strategies of lawyers and judiciary system in India. He deserves full credit to empower thousands of men/women stuck in false cases of dowry, domestic violence, maintenance and many other stupid, cruel and baseless laws. Hats off to him for helping many victims of women biased laws in India.



Satyagrah For Men 2017

Text taken from Satyagrah For Men’s Facebook Page:

Save Family Foundation (SFF – Registered NGO), part of Save Indian Family (SIF), the Men’s Rights Movement of India, invites all Men, Families, Friends for yet another Peaceful Protest against the Draconian Law, IPC 498A and to Push our demand to establish National Commission for Men on 29th April, 9AM at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi.

It was 1983, when a draconian provision of Law, IPC 498A was enacted and today it has become the biggest reason of just not fake litigation but also huge pendency of cases in the Indian courts. IPC 498A, this is already termed as ‘Legal Terrorism’ by the Hon’ble Supreme Court has been the biggest reason for ever increasing Male Suicide in India. Male Suicide in India has given India the most defamatory status of being the Suicide Capital of the World. 1 male commits suicide in India every 5.7 minutes. IPC 498A hasnt just stopped there, it is also the sole reason of arrest of over 2 Lakh Indians every year. And with such harsh and detrimental effects, IPC 498A is definitely the most family breaking and draconian provision till date. With more than 87% of cases to be found false, is it fair to keep Indian Men and families threatened by such a law? We demand immediate scrapping of IPC 498A.

Problems and Pain of Men, in India, goes most unheard. India as a country has Government bodies, Ministries, Departments, Commissions for Women, for Animals, for Trees but 50% of the Indian Population (i.e. Men) dont find any say through any government body. Men, who are the biggest contributors to the Nation not just from their taxes, but also as the builders of the society and modern world, have always been on the receiving end of the society. Currently there is no research on Men and their issues. There is no data collection on Crime Against Men.

There is no body which caters to Violence Against Men. And all this will continue to remain absent till there is a Government will to be Gender Neutral and to be not partial against men. It is dire need of the time for establishing ‘National Commission For Men’. Men, who are easily termed as Rapists in False Rape Cases, termed as Molesters in False Molestation Cases, termed Perverts in False Workplace Harassment Cases are today living their lives on thin lines. Any man can be termed as Rapist, Molester, Pervert, Dowry Seeker, Wife Beater at once, without getting into reality. Society, Media, Authorities, his own circles outcast him and leave him to die a slow Legal Murder or die a fast Legally abetted Suicides. If man have to have the basic right to live and survive, National Commission for Men is the ONLY solution and an immediate demand of Save Indian Family.

So, come forward, join hands and be vocal about your pain. Hope to meet you at 9AM on 29th April 2017 (Saturday) at Jantar Mantar for “SATYAGRAH FOR MEN 2017”.








Woman Threatens Uber Driver With Rape Over Phone Charger

The following video, recorded in New York, is viral and the psycho woman has become a laughing stock on social media. The incredibly rude woman threatens the polite driver with rape, screams obscenities, and make me wonder what male drivers have to go through everyday.

Some of the things she screams hysterically:

“I’m going to start screaming out the window that you’re raping me, that you raped me.”

“I will punch myself in the face and tell the cops you did it. You wanna play?”

“I’ll call the cops right now …. I’m going to tell them you’re holding me against my will.”

“You’re going to jail for domestic violence.”

“I’ll spit in your face”

The driver quietly tells her: “If I don’t have a charger, politely ask me. I’ll politely tell you, I’m sorry I don’t have a charger”.

If not for the recording device, he could have gone to jail and she could have ruined his life with false accusations of violence and molestation.

False Case Of Dowry Forced Rohit Sharma’s Father To Commit Suicide

Yet another victim of IPC Section 498A. Yet another martyr of marriage. Rohit Sharma’s father, Ajendra Sharma, got tired of being continuously harassed and tortured by his daughter-in-law, and had to watch his entire family suffer in agony and pain. Tired of the humiliation and of making endless rounds of police stations and court in old age, he finally gave up the battle.