Harassed Husband Deeptanshu Shukla Shares His Trauma Of Being A Victim Of IPC Section 498A


“My mother was in ICU and I was attending her at hospital when police came to arrest us at midnight for a crime that I did not commit.” – Deeptanshu Shukla

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Mukteshwar Sharma sums up Deeptanshu Shukla’s life on Youtube:

Mr Deeptanshu Shukla was not only fighting his own case but also helping thousands of people in Indore, Bhopal and throughout the country. He is the one who has saved lot of lives and guided people how to fight and understand their own case and stay away from the brutal strategies of lawyers and judiciary system in India. He deserves full credit to empower thousands of men/women stuck in false cases of dowry, domestic violence, maintenance and many other stupid, cruel and baseless laws. Hats off to him for helping many victims of women biased laws in India.




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