Dangal is feminist propaganda

(Guest post by James Bond)

If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts (Camille Paglia)

The vilification of Mahavir Singh Phogat

It is shocking to see the blogosphere filled with articles describing Mahavir Singh Phogat as a self-obsessed man, a monster, who forces his dreams on his daughters, and robs them of their childhood. In reality, it is clear when his daughters, Geeta and Babita, meet a girl who is about to get married who tells them how they are lucky to have a father who cares about them, and is training them so that they can have a choice when they grow up, they then choose to wake up early the next morning and start training. The surprised look on the father’s face speaks volumes about his daughter’s decision to choose to train for a better future. The conversation with the girl who was going to get married to an unknown person deposits something within Geeta and Babita. It fills the daughters with a sense of choice.

As for the training itself, there is no sports competition, or any competition for that matter, where the training is not tough. Agreed that Mahavir Singh Phogat was hard on his daughters, but it was to yield results, and so that his daughters could become successful. And they did. People calling the training abuse must also think it is abuse when parents force their children to study, or eat healthy, or stay away from TV, or any other detrimental activity. Look at any successful person in the world and you will see the amount of time and hard work that goes into their work. Often the roots have been set in early childhood, under strict parental guidance. It is called love. Not abuse.

No one seems to be speaking of the sacrifices that Mahavir Singh Phogat made. He believes in his daughters when no one else did, has to face ridicule and taunts from the entire village, fights with the organizers of the Dangal competition to allow his daughter entry, fights with her daughter’s coach at the Common Wealth Games, fights with his entire village, fights the world. He leaves his job when he was not allowed time off work to train his daughters, and upon being asked by his wife replies that he will support them by labouring on his farm. Why don’t we speak of Mahavir Singh’s sacrifices, his blood, tears and sweat. It would have been easy for him to continue working an office job, marry his daughters off and live a life free of worry. But he chooses to sacrifice.

One basic thing he does get wrong. The films tagline, “hamari choriyan choro se kam hain kya” is rubbish.

The False Siren of Equality

It is a fact that men are stronger than women. Physically, emotionally, intellectually. Women are designed to be caregivers, not providers. This is nature, and you cannot fight it. There cannot be two captains of one ship. Men think with their brains, women with their hearts. Men are better at making decisions, better at handling situations, better at work. All the Math and Science streams are occupied by men, while women choose humanities, nursing and arts. Women take more time off work, get tired quickly, complain, produce inferior quality work, and then whine about not getting equal pay.

A woman blogs about why she doesn’t want to hire women.

As for sports, the best male football player is better than the best female football player. The fastest man in the world is faster than the fastest woman in the world. The best male snowboarder in the world can do tricks with a higher degree of difficulty than the best female snowboarder in the world. The best male golf player can drive the ball farther than the best female golf player in the world. The list is endless. These are irrefutable facts. Men are better at sports. Men have more strength, more speed, more stamina, more skill. Men are more physically and mentally capable than women in almost every aspect. Watch the Olympics and compare women’s world records to men’s world records. It is hilarious. It should not come as a surprise to know that Australia’s seventh ranked women’s soccer team lost to a group of 15 year old kids.

Women are now entering male oriented fields like firefighting, army, police force, etc. They have physical standards lowered for them in order to pass, but in real life situations that can, and does, prove hazardous, putting people’s lives at risk. The video below shows exactly why:

Men ran, hunted, gathered, tracked, killed, etc. Women carried children and were helpers. Men risked their lives hunting. Women were offered food and protection. Even today, men are the majority of war deaths, mandatory conscription, and workplace deaths, so that women can be offered protection and food. Everything we have today is a result of men’s hard work, sacrifices, tears, sweat, and blood.

A woman’s purpose is to support a man so that he may be able to better do his work. This is merely the system by which humanity will best achieve greatness. Your feelings are of little significance. We have recognized this since the beginning of time. Open your eyes and consider how humanity as a whole operates.


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