10 Movies That You Shouldn’t Miss

Below are 10 movies that highlight the manipulative, cunning, and cruel side of women, which is a reality in everyday life.


1. A Mother’s Nightmare

Related imageVanessa moves fast to claim Chris for her own, taking his time away and distancing him from his family and friends. His mom, Maddie, is disturbed by their sudden relationship and when she discovers a secret of Vanessa’s and she uses all her resources to convince Chris to end it. Angered and vengeful, Vanessa accuses Chris of a heinous act that turns the school against him and sparks an online attack. When things get violent, Vanessa plans her next move and Maddie must find out Vanessa’s game before she loses her son forever.


2. Cyberbully

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Cyberbully follows Taylor Hillridge (Emily Osment), a teenage girl who falls victim to online bullying, and the cost it nearly takes on her and her family. When her mom gives her a computer for her birthday, Taylor is excited by the prospect of freedom and the independence of going online without her mother always looking over her shoulder. However, Taylor soon finds herself the victim of betrayal and bullying while visiting a social website, and afraid to face her peers at school, including her best friend (Kay Panabaker), she is pushed to a breaking point.


3. Pyaar Ka Punchnama

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Outspoken and overly critical Nishant Agarwal meets new co-worker, Charu, offers his help, assists her financially, and they become close friends. His room-mates, Rajat and Vikrant, are pleased with this outcome as they already have girlfriends in Neha and Rhea respectively. But both the relationships are not as harmonious, as Rajat feels Neha is self-centered and demanding, while Rhea appears to be withdrawn and aloof.

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4. Body Of Evidence

Image result for body of innocenceA millionaire is found dead of heart failure handcuffed to the bed with a home video tape of him and his lover. When cocaine is found in his system, and his will leaves $8 million to his lover, they arrest her on suspicion of murder. Her lawyer succumbs to her charms, and he begins a torrid and kinky affair with her. As new evidence turns up during trial, he begins to wonder if he’s defending a murderer.




5. Mean Girls

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Cady Heron, a homeschooled girl, lived in Africa for 15 years. Entering public school for the first time, she meets the “worst” of her classmates, the Plastics. She joins and eventually gets assimilated into the group of three unkind girls. But she later tries to bring them down.

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6. Aitraaz

Related imageSuccessful businessman Raj Malhotra (Akshay Kumar) has everything going for him, including a lovely wife (Kareena Kapoor). Just when he thinks things can’t get any better, Sonia (Priyanka Chopra) – his ex-girlfriend, now the boss’s wife – walks back into his life – and she wants Raj. After he rejects her sexual advances, she accuses him of rape.




7. Odd Girl Out

Image result for odd girl outA mother and her daughter confront the intimidation of teen peer pressure and the emotionally brutalizing social rituals of high school. A well-adjusted teenager becomes depressed when she’s ostracized by her friends at school. Her mother must help her daughter regain her confidence.





8. Bad Teacher

Image result for bad teacherA lazy, incompetent middle school teacher who hates her job, her students, and her co-workers is forced to return to teaching to make enough money for breast implants after her wealthy fiancé dumps her.





9. Basic Instinct 

Image result for basic instinctA former rock star, Johnny Boz, is brutally killed during sex, and the case is assigned to detective Nick Curran of the SFPD. During the investigation, Nick meets Catherine Tramell, a crime novelist who was Boz’s girlfriend when he died. Catherine proves to be a very clever and manipulative woman, and though Nick is more or less convinced that she murdered Boz, he is unable to find any evidence.




10. Wild Things 

Image resultIn south Florida, a high school counselor is accused of rape by a manipulative rich girl and her trailer trash classmate. The cop on the case begins to suspect a conspiracy and dives into an elaborate and devious web of greed and betrayal to find the truth.

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Source: IMDB

94% Pickpockets Caught In Delhi Metro Are Women

According to this report by The Times Of India, 94% pickpockets caught in Delhi metro are women. It is not surprising, but in today’s world media has demonized men to the point where we attach all negative aspects of society to men, whereas that is far from the truth. In reality, it is quite the opposite.

