Ten Signs Of Having An Abusive Wife

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Below are top ten signs that your wife is abusive:

Controlling Behavior

Abusive wives are controlling. She will control who you hang out with, where you go, where you work, what you do with your paycheck, what you wear and how often you talk to family or friends. The abuser will attempt to control you by using body language, according to DrIrene.com. She may refuse to talk to you, ignore you or sulk until she gets her way. She is also a master at controlling conversations.

Extreme Jealousy

Most abusive wives are jealous. There are two parts to jealously. She may be jealous of you as a person or jealous when she is not the center of attention. A spouse who is insecure in a relationship is different from a spouse who is jealous each time you talk to a complete stranger. The later example would be a sign of an unhealthy relationship.


Abusive wives want you all to themselves. They do not want you spending time with platonic co-workers, family or friends. She would rather you be unhappy by yourself. She doesn’t want you hanging with other people in fear that they may see the abuse.

Blames Everyone Else

She blames others. She takes no responsibility for her actions and blames everyone for anything that goes wrong. She will always find a way to blame you. If you have never heard your wife apologize for anything, you may be in an abusive relationship.

Verbal Abuse

If you feel you are walking on eggshells, this is probably a sign of verbal abuse. Your wife is abusive if she yells, screams or emotionally freaks out over small things. She may threaten you and will always dismiss your feelings.


Gaslighting is “manipulative behavior used to confuse people into thinking their reactions are so far off base that they’re crazy,” according to The Current Conscience. The abuser tells the victim he or she is crazy or “it’s all in your head.” The victim begins to question reality.

Unreasonable Expectations

Your wife has unreasonable expectations. When you make a mistake, you feel there is nothing you can do to make it up to her. She won’t forgive you for your actions, no matter how small the mistake.

Instills Fear

Does your wife put you in situations that make you fear for your life? If she tries to intimidate you, make you feel scared, control and manipulate you to the point where you are fearful of her actions, you are in an abusive relationship.

Can’t Handle Criticism

She can’t handle criticism. You cannot even give constructive criticism without it backfiring. She perceives everything as negative criticism and is highly offended. But she is more than able to criticize, usually in a rude way. If you tell her she is rude, she will say you are too sensitive.


If your wife is violent, you are in an abusive relationship. If she punches, hits and slaps you, these are obvious signs the relationship is not healthy. She may also try to kick animals, punch holes in the wall or throw things at you when she doesn’t get her way.

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Women Are A Waste Of Time

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Yes, I said it. Women are a complete and utter waste of time.

Chasing women is a complete waste of time.

Dating women is a total waste of your time.

Having female friends is an absolute waste of your time.

Women are only good for ONE thing… and outside of SEX and companionship, what could any ONE particular woman give you that you cannot get from someplace else?

A friendship? Ha Ha don’t make me laugh.

Most guys are not friends with girls because they truly VALUE that friendship. Most guys are friends with girls because they want to sleep with them. Plain and simple.

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I repeat: 99% of men are friends with girls because those men want to sneak into those girls pants if given the opportunity. That is the harsh cold truth and reality.

So really think about it…

Besides sex, what could any ONE particular girl actually give you that you can’t get from someplace else?

Business or financial advice? Again, do not make me cry.

Martial art tips or fighting advice? Again, ha ha…

What about weightlifting and fitness advice? Please…

Outside of SEX and companionship, a girl can offer you NOTHING…

So why do men continue to waste SO much time chasing them?

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Women Are A Waste of Time

Chase a girl and she will be forced to retreat further and further away from you.

Don’t give a girl too much attention, and watch her try to get YOUR attention.

The point of this article is to stress the fact that making your ENTIRE life revolve around women or “girls” is a waste of your time… and one and ONLY life.

If you are a man who has spent a considerable amount of time chasing women, chasing sex, doing nothing BUT chasing, chasing, chasing, then you my friend are wasting your time and your LIFE.

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Seriously, start some type of business.

Travel the world.

Begin to make some new friends (NOT female friends who you only want to sleep with but REAL, genuine friends you can actually learn something from).

Just STOP chasing women and START living life.

