Ten Fashion Bloopers to Avoid for Indian Men

  1. The Backpack.  Ditch the backpack except when backpacking.  Carry your laptop etc. in a shoulder bag, preferably made of leather.


  2. Sneakers.  Ditch the sneakers except when taking part in a fitness activity.  Wear leather or suede or desert boots or, in summers, loafers or good-looking flip-flops.


  3. Canvas or Leather or Faux leather sandals.  And even more so: Sandals with socks.  They look cheap and ugly.  NRIs are somehow big fans of them.  Avoid them at all costs.


  4. Light colored jeans, especially the ones with a color gradient or some pattern.  They very rarely look good.  Buy solid dark colored ones (indigo, dark gray) instead.


  5. Not getting a haircut when it’s time.  Having overgrown hair and facial hair tells everybody that you don’t care about your appearance.  And trim your nose and chest hair.


  6. Wearing a suit jacket with sleeves which are too long, and a suit pant which has more than one “break”.


  7. Wearing a shirt which “blouses” over your body.  Either buy a “tailored-fit” or “slim-fit” shirt (depending on your body-type), or get the shirt tailored.  In India it shouldn’t cost more than a hundred rupees to get the shirt altered.


  8. Wearing square-toe leather shoes, or thin-edge ones.  The Oxfords are the way to go.  And they don’t cost much more than these horrendous designs.
  9. Wearing un-ironed shirts or trousers/jeans.  Learn how to properly iron a dress shirt and pants.  There are umpteen youtube videos on these.
  10. Wearing a belt which is too long and whose edge hangs on the side.  A properly-sized belt should only extend 3-4 inches beyond the buckle.  You can cut and size the belt yourself.

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