Below are some testimonies:

A girl picked up my bag and walked away

 I was returning from a shopping trip in GK, and I took the Metro because I wanted to avoid traffic. I was in the pink coach and had put my shopping bag on the floor. A girl in formals was getting off at Patel Chowk, and she picked my bag up and started walking ahead! When I shouted after her that it was my bag, she started to walk faster. I also got off the Metro and ran after her, and told the guards. When the guards caught her, she casually said, “Sorry, I didn’t realize I had picked up the wrong bag,” and just walked away.
 – Sakshi Tiwari, medical student

A chatty pickpocket

I have this habit of starting a conversation with anyone in the Metro. I get bored, and I can’t pretend to be busy with my phone. Once, in the ladies’ compartment, this girl smiled at me and I returned her smile. Then she asked me where I was going, and this is how we started talking to each other. I thought she was very sweet. She boarded at Yamuna Bank, and was with me till Mandi House. In this span of ten minutes, she took my wallet. She was behind me when I was getting off at Mandi House. It was crowded and I could feel a hand on my back. When I turned around, she simply said sorry and smiled. When I came out and took an auto, I discovered that I didn’t have my wallet. Since then, I either try to stand in such a way that no one is behind me, or if it’s too crowded, I keep checking my bag and wallet.
– Nivedita Batra, 17, student

Asli waali jeb kat gayi

I usually go in the pink compartment. Not because it is safer or something, but because while returning in the evening, the Metro gets so crowded that boarding the general compartment only means inviting inappropriate touches. Recently, when I was at Rajeev Chowk station, I realized that my purse wasn’t in my bag. When I started looking for it, I was shocked to see that my bag had a cut. I don’t even remember how or when it happened. It was literally jeb katna. The ladies’ compartment was so crowded that everyone was stepping on each other. All I remember is two-three girls leaning on me, and it was so crowded that despite asking them to move, they couldn’t. I think it was they who cut my bag.
– Priyanka Singh, 23, web developer.

I lost my month’s salary

I’m afraid of crowds ever since I lost an entire month’s salary. Since I have a part-time job, I don’t get paid through cheque, but cash. I was carrying 8,000, and I thought it would be safe to be in the women’s compartment to avoid any untoward incident. I never realized when someone cut my bag and not a single penny was left. I don’t understand how these pickpockets find out where we keep the money. My only mistake was that I was excitedly telling my friend that we’d party with this salary.
– Neha Bharadwaj, 24, content writer



Men Asked To Give Up Seats For Women Reveals Everyday Sexism Faced By Men

If women want equality, and according to feminists both men and women are equal, then why do men have to give up seats for women? Why are seats reserved for women on DTC buses and in metros? Women’s sense of entitlement knows no bounds. Women want equality but they do not want to let go of their privileges, and equality is only applicable when it works in women’s favor.

The following is a transcript by a man who was travelling from Delhi to Pune. When a girl asked him to give up his lower berth and he refused, she threatened to call female helpline. She then complained to the TTE, below is their conversation:

TTE: Beta aap seat exchange kar lo madam se. Inhe lower berth chahiye. (You need to exchange your seat with the lady. She wants lower berth)

Me (perplexed): Lekin lower berth meri seat hai. Aap ticket pe seat number dekhiye. (The lower berth is mine. Please check the ticket again).

TTE: Vo mujhe maloom hai. Madam ko upar jane me dikkat hogi to aap apni seat inhe de dijiye. (I am aware of that. She might have trouble climbing up so its better you give your seat to her)

Me: Sorry, aap kisi aur lower berth vale se puch lo. (Sorry, can you ask someone else for the lower seat?)

Girl: Tumhe ek baar me samajh me nahi aata kya? Behre ho? (Are you deaf? Cannot you listen in one go?)

Me: Excuse me, but aap zara tameez se baat kariye. (Excuse me, but you need to check your tone)

TTE: Sahi bol rahin hain madam. Chaliye aap upar shift ho jaiye. (She is right. You need to exchange your seat now)

Me: Sorry Sir, mai bohot izzat se bat kar raha hu lekin mai upar nahi jaunga. (Sorry Sir, I am being as polite as I can but this is not happening. Not today.)

Girl: Mere legs me sprain hai. Itna bhi nahi samajh aata tujhe k mai upar nahi chadh paungi. (I have a sprain in my legs. Can’t you see that I wont be able to climb to the upper berth?)

