Harassed Husband Lokesh Kumar’s Suicide Note


My name is Lokesh Kumar. I am Sheetal’s husband. We got married one and a half year ago. I have taken Sheetal to her home many times. However, since last three months I haven’t been able to do so as my sister-in-law was pregnant and we had to go to hospital regularly. All these days, my in-laws kept scolding me for not taking Sheetal to their place.

My mother was alone at home and there was no one to take care of things. Even then my mother never asked Sheetal to do any household work. Sheetal’s mother kept interfering in our family, asking her not to help in any household work and make my old age mother do everything. I kept telling my wife I have just got a new job, and that I will take her to her home as soon as I get my salary. But she never listened to me.

Her mother Kamlesh, her father, her brother along with neighbours came at my home, beat me up black and blue, and she went away with them leaving behind my seven month old son. Sheetal never loved her kid. She never loved her child as a mother. She was not bothered about it. The reason for it is she always wanted a lavish life style, loved only money. She never loved me, though I loved her like mad. She did whatever her mother asked her to do. Today, when I went at their place to bring her back, her mother and father thrashed me, beat me up in front of everyone, asked me to divorce her.

Sheetal herself declared until your mother and father bow down at my knees, plead and beg in front of me, I will not come back. Also, you will not stay with your parents if you want me to come back. My parents never ill treated or misbehaved with her. I wanted to give my son a beautiful future. I wanted to keep my family happy.

Sheetal, you have killed everything in my life. I did everything for you, you should have at least tried to understand me. I am ending my life today. You and your mom wanted to harass me by taking my son away from me, but I won’t let you do that. I am taking my life. I never did anything wrong, but still I am being forced to end my life.

Even before taking this extreme step, I called Sheetal, her mother, her father, her brother to talk to her once. But they all said, Sheetal is dead for you, you also die. I never wanted to end my life, but my mother-in-law forced me to. Sorry mummy papa, I couldn’t be a good son and take care of you all. Please forgive me. I have never consumed alcohol in my life, but today I am drinking because I have gone mad. My mother in law has turned me mad. Sheetal you never loved me or my child. Mummy Papa I love you.


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