Ten Consequences of Women’s Financial Independence

Men need women.  Women (at least in western societies) no longer need men.  This imbalance has many interesting consequences:

  1. Women see men as entertainment.  Men invest far more in entertaining women than in other worthwhile pursuits which traditionally would have guaranteed them a good woman.  Bars, fine dining, high-end clubs, high-end stores, expensive jewelry, fashion, cosmetics are all consumed by women but mostly paid for by men to woo the women.  Wooing a modern woman is becoming really, really expensive.
  2.  For men to who this cost is too high and unfair, they drop out from the sexual marketplace and get their satisfaction from pornography and masturbation.  This was true even historically, but the epidemic of pornography indicates a severe economic crisis in sexuality.  Most men can no longer afford bangable women.
  3. Women no longer need a provider man, because the modern state has ensured that even if a woman makes mistakes, a man, or society as a collective, will come to her rescue.  The modern state is the ultimate white knight.
  4. Men still need sex and validation, however.  But since a working woman has taken the negotiating card away from her man, a man is at the mercy of his girlfriend or wife.  She can withhold sex.  A man cannot withhold provisions (that is called cruelty).  She can threaten to quit the marriage and take half his wealth.  He cannot threaten to quit the marriage and be guaranteed her sexual availability for 26 weeks every year.
  5. Women are being groomed not for homemaking but for becoming compettive professionals.  Men are not attracted to such women as long-term partners, though they may pay lip-service to liberal ideals.  Long-term relationships have a bleak future.
  6. Women entering the workforce increase the supply pool of employees, and drive wages lower.  Men can no longer afford to provide for their families with the mom staying at home.  It wasn’t always this way.
  7. Women spending most of their days outside home has catastrophic consequences for the future of the children and of the family unit.  For a modern urban family, since the mother is no longer willing to be at home, having a kid is an expensive proposition.  Modern urban women are not willing to have many kids.  Neither are modern urban men, because it is just too expensive.
  8. Men, not being motivated to be, or rewarded for being, providers, have no incentive to achieve anything worthwhile for themselves or for society.  They are happy playing video games, going to comic conventions, and watching increasingly fetishized porn.
  9. There is an epidemic of sexual confusion, promiscuity and divorces.  When marriage is based on “desire” and “tingles” but not on “need” or family honor, the foundation is shaky.
  10. Women are voting, earning, and moreover, are spending most of the money.  And therefore they need to be wooed by the media and the politicians.  The media and the political discourse is becoming feminized, anti-masculine and welfare-socialist.  “Rape-culture”, “Patriarchy”, “War on women” and related nonsense is becoming a cacophony when in reality the social and economic conditions have always been advantageous for women, and never more so than in the present times.



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