Woman jumps red light, then attacks traffic police with a brick

In the sane society one would have seen the above headline in the news today.

Instead we are shocked and depressed to see the following headlines:

Below is the video capturing the incident.

The story (and it is perhaps the only one) that covers the statement of the man who shot the video reports:

According to Kamal Kanth, the man who shot the video, the incident took place at Golf Links in central Delhi soon after the woman, who was riding a scooter with her young daughters, allegedly jumped a traffic signal.

Kamal Kanth told the media that the policeman demanded the woman’s driving license. She gave him a photocopy. She said she did not have the original and began walking away.

“He then pulled her. Shot got angry over being pulled and hit the policeman’s bike with a stone. The policeman then picked up a huge brick and flung it on the woman’s back in front her two children,” said Kamal Kanth.

But despite being injured, the woman refused to let him go and shouted for help. “People immediately gathered there and overpowered the policeman,” said Kamal Kanth.

We may never know whether the woman jumped the traffic signal, or whether the constable asked for bribe. The former is as much likely to have happened as the latter. Why else would the traffic constable even ask for bribe if the rule was not broken? By the way, she was riding with her three daughters on a scooter, which itself is illegal and would have been a perfectly valid reason for the police to stop her. But since we won’t know whether the bribe was asked for, we are generously dropping both the points on account of inadequate knowledge.

We however do know what is captured in the video and what the man who shot the video himself describes.

What is actually surprising is that none of the news stories acknowledge the fact that it was the woman who first picked up a brick to attack the police as clearly seen in the video. The constable picking up the brick and throwing it at her is in response to her throwing the brick at his bike. Was it wrong of the constable to hit her? Forget for a moment that it is woman and think how you would react if you see another person picking up a brick to attack you. Many would say, she did not attack him but threw the brick at his bike. Well, watch the video carefully in slow motion. When the woman is about to hurl the brick the man is guarding his head with the helmet he is holding in the other hand. The woman then throws the brick at his bike. Most importantly, she throws the brick first! In such a situation, it is a normal human response to attack back if only to stop the other person from attacking you. If the person attacking you is stronger, the normal response would be to flee. In this case the attacker is a woman. Should he have waited for her to pick another brick and throw it at him? The constable did not attack the woman, he hit her in response to her threatening to attack him and actually throwing the brick at his bike.

The man who shot the video stated that the woman picked up the brick when she was pulled by the constable. Again, forget that it is woman. If you break the traffic rule and the police stop you and you walk away without heeding them, what do you think they would do? Let you walk away?

So much for gender equality!

If the same incident had taken place with a man in the picture instead of the woman, the man would have been arrested. The man would have been clearly found guilty for making four-seater of a bike. No one would have questioned that he was stopped for jumping red light. And his story of the police not ready to give a receipt would have been deemed bullshit after the violent act on his part on top of breaking the traffic law.

It is shocking that instead of arresting the woman for her criminal conduct the White Knights of Delhi Police dismissed the constable from service!

About the media, we don’t know whether to call them imbecilic or shameless. Blatant lies and utter lack of critical thought are increasingly becoming normal features of the perversely gender-biased society.


The Indian Express reports a day after the incident:

A day after a Traffic Police head constable was arrested and dismissed from service after he threw a brick at a woman, the police probe claims that Head Constable Satish Chand was the first to call the Police Control Room (PCR) at 10.37 am on Monday.

Police sources said he informed the PCR that a woman was caught after she jumped a light and that she was trying to escape after misbehaving with him. Within three minutes, the woman, Ramanjeet Kaur, too made a PCR call alleging that the traffic policeman was misbehaving with her, the sources said.

Incidentally, police claimed that Chand also made a ‘sting tape’ of the entire episode in which he is heard asking the woman for her licence and vehicle registration papers.

In the audio clip with police, there is no mention of the Rs 200 that Chand had allegedly demanded from Kaur.

The audio tape could be heard here:

More from the report:

The 45-second audio clip, which Chand handed over to police, starts with Chand speaking to the woman: “Madam tumne laal bati jump kiya hai. Tum mujhe apni RC aur licence dikhao, mujhe tera challan karna hai (Madam, you have jumped a red-light. Show me your registration papers and licence so that I can fine you)”.

Kaur in reply is heard saying: “Tujhe challan karna hai toh kar de mera court ka challan, main tujhe koi papers nahin dikhaungi (If you want to issue a challan, issue me a court challan. I’m not going to show you any documents)”.

Chand says: “Ki tu badtameezi se kyu baat kar rahi hai aur court challan karne se pehle apni RC aur licence toh dikha (Why are you being so rude? Before I issue a court challan, show me your licence and registration papers).”

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