Satyagrah For Men 2017

Text taken from Satyagrah For Men’s Facebook Page:

Save Family Foundation (SFF – Registered NGO), part of Save Indian Family (SIF), the Men’s Rights Movement of India, invites all Men, Families, Friends for yet another Peaceful Protest against the Draconian Law, IPC 498A and to Push our demand to establish National Commission for Men on 29th April, 9AM at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi.

It was 1983, when a draconian provision of Law, IPC 498A was enacted and today it has become the biggest reason of just not fake litigation but also huge pendency of cases in the Indian courts. IPC 498A, this is already termed as ‘Legal Terrorism’ by the Hon’ble Supreme Court has been the biggest reason for ever increasing Male Suicide in India. Male Suicide in India has given India the most defamatory status of being the Suicide Capital of the World. 1 male commits suicide in India every 5.7 minutes. IPC 498A hasnt just stopped there, it is also the sole reason of arrest of over 2 Lakh Indians every year. And with such harsh and detrimental effects, IPC 498A is definitely the most family breaking and draconian provision till date. With more than 87% of cases to be found false, is it fair to keep Indian Men and families threatened by such a law? We demand immediate scrapping of IPC 498A.

Problems and Pain of Men, in India, goes most unheard. India as a country has Government bodies, Ministries, Departments, Commissions for Women, for Animals, for Trees but 50% of the Indian Population (i.e. Men) dont find any say through any government body. Men, who are the biggest contributors to the Nation not just from their taxes, but also as the builders of the society and modern world, have always been on the receiving end of the society. Currently there is no research on Men and their issues. There is no data collection on Crime Against Men.

There is no body which caters to Violence Against Men. And all this will continue to remain absent till there is a Government will to be Gender Neutral and to be not partial against men. It is dire need of the time for establishing ‘National Commission For Men’. Men, who are easily termed as Rapists in False Rape Cases, termed as Molesters in False Molestation Cases, termed Perverts in False Workplace Harassment Cases are today living their lives on thin lines. Any man can be termed as Rapist, Molester, Pervert, Dowry Seeker, Wife Beater at once, without getting into reality. Society, Media, Authorities, his own circles outcast him and leave him to die a slow Legal Murder or die a fast Legally abetted Suicides. If man have to have the basic right to live and survive, National Commission for Men is the ONLY solution and an immediate demand of Save Indian Family.

So, come forward, join hands and be vocal about your pain. Hope to meet you at 9AM on 29th April 2017 (Saturday) at Jantar Mantar for “SATYAGRAH FOR MEN 2017”.








Woman Molests Boy, Boasts About It Online And Gets Away With It

shocking lady teacher proudly claims of molesting threatening a 10-year-old boy

There is no shortage of female psychopaths, criminals, murderers, molesters, rapists, etc, but the thing that stands out for me is how a woman can commit a heinous crime, and then feel proud about it riding on the back of the fact that laws support women. Laws which allow women to commit crimes openly and get away is the height of insanity!

Is this the “women empowerment” feminists and manginas are fighting for?




Woman Threatens Uber Driver With Rape Over Phone Charger

The following video, recorded in New York, is viral and the psycho woman has become a laughing stock on social media. The incredibly rude woman threatens the polite driver with rape, screams obscenities, and make me wonder what male drivers have to go through everyday.

Some of the things she screams hysterically:

“I’m going to start screaming out the window that you’re raping me, that you raped me.”

“I will punch myself in the face and tell the cops you did it. You wanna play?”

“I’ll call the cops right now …. I’m going to tell them you’re holding me against my will.”

“You’re going to jail for domestic violence.”

“I’ll spit in your face”

The driver quietly tells her: “If I don’t have a charger, politely ask me. I’ll politely tell you, I’m sorry I don’t have a charger”.

If not for the recording device, he could have gone to jail and she could have ruined his life with false accusations of violence and molestation.

