What Exactly Is Funny About The Male Molestation Scene In Badrinath Ki Dulhania?

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There is a scene in the film ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania’ where Varun Dhawan is surrounded by goons and it looks like he is going to get robbed. However, they tear his clothes, molest him and run away. Everyone in the movie theatre bursts out laughing. Seconds later in the scene, Alia Bhatt and her friends rescue him, look at his condition and they too, start laughing.

What If It Was Alia Bhatt Who Got Molested Instead Of Varun Dhawan? Would We Have Laughed? Is Male Molestation A Joke?

Below is an excerpt from a letter to Alia Bhatt at First Post, but in reality it is a letter to everyone who laughed, or thought that the scene is funny.

I am a man who has been raped by a man, as a boy of seven and all through my teen age years. I have no expectation from Karan Johar, who produced a movie with an inconsequential scene on the “comic”ness of male rape despite belonging to my own tribe. I have no expectation from that bloke Khaitaan. Varun doesn’t give me the vibe of being socially conscious and seems to still be a kid.

But you? I had faith in you. You let me down.

Your Laughter In That Scene Is A Painful Reminder Of The Challenges Many Male Survivors Of Sexual Assault Face Everyday.

It is not funny to be raped. Gender irrespective. In fact, men and boys who get sexually assaulted are unable to speak up only because of the kind of laughter in your film. You drowned several voices of self acceptance that could have emerged out of the closets of shame with the sound of your laughter.

This wound will take time to heal.


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