I Will Never Visit CCD Again, And Why You Shouldn’t Either

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In a Cafe Coffee Day outlet in Jaipur, a student of National Law University, Delhi, named Arpan Verma spotted cockroaches in their fridge and started recording it, and was promptly slapped by a female staff member, who probably thought that since this is India, women are free to abuse men as they please, and no action will be taken. However, Arpan Verma was not one to sit quiet.

The video went viral on social media, which also includes the female staff slapping him (pic below) and since then there has been an uproar and hashtags of #boycottccd and #shameonyouccd have been trending.

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What was truly infuriating was not that she dared to slap him, and that too for the outlet’s grossly unhygienic condition, but the fact that the culprit accused the innocent student falsely of sexual harassment. In this day and age, women are filing fake cases left, right, and center.

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If we reverse the scenario and it was a male staff slapping a girl for recording the video, the girl would have been hailed a hero, the male staff member would have been immediately dismissed from his job and put behind bars.


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