False Case Of Dowry Forced Rohit Sharma’s Father To Commit Suicide

Yet another victim of IPC Section 498A. Yet another martyr of marriage. Rohit Sharma’s father, Ajendra Sharma, got tired of being continuously harassed and tortured by his daughter-in-law, and had to watch his entire family suffer in agony and pain. Tired of the humiliation and of making endless rounds of police stations and court in old age, he finally gave up the battle.


Mass Suicides By Harassed Husbands Due To The Draconian IPC 498A

The gross misuse of 498A has seen countless innocent husbands and their family members either rot behind bars, or commit suicide due to harassment and humiliation. Just on the wife’s word, everyone she names becomes entangled with the law, loses their dignity and jobs, and is dragged to a jail cell. It is also noteworthy that female members of the husband also suffer – mother, sisters, and other sisters-in-law, which makes it clear that 498A is not about women empowerment but wife empowerment, to destory the life of the husband and his family members. I wonder where feminists are for those mothers and sisters whose lives have been destroyed courtesy of false cases on their brothers and sons.

The following instances highlight the terror and mass suicides taking place due to the misuse of the dreaded IPC Section 498A.

A bank employee hanged himself in his flat in Maya Puri, Delhi. The wife often used to stay with her parents. His efforts to persuade his wife to return to his home only resulted in his wife filing a false dowry complaint against him. Another man immolated himself in New Delhi. The reason was a complaint of a ‘dowry demand’ by his estranged wife which led him to jail twice. A 40 year old ex-Airforce officer committed suicide in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, after being implicated in a false 498A case during which he was jailed for 10 days. Unable to cope with the ‘mental torture’ inflicted by his wife, a 30 year old man committed suicide in Krishnagar, West Bengal, on Jan 3, 2007. He had been dragged to the police station, on at least a dozen occasions in the past five years, by his wife, complaining of torture, which were confirmed to be false by the additional superintendent of police. Another man committed suicide in Ahmedabad on Nov 19, 2006 after being harassed in a false 498A case. He was the only son of his aged parents. A 30 year old man from Kolkata committed suicide on Sept 1, 2006, after being implicated and arrested in a 498A case in 1999. Even after 7 years, his case was under judicial consideration when he died.

Numerous senior citizens are also committing suicide due to harassment faced due to false 498A cases. A 64 year old man, a retired employee of a multi-national company, committed suicide in Kolkata, explicitly mentioning about 498A in his suicide note stating further that “I am ending my life unable to bear the torture meted out to me by my daughter-in-law”. Another senior citizen from Ludhiana, Punjab, killed himself by throwing himself before a running train and left behind a suicide note that read “I am ending my life because the parents-in-law of my son have filed false cases against me and my family”. An old couple from Faridkot, Punjab, killed themselves by consuming pesticides on Jun 20, 2006. It was revealed that the deceased were feeling harassed and terrorized after their daughter-in-law got a criminal case registered against them for bringing insufficient dowry. Humiliated and on the run, they committed suicide clarifying in the suicide note that they never harassed their daughter-in-law for dowry.

An entire family consumed poison on Feb 3, 2007 in Alwar, Rajasthan. The husband, an engineer, and his father died, while his mother was admitted to a hospital. Right from the starting of marriage, the bride’s family used to harass the husband by threatening to implicate him and his entire family in the false cases related to dowry. Another instance of mass suicide involving three members of a family was reported a few years ago in Ballabgarh, Haryana. In this case, the husband himself, his young sister and their hapless mother consumed poison and ended their lives because of the growing unreasonable demand of the daughter-in-law and the continuous harassment inflicted by her family.

The terror of this law has completely destroyed and annihilated several innocent families. How long will the sufferings of the husband and his family remain unnoticed and their cries unheard?


Letter From A Grateful Wife

Image result for alimony is a scam

I have nothing but the most enormous gratitude that I didn’t have to spend my life grovelling in those horrible cubicles.

Gratitude to whom?

To my husband.

