On the concept of AWALT

In the manosphere, AWALT stands for “All Women Are Like That.”  It means that women share some personality traits which one would be unwise to ignore.  The most important of these traits are:

  • Hypergamy: The desire to mate with the alpha male or one who displays the appearance of an alpha male, even if he won’t commit to her.
  • Duplicity: To lie about her sexual past; to lie about the nature of her attraction; to want to settle down with a man she is not attracted to but to not want to admit that.
  • Opportunism: That despite the myth that women are the more empathetic and compassionate gender, it is not true and in fact they have a lower sense of honor and integrity.  For women, only the present feelings are real and they might even kill their own children in a fit of anger.

Now we are not saying that women are evil.  They are just following their biological imperative.  Men also have many traits, honed through evolution, which women talk about with condescension and sarcasm.

Is it true that all women are like that?  The answer is slightly complex.

Women fall somewhere on the spectrum of having more or less of these traits.  Most beta men, however, regard their object of love as an angel who is incapable of having any of these traits.  When in love, beta men write poems about their women (BTW, have you noticed that love poetry is almost always authored by males?), eulogize them and seem to worhsip the very ground on which their women walk.

And then when their woman is revealed to be a crafty creature and not an angel, they are horrified and fall into disillusionment and depression.

The concept of AWALT is useful to shield these idiots from their own pedestalization of women.  Yes, Shivani, who has been brought up in a tradiitional home, is fond of cooking and doesn’t use Facebook, might be nicer than Sukanya who is a party animal with tattoos and who can guzzle a gallon of beer in one evening.  But Shivani is a woman too, and given the right circumstances will become as much a narcissist and opportunist slut as Sukanya.

Sukanya wasn’t born an evil person, and neither was Shivani born a saint.  But from what we know of human psychology, as a woman they both had a hypergamous instinct which manifests in today’s world as AF/BB (Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks).  Sukanya had many opportunities to indulge in that instinct, while Shivani lived in a sheltered environment where her instincts were kept under check.

But transfer Shivani to a large urban city, show her the heady pleasures of having men buy her drinks and asking her to dance and liking her mundane pictures on Facebook, and see what happens.

Not all women are the SAME, but all women are LIKE that.  To ignore the cunning aspects of female nature and to worship it is a BIG mistake.

A man must always be on guard with a woman.  She may be nicer than average, or she may be worse than average, but she is a woman who, just like having tits and ass, has certain psychological features which may be less or more manifest than other women.

AWALT is a call to understand female nature and to behave defensively.  It may mean a less delusional and idealistic love once you realize the truth of female nature, but that is the price of swallowing the red pill.


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