Me: Excuse me, but I saw you enter the coach with your luggage all by yourself. You even tip-toed to put your stuff on the upper berth. Don’t make stories.

Some stranger: RPF (Railway Protection Force) me phone laga k utarvaiye iss ladke ko. Tameez nahi hai kaise baat krte hain ladkiyon se. (Someone call RPF and get this guy out of the train. He doesn’t even have manners to talk to a girl)

Some other stranger: Dikhta nahi akeli ladki hai. Itna samaan hai uske paas. (Can’t you see she is alone? She is carrying so much luggage)

Me: Samaan le kar upar nahi chadhna hai inhe. Aap kahe to mai niche apne saman ki jagah inka rakh leta hu. (She doesn’t need to climb with the luggage. She can keep it right here and I will move mine somewhere else)

Girl: I am going to call the female helpline right now. (She was seconded by many onlookers)

Me: Aapko jo karna hai kariye. (I turned towards the TTE) (Do whatever you wish to)

Me: Aur Sir aap. Mere father railways me hain. Senior Audit Officer. Aap agle station pe apne supervisor se baat kar lijiyega. Its illegal to force any passenger to leave their seat without any solid ground. Thank you. (And you Sir, my father is a Senior Audit Officer with the Railways. You will need to talk to your supervisor at the next stop. Its illegal to force any passenger to leave their seat without any solid ground. Thank you.

The TTE soon backed off after learning that Kanishk’s father is a Senior Audit Officer with the railways.

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Documentary: Martyrs Of Marriage

Image result for deepika bhardwaj

Below is the trailer of Deepika Bhardwaj’s documentary ‘Martyrs Of Marriage’, addressing the issues of false cases of dowry against men, a problem which has destroyed not only men’s lives but their entire families. It is used as a tool by women to either extract money or for revenge. Even children are not spared when it comes to fabricated allegations.


The following is Deepika Bhardwaj’s article titled I Am A Woman, But Here Is Why I Chose To Fight For Men

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor” -Desmond Tutu

Seeing my uncles leave their parents and set up separate homes no matter how much they loved their parents and wanted to keep them along was normal for me as a young girl. I never bothered to think about it. Though I saw the pain in the eyes of these old and ailing parents, I thought that it was probably more important for a man to listen to his wife than to those who had brought him up in this world, taught him how to walk, and made him the man he is today. I grew up and saw a few of these men completely snapped from family ties, but once again I never bothered to inquire much.

Three years ago, I was forced to THINK.

A very dear friend of mine was on the brink of a divorce a year after his marriage and two months after his parents had started living with the couple. His wife gave him two options: leave his parents forever or divorce with a huge sum. He chose the latter. I still remember endless drives where he spoke less and cried more for that decision. He never wanted to break his marriage but was forced to. He was also forced to pay a price that was worth his and his parents’ life’s savings. This time, though I did wonder to myself why he was paying so much, I did not get too much into the reasons.

Two years ago, I was forced to ACT.

It happened again, this time very close to me. A young boy (my cousin), who had fallen in love with the “innocence” of this girl, was cheatedand cheated beyond explanation. She was a dream to him; he was a tissue for her. He married her to make a home; she married him for society’s tag. She loved another man, and this marriage was just part of the plan! He felt humiliated. She felt victorious. He did not want her to go. She wanted a divorce. He consented to an amicable separation. She cried, DOWRY! My cousin was given two choices: divorce with a huge sum or a dowry case and his family behind bars!

I accompanied my cousin to meet a retired judge and seek guidance. There had been no dowry demand and the girl was lying. “Truth has no significance,” the judge said. “As a husband, you can do nothing to save you and your family if she wants to file a dowry case. It doesn’t matter if you are right or she is wrong. What she says is right.” I was enraged. I told him that we had evidence! He laughed, saying, “A woman isn’t punished for adultery in this country. However, she can file endless false cases against you, get you arrested under 498A, and make you run around courts for years until you satisfy her demands. She’s a woman.”

My cousin was also extorted. I saw his family’s trauma and his transition from a cheerful boy to a shattered man. I still can’t forget his screams. That’s when I understood why my friend had paid, why my cousin had paid, and why men compromise.