He is the reason I have been able to live most of my adult life without needing to earn money. I am fortunate and blessed to be economically dependent, and there is not a single atom of my being that thinks I am somehow entitled to that fortune or those blessings. They must be earned. Every day. I am often reluctant to describe being a wife and mother as a ‘job’ because it’s really not, and it certainly isn’t ‘the hardest job in the world.’ Oh please. Yeah, I’ll take picking up Legos and Barbie shoes and settling yet another dispute over whether Olaf will melt in the sun (he’s magic – he won’t melt) over shoveling asphalt or stocking shelves at Walmart any day. Those are jobs. Being a wife and mother is an occupation – they are social roles that occupy my time.

I don’t think of my role as a wife and mother in terms of market value, but in terms of long-term strategic planning and obligations, perhaps there is an argument to make that I have a ‘job’, in the traditional sense. And I can get fired.

Or quit.

Let’s deal with quitting first. If I ‘quit’ my job as a wife and mother by filing for divorce, why on earth would anyone expect my husband to keep paying me? That’s crazy. Even if I have a really good reason for quitting, that still shouldn’t oblige him to pay for me forever. Again, why? If I have a really good reason for quitting my job at WalMart – I’ll get a lump sum payment and be told to move on with my life. If I quit because ‘I’m not happy or fulfilled working at Walmart’, well, too bad. Under no circumstances would anyone say Walmart has to pay me for the rest of my life.

The more interesting case is getting fired. If it’s my husband who files for divorce, he’s essentially firing me from my job as a full time wife and mother. People generally get fired for either doing a really crappy job, or not doing their job at all. If you’re not doing your job, or doing a really poor job, why on earth should your employer be required to continue to pay you?

I can see a lot of women getting very squeamish at understanding the basic power dynamic between husbands and stay at home wives, but that squeamishness derives from our cultural unwillingness to suggest women have obligations to men, of any kind. I am very fortunate to have the job I do – and that job comes with responsibilities, duties, obligations and deliverables, just like any other job. Food, sex, clean clothes, a reasonably clean house, comfort, support, love, understanding, happy and polite children, a martini at the end of the day.

I do these things for a number of reasons. First, they make me happy. The job category that delivers the most happiness for women is being a housewife. Sorry, feminists. No other group of women love their jobs more than wives and mothers. Second, this job makes my husband and family very happy, too. We don’t spend our mornings and evenings screaming at each other over whose turn it is to microwave pizza or pick up the socks under the bed. And third, I do these things because I don’t want to get fired. I have a pretty sweet gig here, and I’d like to keep it, at least for the time being. I can see going to work when the kids are older, but for right now? Not so much. I love my job!

This NRI’s Horror Story Of Marital Discord Will Make You Shudder

I am an NRI. I would like to draw your kind attention to the extreme abuse of anti-dowry IPC Section 498A with my case. I am among many of the hundreds of thousands of people whose entire innocent family was tortured due to a false complaint from my wife. We went through severe harassment and extreme stress after being held in police lockup and jail without any ground of proof and these people were assumed guilty by law. Is this justice to innocent senior citizens of India? Please go through what happened to my innocent parents and brother after 14 months of separation from my wife. I hope necessary actions are going to be taken to prevent the misuse of any law. These incidents are now very common and many people are suffering because of such blind laws.

I have been working as an IT professional in Australia since the last seven years. I completed my education (MCA) in India and have been in a good job since then. I am currently in Sydney. My parents are living in Faridabad. I got an arranged marriage fixed in India in Oct, 2001 and sponsored my wife, PS, to come over to Australia (on permanent residency visa) to live with me. We stayed together for eight months and during that period I found her to be extremely dishonest, disloyal, unfaithful, a big liar and greedy for money and it was obvious her intention to marry was just to come over to Australia and for the money. She had been asking me to sponsor her brother to Australia as well and to bear all his expenses on his education and living. There was no love or commitment though I tried my best to compromise with the situation and have excused her on all occasions assuming it may take time for her to adjust.

