Why Feminists Hate Religion

(Guest post by James Bond)

The reason feminists hate religion and promote atheism is because everything feminism stands for is against religion. Feminists promote equality, homosexuality, abortion, divorce, indecency and immorality; and all these things are despised by God as depicted in religious scriptures.

The fundamental reason for the hatred of religion is that in all major religions of the world, women are commanded by their God to OBEY their husbands. All major religions give man exclusive authority. Pundits, priests, rabbis and imams are scared to preach their respective religions regarding man’s authority in order to please women, or for fear of a backlash. What a shame!

Feminism has nothing to do with women’s rights, it is not about equality either. Feminism is about following the devil and disobedience to God. Women who ask for equality are rebels who challenge God and his word. They are like Satan, who wanted authority in God’s kingdom. God does not grant women authority, only to men. Men are the heads of households. Men are to rule over women. Women must be obedient to their husbands, and a woman cannot be obedient to God without being obedient to her husband.

Regardless of which religion you follow, a woman’s place is in the home. She is supposed to take care of the home and family. With the advent of feminism, divorce rates have skyrocketed, because religion has taken a backseat. No religion, law, or philosophy believes that equality exists. Science has proven that equality does not exist. All religions teach that men and women are different in mind, body, and spirit. Feminism is a satanic cult used to control women in order to turn them into office slaves and masculine, childless, psych-med addicts. Women will never be men, no matter how hard they try, nor should they. Women have evolved over hundreds of years to care for the family and bear children. Men have evolved to provide and protect the family. It has worked to both sexes mutual benefit.

Today, countless women are free and on their own. They are economically independent and do not need a husband to provide for them. As a result, children are neglected and are also on their own. A woman’s body taken as a whole points to the fact that she is designed for motherhood, while a man has been created to work outside the home. However, feminists try to demean homemaking, make it sound like oppression, and brainwash women into the workforce away from the comfort and peace of their homes, while the real oppression occurs with the deranged idea of ‘equality’ in the form of broken homes, shockingly high divorce rates, neglect of children, abuse at the hands of babysitters, teen pregnancies, alcohol and drug abuse among teenagers, poor academic performances of children, and not surprisingly most criminals hail from single parent families.

Arthur Schopenhauer, the great German philosopher said:

The fundamental fault in the character of women is that they have no “sense of justice.” This arises from their deficiency in the power of reasoning and reflection, but is also partly due to the fact that God has not destined them, as the weaker sex, to be dependent on strength but on cunning; this is why they are instinctively crafty, and have an ineradicable tendency to lie.

For as lions are furnished with claws and teeth, elephants with tusks, boars with fangs, bulls with horns, and the cuttlefish with its dark, inky fluid, so God has provided woman for her protection and defense with the faculty of dissimulation, and all the power which God has given to man in the form of bodily strength and reason has been conferred on woman in this form.

Hence, dissimulation is innate in woman and almost as characteristic of the very stupid as of the clever. Accordingly, it is as natural for women to dissemble at every opportunity as it is for those animals to turn to their weapons when they are attacked; and they feel in doing so that in a certain measure they are only making use of their rights.

Therefore a woman who is perfectly truthful and does not dissemble is perhaps an impossibility. This is why they see through dissimulation in others so easily; therefore it is not advisable to attempt it with them.

From the fundamental defect that has been stated, and all that it involves, spring falseness, faithlessness, treachery, ungratefulness, and so on. In a court of justice women are more often found guilty of perjury than men. It is indeed to be generally questioned whether they should be allowed to take an oath at all.


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