Never Flirt With Or Date Your Co-Worker

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When men join work, they are bound to find female co-workers. Some restrict themselves to little chat sessions with women, others get a little flirtatious, but some get themselves entangled in full-fledged office romance. They are naive men ignorant of the impending dangers which can ruin their career and even their life.

My advice to them is:

At your workplace, you need undivided attention to do your best work. If you keep thinking of her, can’t wait to see her during your lunch break, or you are having conversations with her even while working, then she is nothing but a distraction. Your work quality will suffer.

Since you will be having female co-workers, they will gossip and make your life miserable. Since they are women, they will gossip. It is a given. Not only will it create problems for you, but for the girl you are involved with as well. This can become especially risky if gossip reaches your boss. You risk getting fired.

Most relationships are great in the beginning, but many turn sour. In usual breakups, you can avoid seeing a person or talking to her. However, in the workplace, you will have to see her everyday, or might even be required to talk to her, such as during team meetings or while doing group work.

In case of a breakup, you do not know what stories she will cook and spread in the office to defame you. Besides, your office is likely to be filled with feminists and white knights where you will instantly be the bad guy, who everyone will see with contempt.

You also risk being accused of sexual harassment. In this day and age it is especially dangerous because women are filing false cases left, right, and center. Not only will you lose your job, it will also hurt your reputation and family, and hinder your prospective job prospects. You risk being jobless for a long, long time. That is if you don’t go to jail.


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