Only Men can Love

What is the nature of human sexuality?

In elementary terms, there are two stages to reproduction:

  • Stage One (Up till Conception): The human female produces expensive eggs while sperm is cheap and plentiful.  A man needs a woman during conception and woos her to have sex with him.
  • Stage Two (After Conception): The human foetus and infant requires provisions and shelter for a couple of decades and needs a stable male provider and defender.

We can also say that Love is the desire to want to be with one’s beloved for a long time, as contrasted with passion which is to want to have sex with one’s object of lust.

Now given these assumptions (which are quite commonly accepted), which of the two genders in humanity is logically required to be more capable of love and be more loving?

Answer: The male.


A woman needs a man to love her so that he feels bonded to her and doesn’t leave her.  She doesn’t need to love him because she anyway wouldn’t want to leave him due to practical reasons.

Let us explain in detail.

She only needs to be seduced by him for stage one.  She needs to seduce him for stage two.

But stage one is short and stage two is orders of magnitude longer.

Which stage requires love, and which requires passion?  Obviously, being longer, stage two requires love.

Which gender is the one seduced in stage two?  Obviously the male.  The male does not need the female in stage two, the female needs him.  If he seduces her and makes her fall in love with him and then leaves her without being in love himself, stage two will fail.  The success of stage two is if she makes him fall in love with him and ensures he remains attached to her and doesn’t leave her.

Ideally, both are in love with each other.  But nature does not conform to our ideas of justice or our ideals.  In nature, a man needs to love a woman, while a woman only needs to make him fall in love with her.

This dichotomy is ignored by people who only look at stage one.  In stage one, the man is the one seducing the woman but that seduction is aimed toward the act of conception, not toward the act of becoming a provider.

On a side note, society, throughout history, has created various impediments for a man not to be reckless and abandon a woman once stage one was complete.  But similarly, it had created various impediments to a woman not to be reckless in stage one.

In the modern world, women are free to be reckless in stage one.  After all, it is a short-term commitment and no deep feelings are being asked for.  (In fact, one of the major reasons beta men are abhorred and rejected by modern women is that beta men start loving the women too soon, when all these women need is sex and entertainment!).  But men are more than ever caged to women in stage two.  Try to divorce a modern woman, and face the consequences.

Coming back to the topic at hand, women are designed by nature to:

  1. Be seduced for a short time (Fall in passion)
  2. Make her man want to be with her for a long time (Inspire Love)

Men are designed by nature to:

  1. Seduce a woman for a short time (Inspire passion)
  2. Want to be with her (or at least commit to being with her) for a long time (Fall in Love)

Only a man feels love.  A woman feels only passion.  It is one of the greatest lies in the world that women only want sex once they feel a deep emotional connection.  Yes, seduction is emotional.  But the seduction leading to sex is nothing deep or profound, as any man with game can attest.  It takes a few jokes, a dance, a couple of witty remarks, a drink or two, and some display of high value.  It is the seduction leading to marriage that is far more profound.  And for that, the man is the one being seduced.

The convention of the man getting on his knees and asking his fiancee to marry him is a laughable modern invention which completely ignores the dynamic of what is going on.  This gesture was meaningful only when sex happened after the wedding.  The man is asking to marry his fiancee because though he only wanted to have sex with her at first, as of now he has been thoroughly seduced by her for the long term.  He is willing to commit for the rest of his life to have sex with her.  He is not thinking straight anymore.  He is in love.  The man has been seduced, and he has been made to believe that he would be so lucky to have her.  As we all know, after conception, she needs him.  He doesn’t need her.

It is he who loves her.  If love is a delusion, he is the one in delusion.  His brain is in a fog.  The woman is fully aware of what’s going on.

Beware of loving a woman too soon, or of expressing your love.  Because then she no longer needs to seduce you into being her lover.  Make her invest in you.  Only then is she worth your investment.


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