Don’t Marry A Promiscuous Woman

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It is perfectly normal to be attracted to a woman simply because she is beautiful, but if she reveals parts of her body then she is a slut who should be seen for what she is, certainly not someone who would make a good mother of a man’s children. A woman who indulges in open displays of thigh and cleavage does not have any respect for herself, much less for others. She has been clearly entrapped in the feminist matrix.

Beta males willing to be doormats don’t seem to realize that women are not entitled to anything. Women are parasites who will suck a man’s blood and his resources if he is not careful. Don’t be her doormat, just because you like her body. Many men have ruined their lives because they married a woman simply for her looks and/or her body.

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It is hard to believe all those men wishing to marry women that have been used by countless other men. These men walk around like puppies, fulfill every demand, buy gifts, spend lavishly on these entitled women in the hope of impressing them. No words can do justice to the incredible foolishness of these men. You cannot gain respect by licking a woman’s feet.

White knights and beta males think that it is their duty to save these women. The fact is, marriage cannot and will not fix a broken and damaged woman. You simply cannot turn a slut into a housewife. It isn’t possible.

Men should chase their goals, not girls. If you chase goals, girls will chase you. You know that if you chase girls, you will lose money. However, if you chase goals, you will earn money. If you have money, you can have whoever you want. That is reality. Look at lottery winners, and how they end up with a hot girl in a matter of days. All girls are gold diggers.

If the modern, entitled woman could live a perfect life, have whatever she wants, she would still not be happy. She could have a man with the perfect personality, job, social status, someone with tons of money who is great in bed. She herself could have the best job out there, look absolutely perfect, and have everything she desires. Within a few months she will start complaining about something – a happy woman is a myth.

It is all take and no give with women. The modern woman is selfish, and the ugliness of her mindset towards cooking and caring for her family is so intense it is difficult to explain. The disdain that women have for their husbands today is utterly repulsive.

All women who work outside the home are sluts. They are money whores. They show their curves, breasts and legs in tight and transparent shirts and skirts to their male bosses and colleagues, and are thus objects of lust, nothing more. A man who marries a working woman does not know which male colleague or boss his wife is having sex with behind his back, and in a huge number of cases they bear a child that the husband thinks is his, but in reality belongs to someone in the office.

The True Nature Of Women

Arthur Schopenhauer, the great German philosopher said:

The fundamental fault in the character of women is that they have no “sense of justice.” This arises from their deficiency in the power of reasoning and reflection, but is also partly due to the fact that God has not destined them, as the weaker sex, to be dependent on strength but on cunning; this is why they are instinctively crafty, and have an ineradicable tendency to lie.

For as lions are furnished with claws and teeth, elephants with tusks, boars with fangs, bulls with horns, and the cuttlefish with its dark, inky fluid, so God has provided woman for her protection and defense with the faculty of dissimulation, and all the power which God has given to man in the form of bodily strength and reason has been conferred on woman in this form.

Hence, dissimulation is innate in woman and almost as characteristic of the very stupid as of the clever. Accordingly, it is as natural for women to dissemble at every opportunity as it is for those animals to turn to their weapons when they are attacked; and they feel in doing so that in a certain measure they are only making use of their rights.

Therefore a woman who is perfectly truthful and does not dissemble is perhaps an impossibility. This is why they see through dissimulation in others so easily; therefore it is not advisable to attempt it with them.

From the fundamental defect that has been stated, and all that it involves, spring falseness, faithlessness, treachery, ungratefulness, and so on. In a court of justice women are more often found guilty of perjury than men. It is indeed to be generally questioned whether they should be allowed to take an oath at all.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Marry A Promiscuous Woman

  1. hello, i have read all your blogs, they were quite enlightening, i agree with most of your thoughts n beliefs that the current scenario is flawed, something i want to talk about is that from thousands of years there have been religious as well as societal restrictions on both men n women, men started breaking those restrictions a long ago which possibly resulted in women rebelling too, men smoked n drank n engaged in adultery while women stayed at home, though u have explained these behaviors previously, but them being politically incorrect adds to a rebellion. like for example-when women say that men drink, we should be free to drink too, shouldn’t the emphasis be on stopping men from drinking rather than engaging in bad habits. what is the starting point of this problem? who is at fault? awaiting a response, Thank you


  2. i also had 1 more query regarding viewing and tackling relations with women, our mothers, sisters n daughters are women too, how do you view that relation ? what if they are feminists? how to tackle?


  3. Hi Rahul, in the past men worked outside the home and women did what was required inside the home. Division of labor ensured that everyone was happy. That is exactly how nature has intended it. However, for political reasons, feminism rose its ugly head with the purpose to destroy the family unit (see article “The Hidden Agenda Of Feminists” on Purushatma). As for dealing with female family members, treat them with respect but know that they are women and thus ungrateful by nature. If they are feminists, avoid getting into a debate/discussion.


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