Bodybuilding Basics: Six Mistakes To Avoid

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These days, bodybuilding is a craze. Every guy out there wants to look like a professional bodybuilder, but many people look for shortcuts. Always remember, there is no substitute for hard work. Also, there are many basic mistakes that people make, which result in either injury or no results, and people wonder what they are doing wrong.

Below are some basic errors:

1.Back Does The Weightlifting

Do not lift weights so heavy you start feeling a strain on your back while doing reps. Your biceps, shoulders, chest, etc. are supposed to do the work, not your back. Sooner or later, you will end up injuring your back, and it can be disastrous. Be comfortable while lifting weights, do not make your back do the work.

2. High Protein Diet

The body only needs 0.8 grams of protein per kg of body weight, and will absorb 1 gram/kg if you are really training hard. If you go berserk on a high protein diet it will turn into glucose or come out of your body. The body needs a nutritious diet, which means a balanced diet. Eat plenty of carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.

3. Mass Gainers And Supplements

You are not working out all day in a gym, and even if you were, I would not recommend anything but a natural diet. Do not waste money or risk health on artificial, cheap quality products which create problems and diseases in the body. Also, people who come off mass gainers deflate like a balloon so build your body naturally.

4. Lack Of Patience

It takes years to build a good, muscular body. It will not happen in a week. Have patience. Hit the gym for the pleasure it gives, not because you want to see overnight results. It simply will not happen. Lack of patience is the biggest reason why people start taking cheap quality supplements. You don’t need them. Have patience.

5. Protein Shakes

You do not need protein shakes. You need calories. A much better alternative is a shake. Here is the shake recipe that I use:

  1. 1 glass of milk
  2. 3 dates
  3. 1 banana
  4. 1 slice of apple
  5. 1 teaspoon of honey
  6. Handful of almonds

Put all the ingredients in a mixer and blend well. Not only will you get your calories, but if you do not like the taste of milk, or have difficulty drinking it, then a great tasting shake will give you the nutrition from milk that you need, without having to endure the taste of milk.

6. Avoiding Cardio

If your metabolism is in the pits, let alone weights you will get tired even if you have to have to climb a flight of stairs. Cardio is a must. I have seen men with bulging biceps and a pot belly. It looks ridiculous. Muscles look good only on a flat stomach. Furthermore, cardio is very healthy and there is no reason to avoid it.


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