Women are a waste of time.

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Learn The Cowgirl Position To Please Your Man

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Your personal experience is your best teacher to learn a cowgirl position. With time, you understand what you and your partner like the best in this position and you will be able to master the technique. However, we are going to give you some tips and we advise you against ignoring them:

  1. Let your partner enjoy a beautiful nude female body. Amazing and exciting view a man has when a woman is on top is one of the main reasons why this position is so popular. Do not be embarrassed and do not cover your breasts with your hands. Look at your partner, move freely and confidently, enjoy a passionate glance of your man;
  2. You choose how to move in a cowgirl position, you control the depth and the rhythm of penis penetration into the vagina. A man is passive here and can completely relax and indulge himself in pleasure. Do not be shy and control the process; do what your partner likes and what gives pleasure to you. Be egoistic, women who can give pleasure to themselves excite men a lot;
  3. Your body becomes completely available to a man and this is one more benefit of this position. Do not be shy to touch your nipples and clitoris. It will wind your man up and you will receive more pleasure. A man can also touch your breasts or massage your clitoris. Many men get really excited when they strongly hold a woman’s waist or keep a tight grip on her buttocks.

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There are many ways how to have sex in a cowgirl position. Kamasutra or other literature may inspire you. From a great variety of positions, you can choose what is best for you and your partner. Here are the main positions with a woman on top:

  • Facing a partner in a kneeling position. A man can caress the clitoris and if he wants to regulate the pace and depth of penetration holding woman’s buttocks;
  • Facing a partner in a squatting position. In this position the penetration will be maximally deep and besides a G-spot in woman will be stimulated;
  • Reverse cowgirl position allows a man enjoy a beautiful body of his woman from the back, caress and slightly massage her anus;
  • Lying on a partner face to face. In this position, a woman presses her breasts to her partner’s chest and putting her weight on a man. If a woman wants to be active, she can rest on her elbows or completely relax and fully rely on her man;
  • A man is sitting and a woman is on top. In this position the partners are maximally close to each other and they can make love hugging each other tightly. This is a very convenient position for a sexual roleplay.

There is no absolute answer how a woman should have sex on top. A good position is when you can move freely and enjoy the process.

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6 Reasons To Never Be Friends With Girls

1. You don’t have your motives straightened out

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Being “friends” with girls is a pathetic tactic losers use to lure a chick they have a crush on. The idea is that by being around her for a long enough time and being the “nice guy” who is there for her, she will eventually come to see what a great person he is and reward him with love. This is an extremely ineffective method of attracting a woman that almost always end up with a major heartbreak.

Speaking of which, you need to be clear about your intentions. The sad truth is that most men who befriend women are unaware of their own attraction towards their female friend, and even when they are aware of it, they mistakenly believe that their counterparts feel the same way about them (which they don’t).

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So, ask yourself: are you trying to have sex with her or be her pal? The losers may believe that the first step towards forming a romantic relationship with a girl is to be friends with her, but it’s actually sex first. If your female “friend” isn’t about to have sex with you after having known you for a month or more (many men would give even less time), the chances are, she never will and she’s not interested in you.

But maybe I’m being too pessimistic. I’m sure there is still a small chance that your dream girl will eventually fall for you when she turns 34 after being penetrated with mouthful of penises, and is riddled with wrinkles and cellulite—plus sagging breasts to top it all. Maybe then she will be ready to fall in love with how good of a toady provider you are.

2. You’re practicing being friendzoned

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Even if you genuinely don’t have any romantic or sexual interest in your female friend, all you’re doing is practicing going in the friendzone for another girl you might be interested in. By being friends with multiple girls for a long enough time, the way you interact with females in general will gradually transform. You will start to act like one of the girls and become infected with supplicating and boyish behaviour that will ruin your masculine frame. It doesn’t always happen and you might be the exception, but it certainly is true for the majority of today’s hapless males who have no idea what they’re doing to themselves.

3. They’re unreliable

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Women have never failed to disappoint me with their unreliability. If you think lying, flaking, and broken promises are limited to dating, you are horribly mistaken. You have to understand that honor is a foreign concept to women (I’ve actually had two women on two different occasions express disgust when I used that word).

