Chasing Girls Should Not Be Your Life Purpose

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Men who make girls their life purpose usually have no prospect of success. They put their value in a girl, or girls in general. A man’s value should come from who he is, not how many girls he can get, or what they think of him. It is a very destructive and unhealthy way of living. Men need to get their priorities straight, and be grateful for their family, job, and friends. Girls should not even be on the list.

In schools, colleges, and workplaces, men pursue girls. That is a sad reality. A place of self-improvement where future is built is being wasted on girls. Time and more importantly focus is diverted. A man needs to focus on his goals, and understand that girls are a distraction, and a complete and utter waste of time and money.

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I am further shocked at the amount of time men waste on girls on social media- texting random girls and commenting and ‘liking’ their pictures. These men need to understand that girls cannot care less about them. What is the whole point of such a frivolous activity? Women like drama. And drama needs an audience. Men without any self-esteem or purpose in life are willing to become that audience.

Remember, cheap items have the most buyers. If a girl has many men chasing her, she is a cheap slut who men should not be pursuing anyway, regardless of her looks or body. Know the difference between a diamond and a stone. A woman who poses semi-nude on social media is an attention whore. Don’t give her any. Men chasing women is the exact reason why women develop a sense of entitlement.

Men should chase their ambition, dreams, and goals. If a man is successful, women will chase him. Look at matrimonial ads and see the number of women asking for “well-settled” men. They do not care about looks or personality. All they care about is whether a man is successful or not.  Women are hypergamous by nature, and it is rooted in their biology to find a man who can offer them security.

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Men should wake up and ask themselves if they are a step closer to becoming successful, instead of becoming losers who chase girls. Many men put money, time, and effort into a relationship to find out that the girl talks to them only when she needs something. Girls are self-obsessed, and look forward to serving their own interests.

Countless men drain themselves physically doing some girl’s work, take her shopping, to expensive restaurants, recharge her phone, buy her gifts, and are complete hopeless romantics. They should ask themselves the last time they spent money in the same manner on their parents. If men out there really do have that kind of money, it can easily be spent on the poor and needy.

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A man who is after a woman only for sex should know that it is shallow and superficial, and even if he does get the woman the relationship will be a total disaster, as has been seen time and again. The only time a man should chase a woman is if he feels that she can help him succeed in life, and take him closer to achieving his goals.

Look at the character of a woman, and see what virtues she has. That should be the only criteria which should arouse interest in a woman. Never get into a relationship with a woman who smokes and drinks. Stay away from a woman who reveals her body, or has a long list of male friends. Marry a woman who values religion and family.


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