The Modern Maxims, from The Illimitable Man

These two sets of maxims should be required reading for all men.

From FIfty Shades of Red:

Maxim #5

The feminine wants a guardian and the masculine wants to guard. The problem is, neither can happen without trust. The sexes have never trusted each other much, but courtesy of feminism, they have never trusted each other less.

Maxim #26

If she is with a submissive man, she prioritises her happiness. If she is with a dominant man, she prioritises his. With the dominant man, making him happy makes her happy. The submissive man’s happiness has no such effect, so she deems it irrelevant.

Maxim #37

Marriage is security for women at the expense of man’s freedom. Traditionally man was given certain powers to compensate him for the increased burden and loss of freedom. He no longer is.

Maxim #50

If you try to debate with someone whose mind prefers emotion to reason, you will engage in a grand exercise of futility that exhausts the patience. As such, do not argue with women. It is pointless. You cannot argue with feelings, you can only manipulate them.

From Fifty Shades Redder:

Maxim #57

Men control an interaction by being non-reactive. Women control an interaction by being hyper-emotional.

Maxim #67

The majority of women would rather improve their capacity to deceive than change anything non-superficial about themselves.

Maxim #90

Women play games. Women say they do not play games and hate those that do. This is part of their game.

Maxim #98

If you’re not a man who is comfortably masculine, women will emotionally abuse you until you finally learn to be masculine. Their nature, although unintended, perversely serves in much the manner that tough love does. How she hurts you will give you the impetus necessary to become a better man. It is women who drive men to the red pill.

Maxim #100

The low-value man can do no right, the high-value man can do no wrong. The higher your social market value, the less the rules apply


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