I can’t count how many times I’ve been lied to and stabbed in the back for placing my trust on a female who twisted her words and smiled at me to manipulate me. And like a sucker, I kept believing that not all women were like that and went on to trust the next one who would dupe me the same way. Rinse and repeat.

Simply put, women are worse than worthless as friends; they will actually harm you through their lies and betrayal.

4. You’re being a friend-slut

Would you respect a woman who spreads her legs open for any and every man she meets? No, of course not. You might take advantage of the sex she gives out, but you would never consider her a worthwhile companion for the simple fact that she is a slut. As obvious as it may seem, many female-befriending simps can’t seem to grasp the same concept when applied to themselves. If you readily befriend every women you meet and offer services to them without getting anything in return, you’re being a friend-slut.

And as it was with the example of the female slut who offers sex to everyone, women will simply take advantage of all the thankless services the loser friend-slut has to offer without giving anything in return. They might respond with their typical “Awww thanks! :)” to keep you attached, but deep inside, they will have zero respect you. In fact, they’re crossing their fingers in hopes that you don’t have a crush on them.

5. You’re being used as an object

It’s no secret that women view men as mere objects to be exploited for their own benefit. By being a friend to a woman, you’re simply making it easier for her to take advantage of you. And as a utility, you are to remain loyal and dependable to serve her fickle needs while she goes out at night to have sex with undependable and disloyal bad boys.

As a good boy, you must make sure she’s physically comfortable at all times, listen to all her petty problems by being her emotional tampon, and allow her to walk all over you like a servant would with his master. And if you fail to provide the value she seeks, she is more than willing to throw you out like a used toilet paper. Years of friendship don’t mean anything to females who simply see you as a tool.

6. You’re feminizing yourself

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Even if you manage to find a unicorn that you’re not sexually or romantically attracted to, is a reliable person, and doesn’t exploit you, why would you bother? What value can a woman possibly bring to you as a friend? Do you actually believe that friendship between men and women should be normalized?

Like a wine that gets mixed with water, the more you spend time mingling with females as their buddies, the more diluted your masculinity becomes. The feminization of men is a true phenomenon and I have no doubt in my mind that inter-sex mingling is both reinforcing and augmenting the problem. I’ve personally witnessed many pathetic men who’ve spent far too much time with girls and have adopted their feminine speech and behaviour. I probably would’ve mistaken them for homosexuals if I didn’t know them any better.

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Women’s 10-Step Guide to Giving Better Blowjobs

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So you want to get better at giving blowjobs, do you? First off, you deserve some serious credit and cool points for your desire to improve. Secondly, the perfect, pleasure-encompassing BJ is what you call a darn tight leash. If you do it right, your man will move no farther than few feet from you, constantly panting and wagging his tail in your direction. So whether you’re in a relationship and just want to find new inventive ways to bring your partner more pleasure, or you just want to add a few new tools to the tool belt, there will surely be some valuable things you can take away from this list.

So here we bring you the 10-step guide that will help ensure that every guy who gets blessed by your majestic powers will forever crown you ‘The Oral Queen’:

Linger in the beginning: Your first inclination might be to just throw your hair in a ponytail and move down to his member quickly, but guys love it when a girl takes her time and teases him a little bit. For example, start kissing his chest, stomach, and the sides of his stomach in a way that isn’t completely obvious that you’re about to go down on him. That short period of time when he’s not sure if he’s about to get a blowjob or not is going to be both completely tormenting and pleasurable. Just be sure not to string him along too long, or initiate this type of contact and give him a blowjob fake out. Now that’s just cruel!

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Play with his balls: I understand that the testicles are not every lady’s favourite thing on the menu, but they’re essential in helping you to give a top-notch blowjob. Think of the balls as the perfect precursor, or appetizer to giving great head. Start off by putting them in your mouth, and then start using your fingers to play with them once the blowjob begins. You can also focus on them intermittingly throughout the oral act as well. But make sure you ask your partner what he likes, as not every guy is going to like it when you begin batting his balls around like a tetherball. They’re very sensitive and packed with nerve-endings, so no matter what you do, make sure it’s done gently and with care.

