Learn The Cowgirl Position To Please Your Man

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Your personal experience is your best teacher to learn a cowgirl position. With time, you understand what you and your partner like the best in this position and you will be able to master the technique. However, we are going to give you some tips and we advise you against ignoring them:

  1. Let your partner enjoy a beautiful nude female body. Amazing and exciting view a man has when a woman is on top is one of the main reasons why this position is so popular. Do not be embarrassed and do not cover your breasts with your hands. Look at your partner, move freely and confidently, enjoy a passionate glance of your man;
  2. You choose how to move in a cowgirl position, you control the depth and the rhythm of penis penetration into the vagina. A man is passive here and can completely relax and indulge himself in pleasure. Do not be shy and control the process; do what your partner likes and what gives pleasure to you. Be egoistic, women who can give pleasure to themselves excite men a lot;
  3. Your body becomes completely available to a man and this is one more benefit of this position. Do not be shy to touch your nipples and clitoris. It will wind your man up and you will receive more pleasure. A man can also touch your breasts or massage your clitoris. Many men get really excited when they strongly hold a woman’s waist or keep a tight grip on her buttocks.

Image result for sex woman on top


There are many ways how to have sex in a cowgirl position. Kamasutra or other literature may inspire you. From a great variety of positions, you can choose what is best for you and your partner. Here are the main positions with a woman on top:

  • Facing a partner in a kneeling position. A man can caress the clitoris and if he wants to regulate the pace and depth of penetration holding woman’s buttocks;
  • Facing a partner in a squatting position. In this position the penetration will be maximally deep and besides a G-spot in woman will be stimulated;
  • Reverse cowgirl position allows a man enjoy a beautiful body of his woman from the back, caress and slightly massage her anus;
  • Lying on a partner face to face. In this position, a woman presses her breasts to her partner’s chest and putting her weight on a man. If a woman wants to be active, she can rest on her elbows or completely relax and fully rely on her man;
  • A man is sitting and a woman is on top. In this position the partners are maximally close to each other and they can make love hugging each other tightly. This is a very convenient position for a sexual roleplay.

There is no absolute answer how a woman should have sex on top. A good position is when you can move freely and enjoy the process.

Source: Brulanta


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