After my cousin’s case, suddenly I saw it happening everywhere. Or perhaps what I had ignored for years was now staring me in the face. I started researching dowry cases and realized that what the media had told me wasn’t the only truth. The deeper I went, the uglier the reality was behind these cases. The other side of 498A left me utterly confused as a woman: How can I use a law when I am wrong? How can it allow me to play with anyone’s life? How can it be used as a weapon? How can “she” always be right and he “always” be wrong? How can it allow a woman to get away with so many lies? One night I stumbled upon a suicide video of Syed Ahmed Makhdoom, in which he described false 498A and his ordeal as the reason behind his death. It changed my life.

I could no longer ignore. I could no longer be neutral and side with the oppressor. That’s when I decided to raise my voice against the misuse of laws by women and fight for those who have never been considered victims: men.

Increasingly, men in India are becoming victims of systematic abuse through gender-biased laws. Laws in which a man’s innocence doesn’t matter, where he is presumed guilty, and where a mere verbal accusation by a woman makes him a puppet in the hands of the police and judiciary for years to come. Laws in which he is humiliated, abused, extorted, and pushed to the brink for being a man!

In the past two years, I have come across thousands of these casescases where broken marriages have turned into dowry cases, failed affairs have turned into rape cases, appraisal rejections have turned into sexual harassment cases, property disputes have turned into outraging modesty, and street fights have turned into molestationjust because a woman now has the power to “feel” like a victim any way she wants and her words are enough to nail a man.

The misuse of laws isn’t the only issue. Another problem is the absolute apathy toward the problems of men. There is no law in India that recognizes violence toward men by his spouse/partner. There is no law in India to analyze the abuse of men by women. There is no law in India that clocks murders/burnings/suicides of married men by their wives or in-laws (like dowry deaths of women). India’s domestic violence actwhich recognizes emotional, economical, physical, and sexual violence – doesn’t accept men as the victims of any of this violence. Despite the fact that the number of men committing suicide in India is twice the number of women, there is not a single helpline dedicated to men. And forget about having any laws for married men; if a married man who is abused uses his only optiondivorcehe can rest assured that his wife will launch a dozen similar cases against him. So from being a victim he becomes an accused!

Women’s right activists often argue with me that the number of abused men is much lower. I ask, When there is no law to assess their abuse, how can there be numbers? Moreover, numbers is not my game, nor is holding placards with statistics my bread and butter. My fight is against the injustice toward men in the name of justice toward women – even if it’s for just one man. I wish to help every man who is a victim of this systematic abuse and hope to fight until justice stops looking through the eyes of gender.


Gender Wage Gap Does Not Exist

Image result for if civilization was left in female hands

It is clear as daylight that feminism is a cult which aims to send women in the workforce to destroy family life, and brainwashes women to take men’s jobs and work outside the home even though women are inefficient compared to men. If that is not enough, there is further propaganda under the guise of gender wage gap.

Since a while now, there have been cries over women not receiving the same pay as men. That, quite frankly, is amusing. If the gender wage gap was true, everyone would hire women and save money, however, that is not the case. This is because the so called gender wage gap does not exist. It is a myth, a propaganda to propel women’s victim status. The feminist cult thrives on the evergreen image of women as victims.

Image result for christina hoff sommers gender wage gap

No two people in the world are paid the same. Whether it is two pilots, two teachers, two doctors, two engineers, or two people in any profession. There is always a difference in academic credentials, experience, work ethics, what you bring to the table, number of hours worked, skill set, punctuality and attendance, etc. Everyone is different.

Women are known to take more time off, especially maternity leave, and work less number of hours than men. Anyone with common sense knows that if you take more days off from work, you cannot be expected to be paid the same as someone who works more hours than you.

Women choose easier courses in college, such as arts and humanities, whereas men opt for engineering and science. Women take easier courses, then compare themselves with men who toil with much tougher subjects. Obviously, someone with a degree in humanities cannot be expected to be paid the same as an engineer.

