Spend Time And Money On Your Father, Not Some Girl

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I cannot believe the number of losers spending money on women like water in the hope of getting some attention. Have some self-respect. Women want your money – that’s it. Women only see men as human ATMs. They are not going to love you. The only person who truly loves is one’s father.


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Let us not forget our father’s sacrifices. Someone who sacrificed his time, comfort, money, and happiness so that we could be happy, educated, and prosperous. Of course, the world is full of ungrateful people who get a degree, a job, and forget the one person who sacrificed his all for them. Children today have forgotten their father’s grey hair, bent back, wrinkles, sleepless nights, agony and pain, which are a result of a his sacrifices for his children.

I read the true story of a man who gave his four children a million dollars each, and after some time went bankrupt. When he asked his children for financial help, they all refused. The ingratitude of children today is beyond belief. It makes sense when we see how many people today do not want children, and prefer dogs instead. Dogs are more grateful than women and children.

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Often, mothers brainwash their children with hatred of their father. You will never see a father talk ill of a child’s mother. Women are truly evil. What kind of a human being makes a child hate their father? Women are the most ungrateful creatures on earth.

The following video is one of the best videos I have ever seen, one that really touched my heart. How a man will sacrifice for his children, bury his tears and pain behind a smile, so that his children do not find out about his excruciatingly painful life.

Sharing a story from Facebook:

A son decides to admit his father in an old age home as desired by his wife (the daughter-in-law). He brings his father to an old age home run by a Christian priest. The receptionist gives different choices like TV, AC, veg, etc. His father says no to the TV, AC, etc. Son goes out to bring luggage from the car.

His wife calls to check whether everything is fine, and insists that his father need not come home even during festivals. The Christian priest appears and talks to the old man. Son wonders and asks the Christian priest whether he knows his father from before because they were talking as though they knew each other.

Christian priest says …. “yes”.

“He came here 30 years ago and adopted an orphan boy.”


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