We went to India in Oct, 2002 and there she created a lot of trouble by creating misunderstanding between brothers, their wives and started stealing jewelry and cash from home to take it to her mother’s place, and has been using vulgar language about my mother and brother. Then she was involved in a horrifying crime by secretly stealing and destroying the passports of my younger brother and his wife. They are living in USA and were also on holiday there. My brother is working as a software engineer in Chicago. She did it just two days before their departure and my brother’s entire career was in danger as he could not go to USA. It is a long process to get the new passport issued and then to get visa processing again. It was mental torture for all of us. It was not known where the passport had gone until three days later when the time came for me and my wife to come back to Sydney. Our luggage was packed it was just five hours before our departure when we were getting ready I found a trace of torn passport photo inside the toilet. It took me no time to understand that it was her act. I had to postpone our return to Sydney. I called my father-in-law and sent her back (Nov 2002). I have all the proofs with me that she had damaged the passport. She tried to torture everyone in the family by her cruel and criminal acts. I then came back alone to Sydney in extreme stress.

I regretted a lot marrying and loving such a stupid girl. She contacted me many times after that and asked me to call her back to Sydney. But her intentions were still clear. I cannot live my whole life with her. I am an Australian citizen and by the Australian laws (validated by Indian law as well) I applied for divorce at the earliest possible date and sent her a notice on 16 Dec, 2003 in Gujarat, where she lives. The notice was received by her. Later, on 14th Jan, 2004 police and lawyer from Indore came and arrested my aged parents and my youngest brother who lives in Faridabad and within few hours took them to Indore. They have to get me as well but since I am in Australia, they can’t arrest me. My wife had filed a false case of torture in dowry case under section 498A in Indore (though her residence is in Unjha, Gujarat). She falsely accused us of beating ad harassing her for dowry. She has accused us falsely after 14 months of separation upon receipt of the divorce notice. She didn’t even mention the fact, the real reason why she was sent back to her father’s place. Rather she said that she came back herself, though I have enough proofs for my claims.

She committed a heinous criminal act, still being decent we sent her back respectfully with her father when we separated. If we would have been strict, we could even have got her arrested for destroying passports. But still we respected her being a woman.

It was brutal torture to my innocent retired aged parents and my innocent brother. Without any notice they had to travel from Faridabad to Indore in police custody for three days, a distance of about 900 km in police vehicle. My mother is a heart patient and is under treatment. She was extremely exhausted; it was a big risk for her. How can police come and arrest and torture anyone just on someone’s fraudulent and false allegation. Later my elder brother had to go from Rajasthan to get them released on bail on 16th Jan, after spending one night in lockup and three days in police custody.

My parents have lived a very clean and respectful life but now have to see such days. It is a big slap on Indian judiciary that they can destroy anyone’s dignity and can prosecute without trial. There is no respect for senior citizens who have served the country for their whole life. At the same time the legal system has blind faith on crook, cunning young married women and their parents. I am feeling dismayed. My aged parents and brother had to suffer who had nothing to do with my wife. My crook wife and her greedy parent’s aim is to extract a lot of money from me.

As a figure in India, almost 90% of such cases are dismissed by the court after find the case as malicious, but there is no punishment for making false allegations. Almost all the divorce ends up in 498A, where the reality is that dowry is not practiced and hardly women are harassed in educated, well earning family in urban area. Lawyers and police are making big money by trapping innocent citizens.

She was successful in getting a complaint lodged at Indore and the police from another state came and arrested my parents and brother without permission of local police in Faridabad. Also a copy of FIR has still not been handed over to us. In the ongoing crises my aged mother in India was admitted to a hospital with severe cardiac pain and abnormal blood pressure on 22nd Jan, ’04 while they had to arrange lawyers and plan the visit to attend the next date 29th Jan, with a notice of just 7 working days to be in Indore 900 km far from our place. My mother’s health is so severe that she is going to be operated today on 23rd Jan. Not attending will weaken our case. Who is going to look after my mother’s and aged father’s health? As I am also the accused in my wife’s complaint, I can’t go there in India as the police will arrest me. I am just helpless. As such there is no fair judicial or law system in India. It’s against the basic right to live with respect.