Women’s Australian Team Lost 7-0 to Under 15 School Boys

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Although the news is not new, the point being reiterated is that men are better and superior than women – in every way. Women asking for equality never ceases to amuse me, and when women are cited as being equally capable in sports, I chuckle. A woman cannot change a tire on the roadside without the help of a man and here she is, trying to compete with men in sports. It would be better if women stuck to what they were made for – to create a family, look after the home and do housework. Sports is certainly not a woman’s forte.

The best male football player is better than the best female football player. The fastest man in the world is faster than the fastest woman in the world. The best male snowboarder in the world can do tricks with a higher degree of difficulty than the best female snowboarder in the world. The best male golf player can drive the ball farther than the best female golf player in the world. The list is endless. These are irrefutable facts. Men are better at sports. Men have more strength, more speed, more stamina, more skill. Men are more physically and mentally capable than women. Watch the Olympics and compare women’s world records to men’s world records. The differences are hilarious.

Put the No. 1 female tennis player in the world, Serena Williams, up against the 100th ranked male player and she’d lose every time and by some margin. Tennis experts have opined that Serena could probably beat a man ranked outside the top 350 but even that wouldn’t be a certainty. – Herald Sun

Apparently gender is a social construct. And feminists are crying for equal pay in sports. There is no shortage of comedians, I guess.

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Women can never be equal to men. They have done nothing except benefit from the blood and sweat of men. It is men who have conquered, built, and invented everything, and laid down their lives for women. Now we have these very ungrateful women calling men sexist, misogynist, and every degrading name in the book.



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