Lick his shaft: Again you can continue with a bit of teasing. To start with, move your lips up and down his shaft. Lick the tip, and if he isn’t circumcised, you can play with his foreskin using your tongue and a little bit of your teeth. Just be sure to maintain gentle contact in a way that keeps him eager with anticipation. If you do it right, the build up to the actual blowjob will be one of the most erotic points of the experience.

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Deep Throat isn’t always the answer: Not every guy wants you to ram the base of his shaft all the way back into your tonsils. While it may seem like it’s what he wants based on every porno you’ve ever seen, it’s not always the case in real life. You want to move down his shaft inch-by-inch, slowly working your way to the bottom. Begin by planting your hand at the base of his shift, and then find a rhythm between your hand and mouth. The double-pressure is going to drive him absolutely crazy. Plus, sometimes the pressure form a girl’s mouth won’t be enough to get the guy to climax.

Mix up the speeds: Just as you don’t want your guy to pump on high speed the entire time during intercourse, or go so slow that you’re convinced your stealing his virginity, you want to make sure you mix up the speed. You want to give variety — start slow, then pick up the pace, then slow it down again and focus your attention on other areas (inner thighs, balls, stomach, the tip). The faster you go, by no means the better and quicker his climax will be. So make sure you try different things and communicate with your partner so you know when you’re doing something that’s really working for him.

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Take working breaks: Obviously, you all know that you don’t take a break during a blowjob by going and making a sandwich, or flipping through your Instagram pics. When you take a break, it’s just about giving your mouth a break. We want to make sure you take as many breaks as you need so that you’re comfortable during the experience. So spend this time to just focus on giving him a hand job, or focusing your attention to other areas of his body that don’t require as much exertion for you.

Touch yourself or get him to touch you: When you’re going down on your man, you have his complete and undivided attention. So take some time throughout to really get him riled up by putting on a show for him. Start playing with your breasts, touching yourself, or moaning a little bit. Also grab his hand and get him to touch you in all those places as well. This will drive him crazy, and he’ll immediately get closer to climax. At the very least, you’ll know he’s enjoying himself when he starts to squirm and his legs begin to lash around on the bed.

Take control and make eye contact: One of the most pleasurable things about oral sex for couples in long-term relationships is going to be the control factor. For him, the fact that his girl is in complete control of his pleasure is going to turn him on, and vice versa for her. This is something that needs to be heightened and maximized during the blowjob. You can test his boundaries by digging your fingernails slightly into his stomach and inflicting a tiny bit of pain on him. Always be sure to initiate eye contact after doing so to see if it was painful or pleasurable for him. Also, just simply maintaining eye contact whenever possible throughout will help to connect the two of you. Every now and then, look up at him.

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Make some noise and let him feel comfortable: Even just creating some slight vibrations when your mouth will ignite him with added sensations and pleasure. Also, a guy wants to know that you’re enjoying the experience as well, hearing you moan will put him more at ease knowing that you’re having a good time as well. There’s nothing worse for a guy than when it’s clear that she’s not into it, which immediately puts pressure on him to finish quickly. This leads to an uncomfortable and forgettable experience for the guy. Another big confidence booster and encourager for a man is when you start talking a little dirty. You can say things like, “You’re so big”. Even if he’s no bigger than a pea coat button, it will let him feel like the man. You don’t need to go crazy with the dirty talk, just do whatever you’re comfortable with.

Finish off strong: The ending is when his sensations are going to be the strongest and the most sensitive. When you know he’s getting close to climax, go faster, both with your hand and mouth. And just before he climaxes, you can give his balls a quick tug, which are full of nerve endings and will make him go crazy just as he orgasms.

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A great blowjob is even better than bacon. Now that’s saying something. But in all seriousness, by improving your blowjob skills you will be able to create enormous amounts of pleasure, not only for your partner, but for you as well. You will be beaming with pride and confidence when you see just how much joy you’re bringing him.

Well, it’s up to you now, to take some of these steps, put them into practice and start blowing guys away with your skills.

Source: 29 Secrets