Men work the most dangerous jobs in the world, which is another reason why men are paid more. 97% workplace deaths are of men. Coal miners, roofers, truck drivers, iron and steel workers, garbage collectors, sewage cleaners, scaffolders, construction laborers, linemen, alligator wrestlers, lion tamers, etc –  women are welcome to work these jobs in their quest for equality.

Image result for men have sacrificed and crippled

Civilization has been built on the bodies of dead men. Men have sacrificed tears, blood, and sweat to feed women and children. Of course, women have shown nothing but apathy and ingratitude. Men have been victimized, and portrayed as villains.

Men: The Forgotten Gender

Image result for dowry 498A

In the TEDx talk, Deepika Bhardwaj talks about how false cases of dowry, rape, and domestic violence have destroyed men and their families. Even minors have not been spared. It has also affected women, as mothers, sisters, and daughters of the falsely accused have suffered. Many female relatives have also been imprisoned. I wonder where feminism is for these women.

  • Between 1998 and 2015 more than 2.7 million people have been arrested under 498A alone, higher than any other crime under IPC except theft, hurt and riots.
  • 650,000 women who were arrested were sisters, mothers and relatives of the man many of whom had never stayed with the couple sharing a domestic relationship.
  • Most of these people were arrested on mere allegations without investigations.
  • 7,700 minors were also arrested in 498A cases.
  • Convictions rate under 498A dropped down to 13.7% in 2014, making it one amongst few sections under IPC that have a poor conviction record.
  • Several families have been destroyed because of incarceration due to a false case or running around courts for years and years.
  • Most people choose to quietly give in to legal extortion under these cases to escape decades of trial and harassment for no fault of theirs. (Source: A Times)


A Female Boss Refuses To Hire Women

Image result for feminism has ruined women

The article was originally published on Clarissa’s blog

Over the years, I have hired outstanding women – educated, intelligent and highly articulate. Yet, I am exhausted. I have become profoundly tired of being a therapist and a babysitter, of being drawn into passive-aggressive mental games and into constantly questioning my own worth as a manager. I have had several women who quit to stay home to “figure out what to do next”. No, not to stay home and care for children, but to mooch of a husband or a boyfriend while soul searching (aka: taking a language class or learning a new inapplicable skill that could be acquired after work). Incidentally, I have not had a single male employee quit with no plan in mind.

I have had women cry in team meetings, come to my office to ask me if I still like them and create melodrama over the side of the office their desk was being placed. I am simply incapable of verbalizing enough appreciation to female employees to satiate their need for it for at least a week’s worth of work. Here is one example to explain. My receptionist was resigning and, while in tears, she told me that although she was passionate about our brand and loved the job, she could not overcome the fact that I did not thank her for her work. It really made me stop in my tracks and so I asked for an example. “Remember when I bought the pictures with butterflies to hang in the front? And you just came and said ‘thank you’? That is a perfect example!” – “Wait”, I said, “So, I did thank you then?” – “Yes! But you did not elaborate on what exactly you liked about them! Why didn’t you?” She had bought them with the company credit card and I actually did not like them at all, but I digress.

I have developed a different approach for offering constructive criticism to male and female employees. When I have something to say to one of the men, I just say it! I don’t think it through – I simply spit it out, we have a brief discussion and we move on. They even frequently thank me for the feedback! Not so fast with my female staff. I plan, I prepare, I think, I run it through my business partner and then I think again. I start with a lot of positive feedback before I feel that I have cushioned my one small negative comment sufficiently, yet it is rarely enough. We talk forever, dissect every little piece of it, and then come back to the topic time and time again in the future. And I also have to confirm that I still like them – again and again, and again.

I am also yet to have a single male employee come to my office to give me dirt on a co-worker or share an awkward gossip-like story. My female employees though? Every. single. one.

When I opened my company, I was excited for many reasons. One of them was wanting to make it an amazing place for women to build their careers. After all, we were two women, both mothers with very small children, opening a company in a very competitive industry. I was going to celebrate the achievements of my female hires, encourage them to find their voices, celebrate their pregnancies and year-long maternity leaves, be understanding and accommodating when they would have to juggle work/daycare/school schedules. Yet, I had no idea that the problems women faced in their workplace were often far removed from the typical inequalities feminism continues to address. It is not men who sabotage women and stump their career growth – it is women themselves!