Why Beta Males Are Unsuccessful With Girls

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Beta males think that the way to a woman’s heart is by treating her nicely i.e. licking her sandals. Few men understand that if they treat a woman like treasure, she will look for someone better. All the beta males out there do not and will not get it, until either their wife cheats on them, they are divorced, their children are taken away from them, they are scammed in the name of alimony, ripped off on the pretext of child support, or falsely accused of dowry, domestic violence, or rape.

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Beta males have it backwards from reality. My advice is, do not be a soulless SIMP who worships a woman and fulfills all her monetary demands, putting himself under immense financial strain. She will not respect you. No one respects a person who licks a woman’s sandals. Women are shallow and materialistic, which is why they constantly need to buy things to fill their emptiness. You will never be able to fulfill her craving for more.

Feminism has made women believe that men are on earth to serve them, and become their ATMs. Men should not put up with women’s tantrums courtesy of this lie, because women are like little children, spoiled brats to be precise. The more you give a brat, the more she wants.

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The worst thing a man can do is put a woman on a pedestal. That is being desperate and needy, which is the biggest turn-off for a woman. Once a woman is past her prime, which is her early twenties, she is useless. While men age like wine, women age like milk. Their is no reason to worship a useless parasite. Have some self-respect.

While a man’s “I love you” means “what can I do for you?”, a woman’s “I love you” means “what can you do for me?” Women are only interested in what they can get from a man. While a man’s best friend will be willing to take a bullet for him, a woman will make a dozen excuses and come up with as many lies if a man asks her to do something for him, even though he may have spent tons of money on her, and run countless errands for her.

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A woman will date a man not for who he is, but what he has. It doesn’t need to be reiterated that all women are gold diggers. And for beta males who keep spending on women in the hope of getting laid need to understand that she knows that if she gives him what he is looking for, she risks that his favors will come to a halt. It is similar to lawyers not wanting to settle cases because their legal fees will stop.

I’m increasingly frustrated looking at the way men spend on women, even in the workplace, buying them food and beverages. All I can do is shake my head in utter disbelief and disgust. Doesn’t it ever occur to them that they are being used. Haven’t they questioned themselves as to why women don’t spend on them?

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By constantly being desperate, needy, extra nice, and spending on women, beta males give a loud and clear message that they value the girl more than themselves, and personally do not have any value. This is a huge turn-off and very repulsive to women, and hence beta males never get the girl they want.


One thought on “Why Beta Males Are Unsuccessful With Girls

  1. hello, i’m a regular reader
    please point out the hypocrisy shown by bollywood actressess, especially with priyanka n deepika, deepika created a huge controversy with TOI regarding her body n now does the same in the met gala event recently, just in order to make headlines n grab some hollywood movies, priyanka is equally hypocrite, both have the ‘ white worshipping’ feature in them, priyanka even joked about teasing men with her dressing to get what she wants in few of her interviews but nobody took offense to that. our youth is a slave to them n believe all the propaganda n garbage they try to feed, just because our society believes that rich are always right n speak the truth. An illiterate small time businessman can be richer than a highly educated professional but that does not mean what they will speak is socially correct. Thank You


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