Sahul Kundara’s Suicide Letter Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes


My Name is Sahul Kundara. It’s February 20th today. I got married to Varsha on November 10, 2014 and we were living together since August 2015. Varsha and her family members always threatened to implicate me in false cases. They demanded 8 lac rupees from me. When I asked them from where I will bring so much money, they said that they don’t care about that.

They poisoned me and when I wanted to complain, in conspiracy with my in-laws, the ASI or SI Ajeet beat me up outside the police station saying “M*****r F*****r, you will file a case against these people?”

He asked me about my caste and when I told him I am a Bairwa (Schedule Caste), he abused me over my caste saying “Have you forgotten your place? You lower caste people will form relationship with upper caste people? I will strip your skin and make a shoe out of it and wear. And if you dare speak up again, I will get you behind bars in a rape case.”

This entire episode was a planning of Varsha, her parents and her relatives along with the policeman. All this happened at the Rajender Park police station. They forced me to sign on papers that I ate some medicine beyond its expiry date which was all a lie. They had poisoned me. They threatened me that they will put my entire family also behind bars and that I should do what they are saying. I went into deep mental trauma after that. These people are very powerful and they can do anything.





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