True Gender Equality Is When Both Men And Women Have A Voice

Excerpt from a man’s marital life:

I tried everything possible to make my marriage work for three and a half years. In that duration, she left me multiple times after bitter and ugly fights, where she abused me, my family (even though they lived separately) and everything that was about me. She was extremely controlling, possessive and I often felt like a slave. I was abused not only verbally but physically too. She used to throw fits on tiniest issues – as irrelevant as – why did you not hold my hand in the mall? And then I had to explain. I was tired of making up every time. She used to say sorry and come back and expected me to forget everything as if nothing happened. When she left me this time, breaking every possible object in my home, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I thought of filing for divorce. In my mind, a divorce was something as simple as filing a document in the court and the only way to get away from this abusive marriage. Little did I know that the real hell, worse than what I was currently in, would start only after I filed DIVORCE…

A hell where me and my family were falsely charged of cruelty under section 498A of IPC ….

A hell where I was dragged and pushed inside a police van, treated like a hardcore criminal, kept on watch under their instructions and not allowed to say a thing ….

A hell where my mother suffered a heart attack ….

A hell right here on earth …. Just because I filed for Divorce.


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